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11  juillet     08h46
Give your MacBook a new developer life with ChromeOS Flex & CDEs
Jean-Phi Baconnais    In , during the last days of my studies wow, that was a long time ago , I bought my first MacBook. No more gaming PCs, this MacBook was going to be my work computer. After using it to develop and experiment different technologies, tools, and frameworks, I was forced to buy a new one, more...
29  mai     15h48
GitLab Cheatsheet - 15 - GitLab Duo
Jean-Phi Baconnais    This cheatsheet is about GitLab Duo, the GitLab project to introduce AI in the DevOps Platform
30  avril     14h01
’ Automatic Deployment of your project dependencies updates on GCP : Efficiency vs. Cost?
Jean-Phi Baconnais    Updating the dependencies of your project is not an easy task. If you have to do this on each side project you have, You’re gonna need a lot of caffeine ’ . More seriously, this can take a lot of time especially if you have a lot of components in your scope side projects, open source projects...
10  avril     21h50
✠Discovering GitLab Duo
Jean-Phi Baconnais    â Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence AI is everywhere: in your email, translation, social networks, streaming, IOT, image generators and for some months, in development tools. Some people, especially those unfamiliar with software development, might fear that AI will replace...
19  janvier     08h57
Manage your Gitpod workspaces with your GitLab CI CD workflow
Jean-Phi Baconnais    The Gitpod CLI A few weeks ago, Gitpod released its CLI, offering some commands to interact with our workspaces. This is a great feature and I enjoy using it. You can find information on the Gitpod documentation here or on the Cheatsheet I published on If you don’t know what CLI...
03  janvier     16h17
Gitpod CLI Cheatsheet
Jean-Phi Baconnais    Gitpod offers us a Command Lines Interface CLI to manage our workspaces. Documentation is available here and I created this cheatsheet to summarize it. If you discover Gitpod, I created this first Cheatsheet to explain you what it is : Gitpod Cheatsheet
22  décembre     14h33
2023 is over ...
Jean-Phi Baconnais    Une nouvelle année se termine. fut pour moi l’occasion de commencer une nouvelle mission chez un de nos clients dans le domaine bancaire, mais pas seulement Une nouvelle mission Rien de mieux que de commencer une nouvelle année en démarrant une nouvelle mission : un rôle de...
18  décembre     08h41
GitLab ’s Kubernetes : act 2
Jean-Phi Baconnais    GitLab ’s Kubernetes : act GitLab likes Kubernetes. This is a long story between these two tools. GitLab has been working to integrate Kubernetes into its platform, enabling you to interact with it without leaving the DevOps platform. I don’t know if you have already seen or read my old blog...
30  novembre     13h44
L’Hacktoberfest 2023 vu par Zenika
Jean-Phi Baconnais    Pour cette édition de l’Hacktoberfest, les collaborateurs trices Zenika se sont une nouvelle fois mobilisés pour permettre de promouvoir l’open source et d’accompagner de nouvelles personnes, qu’elles soient Zenika ou non, dans le monde de l’open source cf bilan Hacktoberfest . ...
03  octobre     15h00
GitLab - Define and write jobs’ specifications
Jean-Phi Baconnais    The specs attribute The specs attribute has been introduced in GitLab CI since the release . of GitLab as mentioned in this blog post . This attribute allows you to invalidate CI when one field typed as important is missing. When should I use the specs attribute To...
28  avril     07h06
k6, a library that wants to break your applications
Jean-Phi Baconnais    k is an open source tool created by Grafana Labs that allows you to easily execute performance tests written in Javascript. Installed with apt, dnf, brew, choco or Docker, k is available for every type of system or configuration. My first test The first step consists of creating a...
24  avril     08h50
Cloud Seed - Deploy faster with GitLab s
Jean-Phi Baconnais    Were you at the Cloud Next in October This big annual Google event where a lot of new features around Google and its cloud platform GCP are announced. This year, there was one linked to GitLab : Cloud Seed. Cloud Seed What is Cloud Seed This is a new, open source project...