Retro Piano Guy : video
02  mai     19h12
Recado Bossa Nova
   words and music - Djalma Ferreira, Luiz Antonio vocals and cabasa - Sylvia Nelsen piano - Paul Nelsen Recorded 4-Apr-2021
08  août     05h27
In My Life
   In memory of uncle Butch
12  juillet     21h59
Chilly Willy Snokie C64 piano arrangements and gameplay
   Home gig#40, July 11, 2020. I think Chilly Willy is the best "Pengo" variant on Commodore 64, out of dozens that were released. The title theme is taken from the TV show "Dallas", and the gameplay theme is "Popcorn", a pop tune written for the Moog synthesizer I’ve...
05  juillet     23h47
Rock’n Wrestle C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #39, July 4 2020. This is a fun little ditty with a standard blues progression, and I’ve included an extra repeat for improvisation. The composer was not fond of it (his official comment is "blah") but I think the whimsicality is quite appropriate for a pro-wrestling game I...
28  juin     05h03
Barbarian Ultimate Warrior C64 piano arrangement and gameplay
   Home gig #37, recorded June 26 2020. This tune is especially fun to play because of the compound meter and I like pounding the bass on this piano The meter is simple 4 4 in the intro and ending sequence, but the primary tune uses 6 5 4, 6 3 4, 5 3 4, 5 2 4. For extra fun, try counting the beats...
20  juin     03h08
1942 C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #36, recorded June 18 2020. When this game was ported to Commodore 64, they added some great music The main theme is an arrangement from the film "633 squadron", which is copyrighted, so it was replaced in later releases of the game. I prefer the original, so that is what I’m...
14  juin     10h29
Defender of the Crown C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #35, recorded June 10 2020. This game is top 10 for sure The cinematic approach was groundbreaking for 1986 and the game mechanics were a lot of fun. I’ve included all 9 tunes, and a complete play-through of the game -- as played by me on June 11th. NOTE: Fixed framing issue at...
08  juin     07h43
Mission A.D. C64 piano arrangement
   Home gig #34, June 7 2020. I never understood this game back in 1986, but the music is great. The composer, Fred Gray, recently suffered an injury and we wanted to cheer him up, so here it is :) NOTE: I finally got the manual and was able to include gameplay footage The goal is to take down...
06  juin     18h49
Aliens C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #33, June 5 2020. Here are both tracks from the game Aliens, released the same year as the movie (1986) The first track sets the mood really well, and is reused between each game stage to remind you this is a horror game. The second track has a catchy boogie beat so I decided to add a...
03  juin     04h11
Pool of Radiance C64 piano arrangement
   Home gig #32, June 2 2020. I decided to wear tails for this one because -- according to the composer (David Warhol) -- this piece was written in the style of Wagner, inspired by the opening of Wagner’s opera Siegfried. Composer: David Warhol 1988 https: wiki Pool of Radiance...
31  mai     18h12
Druid II Fairlight Intro C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #31, May 30 2020. This is my first transcription since 2015. At first I played per the original, but the timbre has a nice echo and I wanted to mimic that sound, so I added tremolo and double-strikes. Gameplay footage took a while because I had never played it until this weekend. Back...
27  mai     09h49
Druid C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #30, May 26 2020. The game Druid is considered a "Gauntlet clone" but I liked it much better than Gauntlet, and the music is definitely more memorable. Hopefully some folks will notice my Druid costume. Composer: David M. Hanlon 1986 Arranger: Paul Nelsen 2015 https: en...
26  mai     08h27
Mail Order Monsters C64 piano arrangement
   Home gig #29, May 25 2020. Another catchy tune by Tommy Dunbar, and one of my top 10 favorite C64 games. The first tune is very challenging because it is almost entirely white keys. You might think that makes it easy, but playing all white keys is actually very difficult Composer: Tommy V....
21  mai     06h50
Caverns of Khafka C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #28, May 20 2020. I’ve finally added a second lamp for better lighting. Today’s tune is all 3 themes (and a few of the sound effects as well) from Caverns of Khafka. The game is not well-liked because the controls are very non-intuitive, but the music is great Paul Norman is both the...
19  mai     05h26
Spy vs. Spy I II III C64 piano arrangement with gameplay
   Home gig #27, May 18 2020. Back in the early 1980’s I had a subscription to MAD magazine. Imagine my joy when Spy vs. Spy was released for Commodore 64 This is a great game for two players, although I normally played against the computer. Composer: Nick Scarim, 1984 1985 1987 Arranger...