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Evolve : Muay Thai
18  septembre     02h00
5 Muay Thai Elbow Combinations You Must Know
Evolve MMA    The elbow strike is a brutal short range weapon used in Muay Thai. The force and damage that can be inflicted can be devastating and the results can quickly end a fight. Elbow strikes pack a... Source
11  septembre     02h00
Muay Thai 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Muay Bouk Style
Evolve MMA    At the core of Muay Thai is the essence, the Art of the Eight Limbs . Understanding the weapons you can possess and how to utilize them is just the beginning of the Muay Thai journey.... Source
04  septembre     02h00
8 Reasons Why Women Should Learn Muay Thai
Evolve MMA    Muay Thai is a dynamic and powerful martial art that offers numerous benefits for women. While traditionally considered a male dominated sport, Muay Thai has gained popularity among women worldwide for its unique advantages. Whether it’s... Source
02  septembre     02h00
How To Use The Southpaw Advantage In Martial Arts
Evolve MMA    Southpaws have become more prominent in recent years in MMA and other combat sports. Many right handed fighters are adopting a southpaw stance to utilize the southpaw advantage in their fights. The southpaw advantage is essentially... Source
28  août     02h00
Ultimate Guide To The Muay Thai Knee Guard
Evolve MMA    In Muay Thai, fighters look for ways to enhance their defensive capabilities and maintain control over their opponents. One such technique that has gained significant recognition is the knee guard. The knee guard is a... Source