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Evolve : Muay Thai
26  février     02h00
How To Eat And Diet Like A Muay Thai Fighter
Evolve MMA    Muay Thai fighters are elite athletes whose bodies are well oiled machines, perfected over the years to reach peak physical conditioning. Anyone who’s seen a professional Muay Thai fight will attest that they are among the... Source
20  février     02h00
The 3 Best Lower Body Exercises For Muay Thai
Evolve MMA    In Muay Thai, you need to have power in your kicks and knees if you want to dominate in the ring. Unlike other striking sports where the volume of shots landed plays a major role... Source
17  février     02h00
Why It’s Important For Women To Learn Muay Thai For Self-Defense
Evolve MMA    More than ever, it is important for women to be able to defend themselves in a self defense situation. Although it is always best to disengage and avoid any situation, there may be a time when... Source
16  février     02h00
5 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is An Excellent Corporate Team Bonding Activity
Evolve MMA    Every workplace could benefit from strong, cohesive teams that work like well oiled machines. These are the kind of teams that do plenty for the longevity, performance, and financial health of a company. However, the process... Source
15  février     02h00
5 Effective Muay Thai Counter Techniques Using Sweeps
Evolve MMA    Muay Thai sweeps are a work of art. In the sport, few techniques require greater accuracy and timing, and seeing one executed with precision is truly captivating. Not only are sweeps beautiful to watch, but... Source