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14  septembre     14h15
ldquo;Drag them into Deep Waters” - An MMA Strategy to Zap Your Opponent’s Energy
   What was Khabib rsquo;s strategy that made all of his opponent rsquo;s look amateur He was an endurance fighter, similar to Sean Strickland, who would pressure his opponent rsquo;s physically and psychologically, dragging them into deep water, and then he rsquo;d pick them apart once they got...
01  septembre     22h26
The defensive genius of Jackie Buntan’s coach (Bryan Popejoy)
29  août     01h20
Here’s Why You Have Trouble Parrying the Jab ( Cross)
   Do you keep getting caught with the jab in sparring Controlling straight punch range is a high level skill that requires a good parry here’s how: : Intro : What Most People do WRONG : Jab Defense : Boxing Drill : Head Movement : WARNING : Cross Defense : ...
17  août     15h13
Best locations for #shadowboxing
11  août     01h41
Does #shadowboxing build muscle?
06  août     19h50
quot;When done correctly, it should look like this..."
04  août     17h16
When the BEST Kickboxers go Head-to-Head
   Tune into ONEFightNight tonight, Aug at pm ET on Prime Video to watch the best in the world on ONEChampionship
31  juillet     00h15
How to get better at #shadowboxing
26  juillet     22h35
How to NOT Get Elbowed in the Face ’
   Defense to elbow strikes in Muaythai
5 Ways to Defend Against Elbows in #MuayThai
   Vince is back and he rsquo;s trying to cut me open with elbow strikes, but not today, sir Here are ways to defend against elbows in Muaythai. : Intro : . Stay out of Range : . Shell Up : . Stiff Arm or Posting : . Inside Arm Control : . Outside Arm...
19  juillet     23h28
Locate the LIVER with this simple trick
17  juillet     22h26
Sherry Ann Schmidt: Celebrating a Noble Fighter & Friend
   On June, , we lost a teammate, friend, daughter, sister, and incredible fighter in Sherry Ann Schmidt. To honor her life, the local MMA community and friends of Sherry put together a seminar hosted by some of the best coaches in the area at Beacon MMA in Cherry Hill, NJ. Thank you to all of...
14  juillet     16h29
DEXA Scan: How Strong are Fighters Bones?
   If you rsquo;re a fighter or high contact athlete, it is imperative that you know just how strong your body is. As a coach, it rsquo;s important that we take out the guess work, and keep tabs on our competitor rsquo;s body composition quot; fat vs muscle percentages and bone density. This will...
13  juillet     00h00
a TIRED opponent is an EASY opponent ” ’
21  juin     04h17
What makes a GOOD coach? Avoid this BAD habit
   Yes, we are now offering WHITE BELTS in the FIGHTTIPS Hybrid Kickboxing System, which is only available for members on Sign up now, create an account on the team network , and then RSVP on the Week Kickboxing Program event page to lock in your spot to become eligible...