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Evolve : MMA
16  septembre     02h00
How To Add Advanced Switch Hitting For MMA To Your Arsenal
Evolve MMA    Switch hitting is an advanced concept that can revolutionize your MMA game. Beginners are often discouraged from exploring switch hitting primarily due to the added complexity and increased training time required. However, even a basic... Source
15  septembre     02h00
Angela Lee Returns 5 Unstoppable Reasons Not To Miss Her Seminar
Evolve MMA    Born on July, , ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World Champion Unstoppable Angela Lee is a professional mixed martial artist, who is part of a family deeply rooted in martial arts; both of her parents... Source
02  septembre     02h00
How To Use The Southpaw Advantage In Martial Arts
Evolve MMA    Southpaws have become more prominent in recent years in MMA and other combat sports. Many right handed fighters are adopting a southpaw stance to utilize the southpaw advantage in their fights. The southpaw advantage is essentially... Source
23  août     02h00
10 Fighting Tips To Improve Your Performance Inside The Ring
Evolve MMA    Combat sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing are more cerebral than most people think. Yes, physical attributes like power, speed, and explosiveness go a long way, but what happens when these things cancel out ... Source
14  août     02h00
Ode To Muay Thai: Anderson Silva’s Top 5 Finishes
Evolve MMA    Muay Thai is slowly becoming the most popular striking based martial art worldwide and the growth of mixed martial arts has a lot to do with it. MMA is the fastest growing sport on the planet, and... Source