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Evolve : boxing
02  mars     02h00
3 Muscle Groups That Boxing Strengthens
Evolve MMA    Boxing is such an incredible martial art. Not only is it a great self defense methodology, but it’s also an amazing way to get in shape. People turn to boxing to lose weight, gain lean muscle,... Source
29  février     02h00
How To Use The Hand Trap In Boxing
Evolve MMA    The hand trap is an advanced boxing technique many boxers use at the highest level. The technique momentarily restricts one of your opponent’s arms, limiting their offensive options while you fire away. Holding on to... Source
25  février     02h00
Shifting Phenomenon: The Fitzsimmons Shift In Boxing
Evolve MMA    You’re in the boxing ring, the crowd’s energy is vibrating through your bones, and you’re looking for that edge, that tactic that can give you a split second advantage over your opponent. Fighters have constantly evolved,... Source
22  février     02h00
How To Develop Counterstriking For Boxing
Evolve MMA    Although boxing has a myriad of styles, the pinnacle is the ability to hit without being hit. This is the essence of counterstriking, which focuses on making an opponent miss, and then dishing out punishment... Source
13  février     02h00
19 Agility Ladder Footwork Drills Every Boxer Should Incorporate Into Their Training
Evolve MMA    Hey there, boxing enthusiasts You already know that footwork is the cornerstone of boxing. Good footwork is a tool that enhances your defense and offense, and it’s what sets the greats apart from the good.... Source