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11  mai     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 223: The Champ is Here
   We ll never top this THE TIME HAS COME AT LAST Chex Quest Chrono Cross A foot tall steel cage Who will emerge as the first ever Nerds Without Pants Video Game Cage Match champion The listeners decided Now you need to listen to find out We re joined by Mike Fallek and John Gholson in their
28  avril     19h00
Final Fantasy III Review Rewind
   Final Fantasy gets a job When Final Fantasy VII appeared in the late s my initial reaction was that of shock at the significant gulf in sequels for the US It was a harsh reality to learn that of the three mainline Final Fantasy releases we received Japan had double that number by the start of
27  avril     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 222: It’s a Great Lake, But it Ain’t a GREAT Lake
   I uh got nothin Welcome back to a really fun episode of Nerds Without Pants We have lots of games to talk about terrible jokes smooth segue ways and find out the games that will square off in our first Video Game Cage Match championship match next episode There s a storm
15  avril     21h45
Nerds Without Pants Episode 221: We Don’t Talk About SOPFFO
   No no no Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants We re coming in a bit late this time because Julian got real dang sick after we recorded Thankfully you won t notice that in the episode and it s a pretty good one even if we didn t have much new to say this week No time for the usual show notes
13  avril     12h00
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Review Rewind
   Link s bit debut still sticks the landing years later If there s ever a time I dread writing a review it s when my subject is a highly favored game that has received so much praise over the years that it s a bit hard not to sound like I ve just hopped aboard the nostalgic hype train at this
07  avril     01h20
Knight Rider Review Rewind
   KITT turbo boosts onto the NES The s was a decade with no shortage of TV action crime dramas featuring a suave loner with a high tech vehicle on a crusade to champion all that is good At the top of the pile was Knight Rider Each week David Hasselhoff hit the road to stop criminals with the
30  mars     12h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 220: We Don’t Have a Good Name For This
   Oh Kenneth Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants We don t have anything new to talk about when it comes to what we ve played but Justin rises to the challenge by debuting not one but two new segments We also begin the semi finals of the Video Game Cage Match championship tournament Spread it on
29  mars     21h00
ESWAT Review Rewind
   Enforce the LawBeing in the arcade business well before bit consoles came along Sega always had a discerning eye for what would catch an avid gamer s attention Their games covered nearly every genre out there at the time If you wanted to be a high flying jet pilot Afterburner was your game
21  mars     14h30
Elevator Action Review Rewind
   Tactical Espionage Action Elevator and action aren t words that typically belong in the same sentence But lo and behold Taito released an arcade game in that would pair a mundane function with the trappings of a spy thriller in the game Elevator Action You play the role of a secret agent
16  mars     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 219: We’re Comin’ At Ya
   Pro tip never let Justin DJ your wedding Well howdy partner Nerds Without Pants is back and Mike Fallek as back So you know what that means a massively meandering show that loses control almost immediately Enjoy Also why did I start this by typing howdy partner Stamps
10  mars     14h00
Penguin Wars Review Rewind
   When Animals AttackIn the gaming days of years yonder there seemed to be no limit to what developers could dream up as a basis for killing some time And when they couldn t create a game revolving around humans playing sports saving the world or destroying aliens in space they could always turn
02  mars     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 218: Fair and Biased: The Justin Hamm Story
   Get in the banana boat Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants This week we hop onto our Email Banana Boat and read your emails We also talk a lot about games It s you know a podcast Birthstone Talk with NBA all star Carmelo Anthony
16  février     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 217: BIGGER.
   You ll never guess how Justin spent hours Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants Hiatus is behind us and we ve revealed our favorite games of last year Now it s time to catch up and see just what we got up to during the break This episode covers a lot while baring it all
02  février     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 216: 2 2020, 2 Furious
   It s GOTY time It s the first episode of Nerds Without Pants recorded in the new year and that only means one thing Game of the Year baby We shake things up just a bit this year listing our top ten games that we played in as opposed to the usual top five There are some big surprises in
29  janvier     00h00
Nerds Without Pants Special: The List 2, Part 4
   We did it We listed every PS game No I didn t forget that we have this last part of the Nerds Without Pants PS list special to release I m just really lazy y all But here it is Not sure if we ll ever do another one of these but there s something kinda fun about just going through an
19  janvier     23h40
Nerds Without Pants Special: Samm Listens to Things
   Justin s sister has some THOUGHTS Well hello there Are you missing the Nerds Without Pants Well we miss you Why you gotta waste our flavor Damn Aaaanyway it s our annual music special so feast your ears and we ll be back with live episodes soon TRACK LIST V Masafumi Takada
24  décembre     14h00
Cool Boarders 2 Review Rewind
   It s all downhill from here In UEP Systems released Cool Boarders on the PlayStation It was one of the few pioneers of snowboarding games on home consoles The popularity of extreme sports was steadily gaining momentum in the United States as were releases of snowboarding titles from other
22  décembre     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 215: State of the Generation 2021
   Damn you John Popper The last Nerds Without Pants of the year is our annual State of the Generation episode and we have a lot to say about the new consoles where they may be going and also highlight a ton of the biggest stories in gaming from Check the timestamps to skip ahead if we are
08  décembre     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 214: Take Off Your Pants, Relax
   Mergeajuana Well hello there This is the final standard format episode of Nerds Without Pants of so we decided to bring Mike Fallek on and recorded an episode so long that you won t finish it until Yep totally meant to do that Wasn t an off the rails affair from minute one Nope
29  novembre     14h00
Renegade Review Rewind
   The Street FighterSometime in May Japanese arcades saw the release of a brawler called Nekketsu Koha Kunio kun roughly meaning Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio in English It stars Kunio a miscreant high schooler fighting for a classmate being picked on by rival gangs The game is notable for
24  novembre     23h55
Nerds Without Pants Episode 213: Secret Jedi
   I hurt This episode is late and I m in so much pain writing this that I can t think straight You know the drill we talked about stuff For a long time About video games Doves
18  novembre     15h25
Fantasy Zone Review Rewind
   Cute but DeadlyAfter seeing the incredible success of Konami s shoot em up Gradius Sega sought to create an arcade game that could rival it So in game designer Yoji Ishii Flicky Outrun NiGHTS came up with a concept that combined the whimsical sensibilities of Twinbee with a giddy samba
10  novembre     16h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 212: The Coolest Buttons to Button
   That s a good button Welcome to another banger of an episode of Nerds Without Pants We hope this episode pushes all of your buttons because that s the topic of the day BUTTONS It will make sense when you listen to it we promise We also cover a handful of recent releases and Serious Sam steps
03  novembre     15h45
Super Mario World Review Rewind
   A whole new world Witnessing the leap from the NES to the new bit Super Nintendo in was downright magical The console had an eye catching futuristic design in the eyes of my six year old self anyway and the hardware produced higher quality graphics and sound that delivered an experience
27  octobre     19h20
Nerds Without Pants Episode 211: Halloween Havoc: Cool Ghouls
   It s the Clerks of horror It s the spoopy time of year which means it s time for Halloween Havoc on Nerds Without Pants We are once again joined by show co founder and horror writer Rob Ottone to talk about game characters and creatures that scare us Also Resident Evil takes on Dead Space
25  octobre     23h30
F-1 Race Review Rewind
   Winning shouldn t be this hard As we age we sometimes look back on a game we once enjoyed and discover that isn t nearly as fun as we thought all those years ago F Race is one of those games for me Originally released in on the Famicom Nintendo reworked a few gameplay elements for its
19  octobre     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 210: Parakeet Prison
   Time to get out into the old open country Welcome back to a very chill episode of Nerds Without Pants As we gear up for our annual Halloween Havoc episode we got together for an all Consumption Junction edition of the show Even though we didn t cover very many games we still had plenty to talk
06  octobre     13h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 209: Nerd Saturday Morning
   you know that Mario used to talk like human being right Put on your footie pajamas and pour a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal because this week the Nerds Without Pants are turning their favorite games into imaginary Saturday morning cartoons Don t worry we ll explain what that is if you re
22  septembre     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 208: We Sank Your Battleship
   Take notes all of this will be on the test Welcome to another edition of Nerds Without Pants Well we asked for you guys to send us questions and you did not disappoint Enjoy this jam packed deep dive into the Pantsless Ones with some fun asides and some behind the scenes tea
08  septembre     15h00
Nerds Without Pants Episode 207: This Episode Needs No Introduction
   Or Justin vs google Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants This week we go over what ended up being a really tricky Stage Select spoil the hell out of Twelve Minutes check the timestamps in the notes and have a battle of Odysseys in a steel cage match Enjoy Introduction