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21  octobre     02h00
8 Boxing And Muay Thai Techniques For Self-Defense
Evolve MMA    Everyone should have the ability to defend themselves. In the event an altercation turns physical, having trained in some form of self-defense can be a lifesaver. Most altercation starts from a standing position, hence it’s... Source
09  juillet     09h29
5 Reasons Why Boxing Is Effective For Real-World Self-Defense
Evolve MMA    Make no mistake about it, self-defense is knowledge everyone should have. Men, women, and children should know how to protect themselves in any potentially volatile situation. After all, martial arts is about the celebration of... Source
13  novembre     12h22
Is BJJ Good For Self-Defense?
Evolve MMA    Learning BJJ in Singapore will give you an arsenal of effective martial arts techniques you can use to defend yourself if the need ever arises. Many in the martial arts community view Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as... Source