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Evolve : self-defense
10  novembre     02h00
Top 5 Martial Arts Styles To Learn In Singapore For Self-Defense
Evolve MMA    Whether you’re seeking a new way to stay fit, a method for enhancing personal discipline, or a reliable means of self protection, martial arts can be a rewarding and practical pursuit. However, navigating the martial arts... Source
27  mai     02h00
Is Boxing Good For Self-Defense?
Evolve MMA    Boxing is the most popular combat sport worldwide, which in turn has made it the most refined martial art. With billions of dollars in revenue being generated whenever boxing’s biggest stars like Saul Canelo Alvarez... Source
23  mars     02h00
10 Must-Know Martial Arts Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Learn
Evolve MMA    You don’t need to learn every martial art technique ever developed to be able to defend yourself. Many experienced martial artists would even caution against learning too many techniques since that often means you haven’t... Source
18  mars     02h00
5 Boxing Fundamentals Everyone Should Know For Self-Defense
Evolve MMA    Boxing is one of the best combat styles for self defense despite only allowing you to use your fists as weapons. While it lacks the kicks that other effective striking styles like Muay Thai have, some... Source
14  mars     02h00
15 Examples Of Martial Arts Working In Real Life
Evolve MMA    The legitimacy of many martial arts is often questioned by people who’ve never trained in them. Some people develop a negative view of martial arts from gimmicky martial arts instructors who are more concerned with... Source