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28  novembre     12h40
5 Resistance Band Workouts For Boxing
Evolve MMA    Resistance bands have come on recently as amazing fitness tools to help people get in shape, with their biggest appeal being their portability. You can take resistance bands anywhere and use them in a variety... Source
08  septembre     14h32
4 Circuit Training Routines That Will Improve Your Muay Thai
Evolve MMA    Circuit training is a great way to diversify your workouts, eliminating the repetitive nature of set programs, and introducing a wide range of compound movements that target multiple areas of the body. It’s been used... Source
07  septembre     14h27
6 Different Forms Of Wrestling Found Around The World
Evolve MMA    Wrestling is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It’s a discipline that traces as far back as 15,000 years ago, depicted by cave drawings discovered by modern-day archaeologists in France. Today,... Source