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27  mai     19h57
May Be the Month Ending
   Howdy It s the rarely seen green guy again bringing you this month s update We ve got SupaCotn true to their namesake delivering even more Cotton Tenkomori and Reboot submissions lots of DS menu icons from TeridaxXD Alxala filling in some more Game Boy entries with Super Game Boy
20  mai     22h15
Two Updates, One Month
   Gonna make this simple this month we have Excalibur Zero Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse TeridaxXD Usual Virtual Console stuff Fuley la joo Battle Chess Zenksren Fighter s History Yawackhary Cosa Nostra yamalpaca Super Princess Peach Alxala Usual GB GBC GBA stuff
13  mai     20h36
New Server, New Sheets, and Mothers Day
   Hello everyone Im back this week to bring you just over new submissions on our shiny new server As Im sure many of you noticed we were down for quite a while on Wednesday This was due to a migration to new server hardware which you have hopefully also noticed has vastly improved
06  mai     23h27
April Showers Brings May Flowers.....
   and probably the same shout outs too First we have TeridaxXD who submitted more Virtual Console icons for the DS while Alxala submitted more Game Boy GBC GBA DS DSi company logos and titles Zenksren brought more Osman sprites to the table and Mica gave us more Mortal Kombat PaddyMC ripped
29  avril     21h43
It’s Gonna Be Whatever Comes After April
   Happy end of the month This week we of course have tons of great new sheets First is PaddyMc with a whole bunch of Browser Flash games then yamalpaca and their Super Princess Peach rips Alxala has a LOAD of GB game graphics while Magma MK II dips their toes into a Magical Drop Dolphman
22  avril     23h18
Apparently This Is Spring
   Howdy RTB here again for the first time this year to bring you this week s update Mother Nature can t make up its mind as it was hailing here not too long ago Winter is never truly over it seems Anyhoo we ve got another selection of a half thousand submissions this week including but
15  avril     22h04
April sprites bring more... I don’t know - insert something creative here?
   Hello and welcome to the exact middle of April This week we have over new submissions so let s start going through them First up Modata spans multiple systems with more Yu Gi Oh Next Alxala spans multiple sports all over the Game Boy section and Witherskeleton contributes across games for
08  avril     22h34
Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Sprites Update
   Easter s tomorrow so here are some goodies to enjoy morrigan brought some more DS Themes while Excalibur Zero gives us Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Modata added more Yu Gi Oh ZeXal World Duel Carnival while fjsihs had one sheet added to Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter Yawackhary
01  avril     14h37
The Spider’s Resource
   Today we ll be discussing the enigmatic Trapdoor Spider courtesy of Animal Corner Trapdoor Spiders are a medium sized mygalomorph an infraorder of spiders spiders that construct burrows with a cork like trapdoor made of soil vegetation and silk The Trapdoor Spider is a common name for any of
25  mars     21h50
Yugi Soccer: Brave World
   Hello again everyone Looks like I m doing two in a row this month as at least a few of our staff members are feeling under the weather today So first and foremost let s wish them a speedy recovery With that done though let s get to the sheets This week brings us yet another submission