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DoorDash Engineering
18  mai     14h44
Enabling Faster Financial Partnership Integrations Using Cadence
Wenhan Shen and Lev Neiman    Financial partnerships are tricky to manage which is why DoorDash needed the right technology stack to be able to quickly onboard new Dashpass partners The challenge was that each partner brought with them a diverse set of conditions and rules that our system needed to be able to accommodate
14  mai     00h08
DoorDash’s May 12th Outage
Ryan Sokol    On the evening of Thursday May between the hours of PDT and PDT DoorDash experienced a system wide failure for approximately three hours During that period many Dashers were unable to accept new deliveries consumers had trouble ordering from our mobile app merchants prepared
10  mai     14h12
3 Changes to Expand DoorDash’s Product Search Beyond Delivery
Sonic Wang, Xiaochang Miao and Yongshuang Wang    Focusing on delivery allowed DoorDash to build a food search engine but expanding beyond food with more SKUs and merchants requires a substantial upgrade As DoorDash expands into new verticals such as groceries convenience alcohol and pet food new challenges arise that our food driven legacy
03  mai     14h25
How We Applied Client-Side Caching to Improve Feature Store Performance by 70%
Kornel Csernai    At DoorDash we make millions of predictions every second to power machine learning applications to enhance our search recommendation logistics and fraud areas and scaling these complex systems along with our feature store is continually a challenge To make predictions we use a microservice
26  avril     02h47
Using Fault Injection Testing to Improve DoorDash Reliability ï
Christopher Meiklejohn    Three key steps are of paramount importance to prevent outages in microservice applications especially those that depend on cloud services Identify the potential causes for system failure prepare for them and test countermeasures before failure occurs Because DoorDash s complex infrastructure
19  avril     13h56
Building the Model Behind DoorDash’s Expansive Merchant Selection
Lu Wang, Ying Yang and Chen Dong    An optimized merchant selection strategy has been one of the key factors that has enabled DoorDash to become an industry leader in US food delivery service DoorDash was founded later than many companies in this industry but we have effectively onboarded high value merchants to ensure the
15  avril     19h03
6 questions with DoorDash’s New VP of Engineering, Liangxiao Zhu
DoorDash    Liangxiao is a powerhouse of knowledge skills perseverance and empathy Her extensive technical experience coupled with her ability to distill complex problems into simple and straightforward solutions is nothing short of extraordinary Based in the Seattle office Liangxiao came to DoorDash
12  avril     13h31
3 Principles for Building an ML Platform That Will Sustain Hypergrowthï
Hien Luu    Taking full advantage of a large and diverse set of machine learning ML use cases calls for creating a centralized platform that can support new business initiatives improve user experiences enhance operational efficiency and accelerate overall ML adoption For a hypergrowth company like
06  avril     14h30
Using Gamma Distribution to Improve Long-Tail Event Predictions
Pratik Parekh and Zhe Jia    For DoorDash being able to predict long tail events related to delivery times is critical to ensuring consumers orders arrive when expected Long tail events are rare instances where time predictions are far off from actual times and these events tend to be costly While we previously improved
31  mars     13h37
Building a Common Web Library for Fast Implementations of Risk Frictions
Sri Venkatesh Sankaran    To safeguard our users accounts and prevent fraud we sometimes ask users to verify their identity or confirm a transaction by completing a user friction such as two factor authentication User frictions or verification steps designed to prevent fraud are essential in combating fraudulent