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24  août     04h48
5 Martial Arts Quotes That Are Guaranteed To Inspire You
Evolve MMA    There’s more to martial arts than learning effective fighting techniques you can use to defend yourself or getting an enjoyable, fun workout. Learning martial arts is also about building up the right mindset, a mindset... Source
20  février     12h12
5 Useful Life Lessons You Learn At A Boxing Gym
Evolve MMA    When you put in the work towards a long term goal, you pick up life lessons that apply to areas of your life that are unrelated to your pursuit. You are forced to cultivate discipline... Source
06  février     13h30
Here’s How Martial Arts Helped The Sam Willows’ Benjamin Kheng Overcome His Mood Disorder
Evolve MMA    You often see him on television, appearing on shows like After Love and The Intruder. You can catch him on the big screen in movies like the 2016 hit Young & Fabulous and 2017’s Wonder... Source