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22  septembre     02h00
Angela Lee’s Fightstory: Breaking Barriers And Renewing Hope
Evolve MMA    This article contains sensitive themes such as mental struggles, self harm and suicide. Audience discretion is advised. Everyone is a fighter, in his or her own right. ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World Champion Angela Lee will... Source
30  août     02h00
What Is The Bushido Code?
Evolve MMA    The Bushido code is a code of conduct that’s closely linked to the Samurai culture. It played an important role in the development of many Japanese traditions like the art of sword making and tea... Source
05  août     02h00
14 Inspirational Bruce Lee Quotes That Will Change Your Life
Evolve MMA    Going over some inspirational Bruce Lee quotes can help to develop the right mentality for martial arts and change your life. Bruce Lee is widely regarded as the most influential martial artist to ever live... Source
04  juillet     02h00
How To Be A Fighter In Life
Evolve MMA    Life can get difficult at times to the point you start to run out of hope. Having a fighter’s mentality can help you to get past any obstacles life throws at you and it makes... Source
01  juin     02h00
8 Of The Best Conor McGregor Quotes
Evolve MMA    Conor McGregor is arguably the most popular mixed martial arts fighter in the world. His influence has transcended the sport in many ways and also inspired a generation of young and hungry fighters. With his... Source