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26  juillet     12h00
Breaking Down Naoya Inoue’s Style Of Boxing
Evolve MMA    Japan’s Naoya The Monster Inoue is one of the fastest rising boxing stars of today. The year old from Zama, Kanagawa prefecture, is a four division world champion and currently a unified super bantamweight titleholder, having defeated Stephen... Source
14  novembre     02h00
13 MMA Fighters With The Most Devastating Muay Thai Skills
Evolve MMA    MMA is an incredibly exciting sport for spectators. The uniqueness of mixed martial arts seems to draw in crowds of people of varying backgrounds and martial arts interests. The mix of Muay Thai and boxing based... Source
16  septembre     02h00
Dream Cross-Promotion Fights Fans Would Love To See
Evolve MMA    Cross promotion mixed martial arts fights were more common during the sport’s early days, but they slowly turned into a relic of MMA s early years. Fortunately, the tide seems to be slowly turning. For example, major... Source
02  septembre     02h00
9 Amazing Examples Of Sportsmanship In Martial Arts
Evolve MMA    There’s more to martial arts than simply learning how to execute fighting techniques or excelling at competitions. Martial arts are a way of life that teaches values like discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Martial art competitions... Source
23  mars     02h16
Breaking Down Demetrious Johnson’s Style Of Fighting
Evolve MMA    Demetrious Johnson is one of the least intimidating men who is constantly mentioned when pound for pound mixed martial arts rankings are discussed. Standing at . meters tall, the appropriately named Mighty Mouse is the poster child... Source