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12  mars     19h07
Unravelling Python’s classes
Brett Cannon    For the second to last post in my syntactic sugar series the final post will be a summary conclusion post I am tackling what I expect is my largest and most complicated the class statement although I m too lazy to check if that statement is true x F Lucky for me
29  janvier     22h53
Unravelling ellipsis
Brett Cannon    is the Ellipsis singleton Shortest syntactic sugar blog post I have written x F
22  janvier     01h18
Unravelling literals
Brett Cannon    In this post of my syntactic sugar series I want to tackle literals Now some literals don t really require any code changes and are really just an alternative way to write the same thing no call of code required e g writing integers in hexadecimal format versus in
15  janvier     00h58
Unravelling subscriptions in Python
Brett Cannon    For the next post in my syntactic sugar series I want to cover subscriptions It s quite possible you re not familiar with this formal term but you are probably familiar with the syntax the square brackets used for indexing lists and tuples sequence accessing the value
08  janvier     23h07
Unravelling from for raise statements
Brett Cannon    As part of my series on Python s syntax I want to tackle the from clause for raise statements In case you re unfamiliar raise A from B causes B to be assigned to A cause which lets chained tracebacks exist as well as context but that
25  décembre     04h45
Unravelling finally and else from try statements
Brett Cannon    In the last post of my syntactic sugar series I showed how you can get away with not having elif and else clauses on an if statement It turns out you can use the same trick to help get rid of else clauses on try statements And then there
23  décembre     00h33
Unravelling elif else from if statements
Brett Cannon    While I won t be attempting to unravel if statements entirely as part of my blog series on Python s syntactic sugar I will be attempting to partially unravel them by showing how you don t need elif and else clauses Unravelling elseLet s start
16  décembre     03h47
Unravelling break and continue
Brett Cannon    I have previously unravelled for loops and so the concept of looping has already come up in this blog post series of removing the syntactic sugar from Python But one aspect of looping that I didn t touch upon is that of break and continue Both are statements used
10  décembre     22h58
A reverse chronology of some Python features
Brett Cannon    I occasionally hear people lament that Python is bloated too big going enterprise or some other phrasing to suggest there was once an ideal version of Python that had less bloat and was closer to what the person wanted But then this
14  novembre     23h11
Selecting a programming language can be a form of premature optimization
Brett Cannon    Have you ever been told that Python couldn t be used for a project because it wouldn t be fast enough I have and I find it a bit frustrating as big banks YouTube Instagram and plenty of other places that are performance sensitive still manage to select Python
03  novembre     01h36
Unravelling decorators
Brett Cannon    For the next post in my syntactic sugar series I thought I would tackle decorators Let s look at a simple example of a function that has a single decorator applied to it decorator def func Decorator exampleIf you re familiar with decorators then your mental model
28  septembre     15h40
Unravelling data structure displays
Brett Cannon    The title of this next post in my series on Python s syntactic sugar may seem odd what s a display when it comes to data structures It turns out that s the technical term for what most folks would consider the literal form of
22  septembre     00h10
Unravelling comprehensions
Brett Cannon    After failing to unravel generator expressions in this post as part as my Python syntactic sugar post series I want to tackle comprehensions Thanks to a change made in Python recreating comprehensions using generator expressions is straightforward since comprehensions do not leak their loop
21  septembre     00h45
Unravelling generator expressions
Brett Cannon    In this post on Python s syntactic sugar I want to try to tackle generator expressions If you look at the language definition for generator expressions you will see that it says a generator expression yields a new generator object for what is specified which is essentially
18  septembre     02h41
Unravelling the async with statement
Brett Cannon    I already covered unravelling the with statement and async with is not much different Much like with the language reference for async with gives an example of the statement already destructured Based on that and the fact that async with is just with with asynchronous versions of enter and