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13  octobre     05h12
I Miss BlizzForums
Oren Cohen    I used to visit it every day.Continue reading on Medium
07  septembre     12h36
How Video Games Train Deliberate Practice
austin w    I’ve played thousands of hours of Starcraft, well beyond Malcolm Gladwell’s proposed number for mastery. The first thousand were just for…Continue reading on Medium
30  août     09h09
Berry Store x Great Partners host Show Me the Mineral Starcraft League
Berry Store    Berry Store and Great Partners signed a business agreement on the Aug. 26th. With the agreement, Berry Store joined the Great Partners as…Continue reading on Medium
08  mai     15h24
It Is Time to Stop Making Advertisements Out of Esports
Cole    Tasteless and Artosis reveal how we can, and need to fix StarCraft esports.Continue reading on Medium
13  avril     22h01
Knowledge is power guns just make you feel lucky
Asati    Awareness of what is happening on the map is the second most important thing when it comes to real-time strategy games. This is because…Continue reading on How to be good at real time strategy games
11  avril     22h06
Turtle Expand Rush
Asati    Broadly speaking there are three modes players adopt when playing real-time strategy games.Continue reading on How to be good at real time strategy games
Just build a Big Bertha
Asati    A short history of gaming.Continue reading on Medium
09  avril     20h00
Psychology in User Experience
Jucys    Designing is problem solvingContinue reading on Medium
01  mars     15h42
In the mind of a Pro Protoss player : StarCraft goes online edition
Théo Freydière    Special thanks to my team RaiseYourEdge, whose support can’t be understatedContinue reading on Medium