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25  avril     04h34
Tokens for LLMs: Byte Pair Encoding in Go
   A basic unit of currency in modern LLMs is the token; exciting new models have long context windows of millions of tokens. API pricing for the large providers is per token. We’re even seeing the invention of new, derived units like TPM tokens per minute . But what are tokens This OpenAI ...
16  avril     03h54
Method of differences and Newton polynomials
   I was reading about Babbage’s Difference engine the other day, and stumbled upon a very interesting application of the forward differences method. It turns out that if we get a sequence generated by a polynomial, under certain conditions we can find the generating polynomial from just a few...
31  mars     20h02
Summary of reading: January - March 2024
   quot;Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel quot; by Bonnie Garmus a research chemist finds her way in the world following multiple personal tragedies and facing extreme gender discrimination. I have some mixed feelings about this book. On one hand it’s original, enternaining, well written and thought...
06  mars     04h28
The life of an Ollama prompt
   In a previous post I’ve described how thanks to standardized tooling we could use a locally running Gemma model from a Go program within hours from its public release. This post dives into the internals of Ollama a popular and extremely convenient open source Go project that makes such...
22  février     15h24
Gemma, Ollama and LangChainGo
   Yesterday Google released Gemma an open LLM that folks can run locally on their machines similarly to llama . I was wondering how easy it would be to run Gemma on my computer, chat with it and interact with it from a Go program. Turns it thanks to Ollama it’s extremely ...