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22  mai     17h45
Demystifying Tupper’s formula
   A book I was recently reading mentioned a mathematical curiosity I haven t seen before Tupper s self referential formula There are some resources about it online but this post is my attempt to explain how it works along with an interactive implementation you can try in the browser Tupper s
08  mai     18h05
Twenty years of blogging
   This blog has now been running for years Twenty years a significant chunk of a human s adult life while so many things in my life have changed since May the blog has remained a constant companion This milestone inspired me to do some archaeology using the amazing Wayback
06  mai     04h44
FAAS in Go with WASM, WASI and Rust
   This post is best described as a technology demonstration it melds together web servers plugins WebAssembly Go Rust and ABIs Here s what it shows How to load WASM code with WASI in a Go environment and hook it up to a web server How to implement web server plugins in
22  avril     05h46
WebAssembly Text code samples
   This post talks about writing WebAssembly by hand using its textual format and mentions a new GitHub repository I ve created with code samples A bit of nomenclature first WASM stands for WebAssembly it has a binary format and a textual format The textual format called WebAssembly Text or
17  avril     18h09
itoa (integer to string) in WebAssembly
   Update here s a repository with many WAT code samples including this one wasm wat samples This is a brief blog post that mostly consists of a single well documented code snippet I ve been getting more and more interested in WebAssembly recently and found there s a dearth of high