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28  mai     15h46
Want your name on a Lilith statue? Just reach Diablo 4’s level cap on hardcore before anyone else
   If you ve ever dreamed of having your name on a statue then all you need to do is be one of the first people to reach the level cap in Diablo while playing on hardcore Diablo is very nearly here it s out June and in the lead up to the release the official Diablo Twitter account
Final Fantasy 16 takes an odd bit of inspiration from Marvel vs. Capcom 2
   While it s obvious that Devil May Cry has had a big influence on Final Fantasy it seems that Marvel vs Capcom was a source of inspiration too In just a few days we ll be in the launch month for Final Fantasy as we were reminded by in the recent launch trailer shown off at the
Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks is a new racer filled with orks blowing each other up
   If you love both driving and blowing up cars then the recent announcement of Warhammer Speed Freeks is probably right up your alley Developed by Caged Element Inc Warhammer K Speed Freeks no I m not going to write the zeros every time are you kidding me is the latest game
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are definitely getting Pokemon Home connectivity next week
   After a false start from The Pokemon Company it has now been confirmed that Pokemon Home will be receiving Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility next week Last week the official Pokemon Twitter account shared that Pokemon Home version would be arriving this week though later went back
Alan Wake 2 is getting a digital only release to keep the price lower
   Alan Wake finally has a release date but Remedy Entertainment has shared that it will have a digital only release Earlier this week Remedy Entertainment finally shared a proper look at the upcoming survival horror game Alan Wake the long awaited followup to the original It s
Multiple Silent Hill projects are getting trailers really soon, claims leaker
   Silent Hill rumours are a dime a dozen but this current one is claiming we ll be seeing more trailers for multiple projects really soon If you weren t surprised by the announcement of the Silent Hill remake last year you re not alone because it had been heavily rumoured and even leaked
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum devs apologise for underwhelming experience
   After lacklustre reviews across the board Daedalic Entertainment has offered an apology for the performance of The Lord of the Rings Gollum As reviews started to come out for The Lord of the Rings Gollum it quickly became clear that the game wasn t in ship shape Reviews scored low pretty
Bungie reportedly expressed concerns over how engaging The Last of Us multiplayer project was
   Naughty Dog recently shared that its multiplayer The Last of Us game needed more time but a new report claims this happened at the suggestion of Bungie A multiplayer spinoff of The Last of Us has been in the works for a while now with Naughty Dog confirming that it would be a stand alone
26  mai     18h46
What are you playing this weekend?
   It s Memorial Day weekend in the US which means folks in the States get an extra day to do nothing if the mood strikes them Decoration Day as it was originally called was set aside after the Civil War ended to honor soldiers who died Over the years it turned into Memorial Day a now Federal
Alone in the Dark is back from the dead with David Harbour and Jodie Comer
   Alone in the Dark is back this time starring some celebrity talent in the form of Jodie Comer and David Harbour The pair will be playing the two protagonists that you ll be able to take control of once the game launches on October Harbour will be taking the role of Detective Edward Carnby
Ready yourself: Here’s when you can begin playing Diablo 4
   Blizzard has released the launch timings for Diablo along with information on when you can pre load and how to obtain nifty Twitch drops Those who pre ordered the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game can to start playing ahead of everyone else thanks to Early Access Timings for Early
Metal Gear Solid Î looks pretty goofy written down, but which games have worse titles?
   Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode the best game with a terrible name The video game industry has a long and legendary history of awful names Several developers have spent literally millions of dollars on otherwise excellent games just to slap the most staggeringly awful title on the
Want early access to Diablo 4? Your best bet might be a chocolate shop in London (yes, really)
   Well they say the road to hell is paved with blood confections don t they Have you ever wondered what a terrifying immersive goremet demon chocolate emporium looks like Well wonder know more because if you re local to London and have a couple of spare hours coming up you may well
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is great, but I hope the next game is nothing like it
   It s kind of difficult to accurately describe how impressive a game The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom actually is Personally I find it increasingly rare that I actually play a triple A game that delivers on the promise of its scope but Nintendo s latest outing has successfully done so
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 1.1.2 patch notes: Everything in the update
   A new patch for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been released today with the update available to download now While the official patch notes doesn t mention it the update reportedly fixes the item duplication glitch players have been exploiting If you re wondering what s
25  mai     17h39
Prime Gaming expands library with 13 titles in June, including classic RPG Neverwinter Nights
   Pime Gaming has announced the June lineup of free games The June free games with Prime lineup features titles including Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Sengoku Over Top Autonauts Roguebook and more On June Sengoku and Mutation Nation will become available followed by Soccer
Grab your Pip-Boy and dive into Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition - available for free on Epic Games Store
   Your weekly freebie has arrived on the Epic Games Store and it s Fallout New Vegas considered by many as one of the best Fallout games ever made Developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda this is the Ultimate Edition and it comes with all base game content along with the full suite of add
Destiny 2 August Showcase to reveal the epic conclusion to The Light and Darkness Saga - The Final Shape
   Bungie will host a Destiny Showcase event on August where it will fully reveal The Final Shape The Final Shape is a working title subject to change and is the eighth expansion for Destiny and twelfth overall in the Destiny franchise The expansion will be the final content pack for The
It won’t matter one bit, but the PlayStation Showcase left me concerned about the PS5’s future
   I didn t watch the PlayStation Showcase live for a number of boring reasons one involves projectile vomiting if you must know but I watched it as if live this morning hoping a string of exciting announcements would lift my dreary bones My bones were not lifted In fact they spontaneously moved
Xbox branded cheeky as it highlights 12 PlayStation Showcase titles coming to Xbox
   It was a big night for PlayStation last night huh Metal Gear Solid more Metal Gear Solid cyberpunk at home sequel Ghostrunner a release date for Assassin s Creed Mirage Alan Wake showing a descent into madness and a massive unexpected look at the exciting Dragon s Dogma Given this was
Sony unveils Project Q, a dedicated streaming device for your PS5 games
   During Sony s PlayStation Showcase the company announced Project Q a new streaming device This dedicated device enables you to stream any game from your PS console using Remote Play over Wi Fi Internally known as Project Q it has all of the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless
PlayStation Showcase round up - all the game announcements and trailers you may have missed
   Sony aired its PlayStation Showcase this evening and all sorts of announcements were made You already know about the bigs ones Bungie s Marathon Assassin s Creed Mirage Alan Wake s release date the big gameplay trailer for Spider Man Metal Gear Solid Delta Dragons Dogma Ghostrunner
24  mai     22h18
Alan Wake 2 gameplay reveal trailer shows our hero and an FBI agent trapped in a horror story
   A gameplay trailer was shown for Alan Wake during the PlayStation Showcase this evening and we were also given a release date Out on October as Wake s voice actor pretty much confirmed the game finds Alan Wake missing since while on a vacation in the Pacific Northwest with his wife
Metal Gear Solid, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, and MGS3 Snake Eater coming to PS5 in 2023
   It s a big day for Metal Gear Solid fans As well as the announcement of Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater coming to PlayStation Xbox Series X S and Steam later this year we ve also heard through the codec that a compilation of three classic MGS titles will also come to PS in autumn
Spider-Man 2: Dynamic duo Peter and Miles face Kraven and The Lizard in an epic Fall showdown
   During the PlayStation Showcase a gameplay trailer for Spider Man was released along with another trailer introducing Kraven the Hunter First off let s talk about Kraven He s in search of an equal which is bad news for New York as he s about to begin the Great Hunt Between him and his
Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay trailer shows hardcore pawn action, but offers no release date
   Been waiting to see what Dragon s Dogma looks like in its pure gameplay form Well then you ve come to the right place pawn because Capcom has finally pulled back the veil on its highly anticipated action RPG We first heard about Dragon s Dogma back in June when it was unvieled during
Marathon is Bungie’s first PS5 and PC PlayStation Studios game, and its first new game since Destiny
   It s been a long time coming but we ve finally got word on what Bungie has been cooking up over the past few years After being committed to the Destiny salt mines for the better part of a decade the original Halo developer has finally unveiled its first new project in years Marathon But
Final Fantasy 16 launch trailer shown at PlayStation Showcase May 2023 is rather busy
   Final Fantasy is coming Soon The game is less than a month away at the time of writing and so it stands to reason that the Square Enix marketing machine is in full swing Today at the PlayStation Showcase for May the publisher and developer debuted a new trailer for the game and you
Assassin’s Creed Mirage release date set for October 12, is a proper return to old-school Assassin’s Creed
   It may be the worst kept secret in recent gaming memory but Ubisoft has finally announced a release date for Assassin s Creed Mirage Per a new trailer that launched tonight at the PlayStation Showcase Assassin s Creed Mirage is targeting an October release date Though the show was
Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is real, called MGS Delta: Snake Eater, and is coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC
   Whether it s been voice actors leaking things they really shouldn t or legit whiffs of info from semi trusted sources Konami has just not been able to keep rumours about a Metal Gear Solid remake quiet And today at the PlayStation Showcase for May Konami has finally shrugged its
Cyberpunk sequel Ghostrunner 2 announced for Xbox, PlayStation and PC
   Equip your neon tinted sunglasses rage against the corporate machine and break out the synthwave Ghostrunner is real and it s ready to stylishly slice up your preffered gaming platform and run it over with a needlessly loud motorbike at some point later in Per a press release
Ubisoft’s Star Wars game sets course for a galactic adventure in 2024, according to reports
   Ubisoft s Star Wars title may not be located in a galaxy far far away In fact it could be traveling around the Milky Way as we speak In other words the game isn t too far off from release according to sources speaking with Kotaku Ubisoft noted in its latest presentation to investors that its
Prime Gaming amps up May’s fun by adding an additional 8 games to the mix
   Amazon wants you to spend the month in gaming bliss and it is helping in this manner by adding an additional eight titles to the May Prime Gaimng roster That s right eight additional games on top of the previously announced May titles These eight games are available to claim today through June
Sony’s future game plan includes two or more major releases across every genre, yearly
   Sony has told investors it plans to release two or more major PlayStation titles per year going forward These titles will cover a mix of both single player and live services and span every major genre The genres noted were shooter action sports racing platformers and RPGs Releasing two or
PlayStation Showcase: Watch here for exclusive reveals and updates
   Sony will host its first PlayStation Showcase since later today and you can watch it here with us We say evening because in most countries it airs during that time In the US it takes place in the late or mid afternoon depending on what side of the country you reside The show is expected
23  mai     20h56
Total War: Pharaoh thrusts you into the turbulent events of the New Kingdom period
   Total War Pharaoh is the next installment in the award winning strategy franchise and it will release in October Over the weekend a listing for the game popped up on the official website with many thinking it would be a Saga title Set during the collapse of the Bronze Age in Egypt the Pharaoh
Mortal Kombat 1’s exuberant ultra-violence shouldn’t need defending, but here we are
   We re doing this again are we I get it the video game discourse is a giant ouroboros a never ending endlessly repeating series of events that come back around like clockwork Difficulty settings review scores the eternal are games art debate are all due to rear their head one again at some
Dreamcast throwback PlayStation 5 exclusive tested by tennis pros
   How do you feel about the idea of playing a Dreamcast game on a slick new platform in Well if you just can t leave your shutter shades Bebo page Badger Badger Mushroom song or the rest of the s behind you re probably pretty psyched about the Cosmic Smash revival that s coming out for
It looks like Final Fantasy 16 will be missing something at launch - but you won’t be sad about it
   Final Fantasy looks pretty good ey Our own Alex Donaldson had some massive glowing praise for the game in his preview that went live yesterday and in an earlier preview I also didn t have a bad word to say about it By all accounts this is going to be a stunner A proper PlayStation tour
EA and DICE veterans, including ex-Battlefield creative director, unite to create a new next-gen shooter
   Battlefield fans everywhere are getting some genuinely good news and it s not out of developer DICE A new studio revealed itself to the world today and it s one packing serious talent from the franchise s long history TTK Games is a Stockholm based outfit lead by Lars Gustavsson the year
22  mai     16h04
Uncharted actor Tati Gabrielle is slated to join Mortal Kombat 2 as Jade
   Another big name appears to be gearing up to join the cast of Mortal Kombat this time Tati Gabrielle who will reportedly portray Jade This comes from The Hollywood Reporter who said that Gabrielle is currently in final negotiations to join the cast for the sequel to s Mortal Kombat
Star Trek: Resurgence Review - A voyage home for 90s nerds
   Cards on the table right I love Star Trek More than that I love loving it I drive my wife mad with incessant musing about whether Ben Sisko s birth constitutes a predestination paradox or the sociological impact on the Federation of the Battle of Wolf I have an absurd number of Hero
Alan Wake 2’s titular voice actor may have confirmed an October release
   It sounds like we might know when to expect Alan Wake as the voice actor behind the titular character said it s supposed to release this October Alan Wake was announced about a year and a half ago and we haven t seen or heard much about it since then We know it s meant to be developer
Everyone with a Netflix account can play one of 2022’s best-rated games for free
   There has never been anything quite like Immortality before From the unique mind of Sam Barlow and his studio Half Mermaid this curious interactive experiment blurs the line between cinema and gaming in a way that nothing else before it has quite managed Somehow it s three films stacked on top
Xbox Game Pass continues its hot streak with another critically-acclaimed game launching tomorrow
   Xbox Game Pass continues to prove its value with Planet of Lana receiving incredibly strong reviews ahead of it dropping on the service tomorrow One of the best things about Game Pass is the way it gives you the opportunity to try out the smaller games in between your playthroughs of the
Tears of the Kingdom received a year long delay just to focus on polish
   It turns out that The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been done for about a year with the rest of that time being spent on just polish alone Back in March of Nintendo made the decision to delay Zelda Tears of the Kingdom out of its release window into spring where
Absolutely everybody should play the Final Fantasy 16 demo - hands-on
   At a recent hands on for Final Fantasy we got to play a good six hours of content from across the game Though all from a work in progress build that Square Enix was careful to note had been specifically designed for the media tour much of what we played appeared to be pretty much the final
21  mai     15h40
Nightingale sees its early access release delayed to autumn
   Nightingale the gaslamp fantasy game led by ex Bioware boss Aaryn Flynn will now see its early access launch arrive in autumn As reported by Eurogamer in a recent Nightingale developer update video developer Inflexion Games confirmed that the survival game would no longer be launching in
Nightdive Studios gives us a first look at System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition
   Nightdive Studios has offered us our first look at System Shock Enhance Edition a new version of the game being brought to next generation consoles for the first time It seems like we re constantly waiting for some kind of System Shock to release in particular the System Shock remake
Elden Ring wins another award, this time Best Game Writing at The Nebulas
   Elden Ring has won the Nebula Award for the Best Game Writing category beating out the likes of some other top contenders The Nebula Awards an awards group that recognises some of the best science fiction and fantasy writing each year were held earlier this week and like it has every year