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03  juillet     14h37
505 Games acquires D3 Go and the Puzzle Quest franchise
   Games parent company Digital Bros has acquired mobile publisher D Go from D Publisher and Bandai Namco D Go which publishes the Puzzle Quest games including Marvel Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Quest The Legend Returns will now join the Games US office in Calabasas California
Images from 2024 Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 reportedly leak online
   Concept art of the upcoming Call of Duty game and Modern Warfare have allegedly leaked online As spotted by ResetEra Twitter user RealiityUK although they ve had other accounts taken offline by DMCA strikes shared the images over the weekend posting a full thread of what seem to be
This 12 Destiny Lord Shaxx statue is now available to pre-order
   Numskull s next Destiny statue is of a character whose voice most Guardians know well Lord Shaxx he of they can t kill you if they re dead Guardian fame and master of the Crucible An official Destiny product this Shaxx statue has been designed in conjunction with Bungie and features hand
Here’s what’s coming when Genshin Impact 2.8 update releases later this month
   HoYoverse has finally revealed what s coming in Genshin Impact s update when it releases on th July Entitled Summer Fantasia brings a new look to the Golden Apple Archipelago as well as new events a new character and a sneaky peek at new location Sumeru You can check out
Portal’s tricksy world plucks at some fascinating video game threads
   If you ask me Portal s signature moment involves putting a portal in the ceiling and another portal in the floor just below it Thump thump These portals for the uninitiated are basically two sides of the same magical hole walk through the orange portal and you emerge through the blue portal
02  juillet     16h40
Guardians of the Galaxy writer joins BioWare
   Deus Ex and Guardians of the Galaxy writer Mary DeMarle has joined BioWare As spotted by our friends at VGC DeMarle announced the move on her LinkedIn account stating I m happy to share that I m starting a new position as Senior Narrative Director at EA BioWare Mary DeMarle is an award
Sega will match employee donations to accredited non-profit organisations supporting reproductive rights
   Sega has pledged to match donations to accredited non profile organisations supporting reproductive rights following the Supreme Court s decision to overturn Roe v Wade in the US It is the latest in a long line of gaming industry companies speaking out against the decision and pledging support
Ubisoft plans to shut down multiplayer and online features for 15 older games
   Ubisoft has confirmed it s shortly pulling the plug on a number of its games including Anno Far Cry Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Assassin s Creed Most of the games included on the list are getting on a bit but three year old VR game Space Junkies is also getting pulled and as its
Santa Monica Studio asks gamers and developers alike to be treated with respect
   Sony s Santa Monica Studio has now issued a formal statement asking that all players treat its developers with respect As Victoria so perfectly summarised for us at the time yesterday was a sad day In less than hours we got the news that Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert was no longer
Bethesda offers jobs to volunteers working on a Fallout mod
   Two developers that had been working on a Fallout mod have been offered jobs by Bethesda In a statement posted on Twitter the lead technical adviser and project manager of Fallout London a DLC sized mod for Fallout have both been offered jobs the former as an associate level designer
Zombie Army 4: the making of an ’impossible’ Switch conversion
   Switch s impossible ports are the new arcade perfect games devised for much more powerful hardware somehow miraculously receiving remarkably impressive conversions onto relatively meagre hardware However variable performance and low resolution are also hallmarks of these otherwise
Sucker Punch has no plans to revisit its Sly Cooper or InFamous games
   Sucker Punch says it has no plans to revisit its Infamous or Sly Cooper franchises In a blog celebrating the studio s th anniversary the team said that whilst it was proud to look back on the legacy of characters and stories it had created it is now focused on its current project
Ubisoft plans to use in-game events to teach about climate change
   Ubisoft is using its games to help make players aware of the impacts of climate change That s according to the website Playing for the Planet an UN led initiative which seeks to use games to inspire young people to learn and act in support of the environment For instance for Riders Republic
Everything you might have missed from Eurogamer’s Pride Week 2022
   Hello As regular readers will doubtless have spotted by now all this week Eurogamer has been marking Pride Month on this its th anniversary year in the UK with a series of features celebrating the intersection of queer culture and gaming It s been an absolute privilege to have so many
01  juillet     15h03
There is a work around for The Quarry’s unobtainable Hard Pass accolade
   The Quarry s community has come up with a way for players to get hold of the Hard Pass accolade across platforms something that was seemingly unobtainable due to a known issue Publisher K revealed last month that there was an issue causing the Hard Pass achievement trophy to not be rewarded as
Final Fantasy 14 to receive Island Sanctuary farming sim mode in next patch
   The next patch for Final Fantasy will include a new Island Sanctuary farming sim mode Revealed in today s Letter from the Producer stream the new mode will be relaxing solo content that allows players to gather resources care for creatures build facilities and earn special currency to
Twitch is making major changes to its tag system
   Twitch is making some major changes to its tagging system allowing streamers to more accurately define their content The changes were revealed in a new Twitch Patch Notes stream that detailed forthcoming features The tag system will soon be updated so that streamers can create custom tags
From Software’s notorious 30fps stutter fixed - but only for hacked PS4 consoles
   One of the most baffling technical mysteries of the last console generation is simply this why is that every From Software title on PlayStation and Xbox One stutters so noticeably From the studio s PS debut Bloodborne through to this year s Elden Ring From Software s fps frame rate
EA’s skate. opens up insider playtesting programme
   EA s skate is still in pre pre pre alpha but is opening up an insider programme for playtesters Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next entry in the skateboarding series and now have a chance to provide feedback on an early version of the game Registration is now open for insider
The gaming industry calls out toxic fans
   Yesterday was a sad day in the gaming industry In less than hours we got the news that Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert was no longer going to talk about the upcoming release of Return to Monkey Island following online abuse and God of War Ragnarök s producer had to ask everyone to remain
Niantic’s Campfire social app will soon begin global rollout
   Pokémon Go maker Niantic s new social app will begin its global rollout in the coming days Campfire as it s known will allow users to find other players in local communities make friends and send group messages In the absence of social features in its games Campfire will act as a
A remake of the XIII remake is on its way
   Cult classic cel shaded shooter XIII was famously remade and subsequently widely panned in However the remake is getting a second chance as it is now being basically remade again A new statement on the game s Steam page reads To achieve the quality standards and offer an optimal gaming
Crypt of the NecroDancer receives first update in five years
   Rhythmic dungeon crawler Crypt of the NecroDancer has received its first update on Steam in five years A new blog post provides a comprehensive list of the quality of life improvements made for version including Steam Deck support and a level editor Most excitingly it seems even
Nintendo Switch Online adds four more Mega Drive titles
   Nintendo has announced the arrival of four more titles from the Mega Drive for Switch Online These are Comix Zone Mega Man The Wily Wars Target Earth and Zero Wing You can check out the new trailer from Nintendo below Read more
Fan buys 30k of Nintendo stock to ask about possible F-Zero sequel
   A Nintendo fan reportedly spent m yen around k on Nintendo stock to ask the company about a potential F Zero sequel in an annual shareholder meeting During the meeting which took place on Tuesday the shareholder asked Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa if the company would consider
GOG reinstates Blade Runner: ScummVM edition following fan outcry
   GOG has reinstated Blade Runner ScummVM edition following a fan outcry Last month Nightdive Studios released its critically panned remaster of Westwood Studios classic point and click adventure delisting the popular fan made effort in the process While buying the Enhanced Edition from
Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op beta starts 11th July, lasts 10 days
   It has been a long time coming but positive steps are finally being made towards Halo Infinite s campaign co op mode The beta for the campaign s co op will begin on th July and culminates on the nd industries principal software engineering lead Isaac Bender and lead world designer John
Celebrated Minecraft player Technoblade passes away, aged 23
   Celebrated Minecraft player Technoblade has passed away after a battle with cancer He was The news was shared in a video on his YouTube channel titled so long nerds posted to his million followers Read more
Konami snags Inter Milan as an eFootball exclusive from July 2024
   Konami has secured Inter Milan as an eFootball exclusive team from July In a note to press Konami said Inter Milan will feature exclusively within eFootball and no other video game from July That means Inter Milan won t be in that year s EA Sports FC EA will ditch the FIFA
What we’ve been playing
   Hello Welcome back to our regular feature where we write a little bit about some of the games we ve found ourselves playing over the last few days This time speedrunning turtles and pass the pad delight If you fancy catching up on some of the older editions of What We ve Been Playing here s
Weekly: a closer look at Pride Week, lamb cults, and more
   Today on the Weekly show we re talking Pride Week as well as recapping the rest of Eurogamer for you My guests wrote some of the wonderful pieces we ve published as part of Pride Week They are show newcomers Ed Nightingale a news reporter on Eurogamer who you ll recognise from the Newscast
Tobii to be eye tracking technology provider for PlayStation VR2
   Tobii has announced it is providing the eye tracking technology for Sony s upcoming PlayStation VR PlayStation VR establishes a new baseline for immersive virtual reality VR entertainment and will enable millions of users across the world to experience the power of eye tracking said Anand
It’s finally possible to finish Star Wars KOTOR 2 on Switch
   Aspyr has released a patch for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic that fixes a bug preventing players from completing the game The bug would cause the game to crash after the Basilisk Crash cutscene when landing on Onderon Aspyr previously told Eurogamer it was working on a fix Now
Pride Week: Real Virtual Selves
   Hello All this week Eurogamer has been marking Pride Month on this its th anniversary year in the UK with a series of features celebrating the intersection of queer culture and gaming As our Pride Week nears its end Caelyn Ellis recollects the early internet s game adjacent social spaces
30  juin     18h16
The Sims 4 unveils teen-focused High School Years expansion, arriving in July
   Maxis continues to tick those much requested Sims features off the list as fans wait impatiently for news of the Sims with the developer having now confirmed it ll finally be giving teen Sims a proper education in its newly announced High School Years Expansion Pack due th July High
Meet the modder who hacked AMD’s new upscaling tech into Cyberpunk 2077
   Earlier this week news broke of a modder that hacked AMD s FSR temporal upscaling technology into Cyberpunk allowing users of non RTX graphics cards the chance to play the game at higher frame rates with substantially better visual quality than with FSR upscaling That s massive for
Retro-inspired RPG Sea of Stars delayed to 2023
   Retro inspired RPG Sea of Stars has been delayed into It s from Sabotage the team behind ninja platformer The Messenger and features some truly stunning pixel art Sabotage was aiming for a release but a new statement on Twitter reveals that s been pushed back to Read
Persona live-action film and TV adaptations could be on the way from Sega
   It looks like Sega is eyeing up Atlus games for potential live action film and TV adaptations That means we could see the likes of Persona Shin Megami Tensei and Catherine following in the footsteps of Sonic the Hedgehog and his recent film success IGN reports that for Sega expanding
New Redfall trailer welcomes us to the once picture-perfect island with a bloodthirsty energy
   Arkane and Bethesda have given us all a bite sized teaser highlighting the thrills and bloody spills that are coming our way in Redfall The town of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires who have cut the island off from the outside world the description reads Trapped with a handful of
Renovation sim House Flipper quietly drops on Xbox Game Pass
   Renovation simulator House Flipper appears to have quietly dropped on Xbox Game Pass First spotted on the XboxSeriesX subreddit the game was listed on the Recently added selection despite no official announcement by Microsoft The official store page for the game on Xbox confirms that
Give in to your own Mouthful Mode and inhale a real life Kirby cake
   Kirby and the Forgotten Land was a colourful and welcome splash of fun on its release in March One of its most adorable features of which there are many was the ever evolving Waddle Dee Town which has its own café At this café you can purchase a selection of eats to help Kirby on his quest to
Stranger of Paradise Trials of the Dragon King DLC coming in July
   Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins has DLC coming th July Trials of the Dragon King will include a number of additional missions seemingly focused on Bahamut Square Enix has released a new teaser trailer and updated its website Read more
Wreckfest’s Switch port impresses - even against PS5 and Xbox Series X
   Wreckfest is an all out brawl of a racing game Races are full contact with track designs that encourage massive shunts as cars criss cross and shove other vehicles into barriers Made by Flatout dev Bugbear Entertainment Wreckfest represents a long awaited return to form for demolition derby
Destruction AllStars developer still committed to game after rocky start
   Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games says that it is still committed to supporting the game in the long term after a rocky start In a tweet on the game s official account the developer said We ve put so much work in to the game from feedback and talking with our players over the
Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course is short but tastes so sweet
   Good things come to those who slow cook their meals or something like that I ve been hungry for more Cuphead since it first released thankfully this DLC smartly titled The Delicious Last Course has been worth the long wait Much of that time has presumably been spent on the visuals As
Pride Week: Dicebreaker recommends Thirsty Sword Lesbians - revelling in an unapologetically gay soap opera
   Hello All this week Eurogamer is marking Pride Month on this its th anniversary year with a series of features celebrating the intersection of queer culture and gaming This afternoon as part of a special Pride themed edition of Dicebreaker Recommends a series of monthly board game RPG
See The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild multiplayer mods in action
   Streamers have got their hands on a couple of mods that allow them to explore the rolling landscape of Breath of the Wild s Hyrule with additional Links by their side The mods in question have been demonstrated by both speedrunner PointCrow and passionate Zelda fan Croton on their respective
Night in the Woods character becomes unlikely Pride symbol at football match
   A character from Night in the Woods has been used as an unlikely Pride symbol at a football match in America At a Portland Timbers match the crowd held up banners stating From Stonewall a brick and Portland an axe and Respect our pride or expect our wrath Then a third banner arose from
Québec video game industry will be impacted by controversial language law
   Video game companies in Québec will be impacted by a new controversial language law The aim of Bill is to strengthen the French speaking province s language laws ensuring French is the main language spoken in everything from business to healthcare However it s feared this will drive
Valve downplays the impact of Steam Deck’s SSD downgrade
   Valve has downplayed the performance impact of using slower SSDs in new shipments of the Steam Deck The change was first spotted by German publication HardwareLuxx which noticed the GB and GB versions of the Steam Deck now ship with either a two lane or four lane PCIe Gen SSD