Game Career Guide : features
09  novembre     15h30
How Lobotomy Corporation Teaches The Value Of Bad Choices
   Josh Bycer critically examines the ways in which Lobotomy Corporation forces the player to choose between a series of bad options.
04  novembre     14h30
Difficulty And Fairness In Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon
   Vector Hat’s Mike T discusses the value of easy difficulty modes in games, and explains how Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon accommodates players of all skill levels.
02  novembre     14h30
How To Revamp Your Game’s Steam Page
   Nora Blaskovits shares a series of tips for getting your game noticed on Steam via an effective and attention-grabbing storefront page.
28  octobre     14h30
Reflections On Puzzle Design In Puzzledorf
   What makes a good puzzle Stuart Burfield discusses his personal guidelines for puzzle design in the final entry of Puzzledorf’s development log.
26  octobre     14h30
A New Taxonomy Of Difficulty
   Rhys Frampton proposes a new approach to difficulty in game design that evaluates player engagement across multiple categories.
21  octobre     14h30
Just One More Turn: Game Development Tips From Sid Meier
   Darenn Keller collects many of the game development tips, lessons, and anecdotes featured throughout Civilization creator Sid Meier’s Memoir.
19  octobre     14h30
Reflections On Difficulty Pacing In Puzzledorf
   Stuart Burfield talks about Puzzledorf’s difficulty level, how it changes over time, and how he used both to engage and retain players to help them finish the game.
14  octobre     14h30
A Slow Gaming Manifesto
   Artur Ganszyniec argues in favor of slow gaming as a design philosophy and an artistic path for game developers to follow over the course of their careers.
07  octobre     14h30
Progression Mechanisms: Blessing Or Curse?
   Pascal Luban offers an overview of RPG-inspired progression mechanics, explaining how modern game design both benefits and suffers from their popularity.
05  octobre     14h30
Why Players Love Games That Make Them Frustrated
   Yongcheng Liu critically examines several notoriously difficult games in order to figure out why players keep returning to challenge their skills.
30  septembre     14h30
Reflections On Tutorial Design In Puzzledorf
   Stuart Burfield discusses his approach to textless tutorials, explaining how he uses experiences to help players learn through play in Puzzledorf.
28  septembre     14h30
What I Learned From A 14-Year Passion Project
   Matt Canei recalls the highlights, missteps, and game design lessons he learned over his 14-year run as an independent developer.
23  septembre     14h30
Resequencing And Dynamic Transitions For Game Music Composers
   Winifred Phillips explores complex deployments of the horizontal resequencing model in Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s music design.
21  septembre     14h30
Fixing Endgame Design In Grand Strategy Games
   Anton Petrushenkov discusses the endgame flaws apparent in grand strategy games like Civilization V, suggesting solutions for designers to consider.
16  septembre     14h30
Unreal Vs. Unity 3D: Choosing The Best Engine For Your Game
   Starloop Studios weighs the advantages and disadvantages of using either Unity or Unreal as frameworks for independently produced projects.