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21  mai     18h49
Ewe wool love this: new Manor Lords patch means your farm ’no longer spawns sheep exponentially’
   A fix for a baaaad problem has arrived on Manor Lords’ new experimental branch.
Stellar Blade studio is now ’considering’ a PC release, and a sequel too
   We called it back in .
The world’s largest chipmaker could flip a kill switch and remotely disable its machines in the event of an invasion
   That’s one helluva kill switch.
The designer will never answer any rules questions’: Upcoming solitaire board game requires you to codebreak its rulebook, which is written in a language that does not exist
   And you thought learning a TTRPG was complicated.
You’re going to hear a lot of release dates this summer, and should probably just ignore them all
   If you have no expectations, you’ll never be disappointed.
PC user annoyed about Task Manager jumping around gets told how to fix it with one button by the developer that built the application 30 years ago
   Now that’s great customer support.
Computex 2024 preview: What we expect to see at this year’s show, from AI PCs to next-generation chips from Intel, AMD and more
   Some of the biggest names in hardware look to be squaring up for this year’s event.
Qualcomm is actually releasing a Snapdragon X Elite desktop PC on June 18 and dammit I want one
   Though the Snapdragon Dev Kit is quite obviously only aimed at developers, it’s still sporting the fastest version of Qualcomm’s new chips.
FromSoftware drops another story trailer for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC giving us a glimpse at the fiery rampage that made Malenia’s golden boy flee the Lands Between
   Everything’s on fire, this is fine.
The tail end of May sees multiple Day One games hitting PC Game Pass: Here are our picks
   It’s all magic and mythology this month.
Starving Heroes of Might & Magic fans finally eat as spiritual successor Songs of Conquest leaves its 2-year early access behind
   When the HoMM you have at home is actually better.
OpenAI pauses use of GPT-4o ’Her’ voice due to similarity to Scarlett Johansson: ’so eerily similar... my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference’
   The Hollywood star says they were approached by OpenAI to use her likeness, but declined.
The hunt for the perfect grinding spots in Mists of Pandaria: Remix show us just how incompatible the event’s silly fun is with WoW’s grindset culture
   Leapfrogged ahead of the competition.
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut review
   A razor sharp port of a samurai epic
Ghost of Tsushima PC performance analysis: Your CPU will be fine, your GPU will whine, but there are settings for every gamer out there
   Unless you happen to own an Intel Arc graphics card. You’re out of luck, I’m afraid.
The best Valorant VPN in 2024
   Improve your speeds, find better servers, and get easy wins with a VPN for Valorant
Bethesda won’t make a game as cool as Morrowind ever again, so thank god an original dev has come back 20 years on to make quest mods for it
   Douglas Goodall has returned to the game he helped make with a bunch of mods.
Starfield player jury-rigs 100 Star Wars mods together to make a convincing Boba Fett simulator: ’I basically added every single Star Wars mod out there on Nexus’
   A field of Star Wars.
Noctua’s newest products will keep you, and your consoles, cool
   Built using our favorite PC fan, the NF A x .
All the big laptop makers are embracing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X, here are all the ’PC reborn’ models available for pre-order now
   There’s something about you, Snappy.
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 exposes an uncomfortable truth about upscalers it’s all about what sort of compromises you’re prepared to make to image quality
   If you’re anything like me, you’ll be bouncing between graphics settings more often than you might like.
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 review
   Visually spectacular but narratively limp, this cinematic sequel fails to find a new path for Senua.
After 3 years on the Epic Games Store, the Kingdom Hearts series is finally releasing on Steam
   Fire up your Steam Decks.
Microsoft unveils the Copilot AI PC ecosystem, with Snapdragon X laptops exclusively leading the way
   Intel and AMD don’t yet qualify.
Super Mario 64 gets a Mario Maker-like romhack that runs on original hardware
   Mario Builder is a toolbox letting you fulfill all of your SM dreams, say its creators.
Hand-drawn adventure game comes to Steam after being dropped from Apple Arcade, creator laments the way games ’can just vanish’ today
   This is the sad thing about the way our kind of creative mediums are going: works don’t have any kind of permanence.
Today’s Wordle answer for Tuesday, May 21
   Trouble solving today’s Wordle Here’s the help you need.
The 200 Fallout TV series Pip-Boy replica looks a lot better than the bulky Fallout 4 collector’s edition toy
   When the alarm rings it’ll be the bombs dropping.
20  mai     22h39
The PC games market grew a lot more than the console games market last year, says research firm
   PC game revenues increased by over year over year compared to just a fraction of a percent for console games, according to market researchers.
The developer of exceptional 2022 sci-fi adventure Norco is following it up with a ’narrative micro-adventure’ about an android exploring an AI-haunted oil refinery
   You can play the demo for Silenus and find all the tracks to Umbilical by Thou right now.
Blizzard addresses Diablo 4’s gold problem in a patch, but nobody is quite sure if it’s solved yet
   Players are torn on having to spending millions of gold to upgrade your items.
A new native port of Majora’s Mask might change how we play N64 games on our PCs
   A new way to play a fan favorite.
Take-Two CEO says he’s ’highly confident’ GTA6 will make its release window, gets all philosophical about it: ’Perfection is indeed hard to measure, it really is more subjective than objective’
   Says if you want to know what’s new... just watch the trailer again.
Just 2 weeks before its early access release, Life By You is delayed again, this time without a new date
   The Sims style life sim from Paradox Tectonic is no longer launching in June.
It’s already been 9 years since The Witcher 3 first released, and if you’ve somehow never played CD Projekt’s opus, the complete package with all DLC is just 13 bucks on Steam to celebrate
   One game I’ll always come back to.
Intel’s Lunar Lake is here to remind you x86 still has a place in laptops: ’You’ve never seen x86 power characteristics quite like this’
   It’s coming out swinging, promising faster AI, CPU, and gaming performance than AMD and Qualcomm
Ubisoft wants to be very clear that XDefiant won’t have any pay-to-win elements, pinkie promise: ’We know this is an important topic’
   Your money is no good here.
Escape from Tarkov dev’s latest wheeze is to offer players 50 ’compensation’ after a price U-turn, but rather than a refund it’s a one-time use 50 Tarkov voucher
   But in game stash size has been increased by two lines.
Logitech Pro X 60 keyboard review
   Are you an esports pro No, me neither. But what of their keebs
All Destiny 2 Zero Hour floor puzzle solutions
   Save yourself some time in the vault with these floor patterns.
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix players went on a frog-killing rampage, Blizzard put a stop to it, and now nobody is happy
   Hopping mad.
The PC Gaming Show’s 10th anniversary celebration features hosts of old, games brand new, bear exclusives, and Citizen Sleeper 2
   Mica Burton, Sean ’Day ’ Plott and Frankie Ward return to hosting duties on June
Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios opens new doors in Warsaw to help share the load of not 1, but 2 ’very ambitious RPGs’ in development
   My excitement is immeasurable.
The messy DisplayPort 2.1 specs mean you could be limited to a monitor cable too short to be of any use if you want to hit 4K at 240 Hz
   The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, but also in the wiring in this case.
Here’s a Baldur’s Gate 3 mod that lets your party scrabble around on 4 legs like a plague of sleep paralysis demons, if you’re into that sort of thing
The Taskmaster VR game is out in a few weeks, and Little Alex Horne is resigned to what his avatar can expect from you sickos: ’They will definitely do things to me’
   But he’s at least pretty sure you can’t strip him like they do in the show.
AMD Zen 6 could deliver a full 32-core chiplet, with Zen 5c reportedly set to offer its own 16-core CCX
   Server market EPYC models will see the most cores, but desktop Ryzens could get a bump too.
Bummer: Tesla’s ’gaming computer’ that it built a car around for some reason will be ’no longer capable of playing Steam games’
   They probably realised it’s a car.
Google’s new AI search feature has been recommending people drink urine (’light in color’)
   Thankfully there are a couple different ways to opt out of the new Google AI service its automatically opting you into.
Undertale developer Toby Fox assures fans that Deltarune chapter 4 is underway, ’I don’t want anyone to burn out waiting for this’
   Everything’s under control.