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29  mai     11h31
Crowdfunding website Fig is no more
   The platform which funded games like Psychonauts and Phoenix Point went offline yesterday
Bandai Namco officially announces Bryan Fury for Tekken 8, after accidentally announcing Bryan Fury for Tekken 8
   The publisher jumped its own gun at this year s Combo Breaker tournament
How to restore an old PC: Top tips and the biggest mistakes to avoid
   Cache in the attic
Nvidia’s massive AI GPU has enough memory to make a gamer weep and even Jensen Huang’s wondering ’if this could play Crysis?’
   Combined into its final form the encompassing DGX GH superserver is four elephants one GPU
Nvidia’s bringing its AI avatars to games and they can interact with players in real-time. With voiced dialogue. And facial animations
   Nvidia announces ACE for Games at Computex
Today’s Wordle hint and answer #709: Monday, May 29
   Today s Wordle Help with solving Monday s puzzle
The Witcher has been renewed for a fifth season
   Seems like Hemsworth is locked in for at least two turns as Geralt
Five new Steam games you probably missed (May 29, 2023)
   Sorting through every new game on Steam so you don t have to
Fallout: New Vegas mod gives your eyebot companion an upgradeable sombrero, mustache
   ED E is ED UARDO now
28  mai     23h18
Forget tempered glass and RGB, witness the fruits of a cross-country effort to save a 20-year-old Teddy bear PC
   YouTuber LGR has given the ursine automaton a new lease on life
New fanmade Quake map pack turns the classic shooter into a pacifist platformer fueled by vibes
   Explore Jam is full of breathtaking fantasy vistas and twisty platforming puzzles
Knights of the Old Republic Remake shows faint, flickering sign of life in publisher report
   The Embracer Group says it s still happening and still coming to PC
Sons of the Forest has hard mode now just in case you hate joy
   Stone buildings too if you re a normal player
Prehistoric farming RPG Roots of Pacha returns to Steam following development dispute
   The game spent about two weeks unavailable for purchase
Great moments in PC gaming: Giving up on a pacifist run
   Driven to murder by the frustration of trying not to murder
Sacrifice was a visionary strategy game, too great to be forgotten
   In this classic feature Kieron Gillen looks at Sacrifice and says I wouldn t altar a thing
Total War: Warhammer 3’s latest free hero is Warhammer’s original posterboy
   Harry the Hammer has arrived
Today’s Wordle hint and answer #708: Sunday, May 28
   A hint to help you out and today s Wordle answer if you need it
27  mai     23h27
Gold Rush was one of Sierra’s odder adventures, but what made it so strange?
   We re rerunning Richard Cobbett s classic Crapshoot column in which he rolled the dice and took a chance on obscure games both good and bad
They’re finally doing a game where the Warhammer 40K Orks go full Mad Max
   Speed Freeks is coming and you can try an Alpha test right now
Have you ever made a friend through a videogame?
   Frag friends for life
One of my favorite D&D videogames is still getting beefy updates after 21 years
   Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition just got some QoL tweaks new modding goodies and an optional graphical overhaul
The first 1,000 Diablo IV players to Hardcore level 100 get their name on a statue
   What more could a person want A lot actually
Today’s Wordle hint and answer #707: Saturday, May 27
   Wordle today The solution and a hint for Saturday s puzzle
All Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream codes
   Grab some Stellar Jade to pull new characters
Original Fallout co-creator finally explains what made him leave the sequel: ’I made an IP from scratch that nobody believed in except the team, and my reward for that was more crunch’
   In his latest vlog Fallout co creator Tim Cain sheds some light on his departure from Interplay
26  mai     23h21
Nintendo blocks Steam release of Wii emulator Dolphin
   The GameCube Wii emulator developers say the Steam release is indefinitely postponed
My favorite Elder Scrolls-like RPG ran bafflingly badly on Steam Deck, but a small, surprising tweak has doubled its performance
   Dread Delusion has also added new dungeons and quests with its Cadaver Keep update
The Last of Us multiplayer development reportedly slowed as Naughty Dog says the project needs ’more time’
   The standalone multiplayer game was announced last year but it doesn t appear to be going well
A magical Windows XP activation tool has been hiding in plain sight on Reddit for the last year
   This mysterious method for bypassing Windows XP s activation process is making headlines now but may actually be years old
Lionsgate really wants to make a big-budget John Wick videogame: ’There’s a ton of energy around it’
   The production studio is very interested in turning the hit action films into a triple A game
Fairgames promises ’emergent sandbox gameplay’ in competitive PvP heists
   The first game from Jade Raymond s new studio is about stealing from untouchable billionaires
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum studio says sorry for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum game
   Daedalic Entertainment has apologized for the state of its new Gollum game and promised to fix it
Oh good: Elon Musk’s Neuralink gets FDA approval to put microchips in human brains
   This is fine
Monoprice Dark Matter GT
   A smart space saver for your sim rig
Big Dolph Lundgren says he’s in The Witcher show
   Speculation is it s a spin off series focused on a group called the Rats
Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition
   One of the best ways to level up your sim racing setup
Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update is launching on June 7
   The next major game update is bringing camels cherry trees and that long await archeology feature
Thrustmaster T128
   The entry level racing wheel world champion
After playing F1 23 I dare say the cars feel much grippier than last year’s
   Better handling more fun
Nvidia’s shiny new RTX 4060 Ti GPU is already selling below MSRP
   Only by a little but it s still happening remarkably quickly
When it comes to white PC components, the sun is both your friend and your enemy
   Discolouration of white gaming gear depends on the material coating and manufacturing process Here s what s being done to prevent it
Thermaltake CTE C750 Air
   A big case with big flexibility
Thrustmaster T818
   A direct drive wheel base with tons of torque for the money
The Metal Gear Solid collection will also include the first two Metal Gear games
   Kept ya waiting huh
Freaky visuals and pixel-perfect metroidvania gameplay make the second outing of The Penitent One a cult classic in the making
   It would be heretical to think otherwise
To celebrate Diablo 4’s impending launch, Lilith is selling chocolate, including life-sized human skulls, for some reason
   Nothing says delicious snack like corpses
Alone in the Dark is coming in October, but you can play the prologue right now
   Try to keep David Harbour and Jodie Comer alive as they explore a spooky mansion later this year
Bungie’s Marathon ARG is gorgeous, extensive, and how the hell do people work this stuff out anyway
   The reveal trailer was just the start
Before you even got a chance to try 8K here’s the first 110-inch 16K TV
   times as many pixels as K Damn