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18  mai     05h19
Giving Players Property Rights In Videogames - by Colin Anderson
   I ve decided to create a newsletter to let me think out loud about the intersection of videogames and digital property rights because I m fascinated by the topic and disappointed that it s become all about NFTs I reckon it s so much bigger than that
13  mai     08h23
Structure for Modular Game Music (Composing for Lineage M: GDC 2022) - by Winifred Phillips
   This article discusses the process of creating rhythmic and melodic diversity in a system based on horizontal segmentation for the music of Lineage M The Elmor by video game composer Winifred Phillips
12  mai     08h38
EA likely to emerge unscathed from FIFA breakup - by George Jijiashvili
   EA broke up with FIFA but this will have little impact on ï EA Sports FCï gamesï future success Meanwhile FIFA is about to learn about the complexities involved in making a successful game Omdia s games analyst provides his thoughts in this piece
06  mai     06h58
The Cracks in Elden Ring’s Combat Design - by Josh Bycer
   Elden Ring s design is going to be studied for months but for this post I want to be the dissenting opinion that Elden Ring s take on soulslike combat may be flawed in an unusual way
Consumer awareness of cloud gaming has surged, Omdia research reveals - by George Jijiashvili
   In April Omdia polled over consumers in the US UK and Germany to gain insight into their awareness and uptake of cloud gaming services Compared to our findings from a similar survey in November there has been a surge in awareness
29  avril     14h15
The AI of DOOM (1993) - by Tommy Thompson
   A modern classic that s almost years old let s find out how it works
10 million people have streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming  but what does this mean? - by George Jijiashvili
   Yesterday Microsoft said that more than million people have streamed games over Xbox Cloud Gaming but does this actually tell us anything meaningful Omdia s principal games analyst George Jijiashvili provides his thoughts in this opinion piece
14  avril     06h25
Space Narratives: A Map Generator Denounces Map Generation - by Keith Burgun
   Game designer Keith Burgun has been making Roguelike X inspired games with randomly generated maps since In this article he explains why he won t be doing that anymore
13  avril     05h43
Techniques for Modular Game Music (Composing for Lineage M: GDC 2022) - by Winifred Phillips
   In this article series video game composer Winifred Phillips shares the content of her GDC lecture Composing for Lineage M Modular Construction in Game Music Topics include one shots interchangeable components cohesive pacing tonal center
06  avril     16h00
How Townscaper Works: A Story Four Games in the Making - by Tommy Thompson
   Townscaper the procedural town building toy has been a huge indie success story I explain how the game can generate towns so easier and gain further insights thanks to my interviewing its creator Oskar Stalberg
01  avril     06h48
Defining Free to Play Ethics - by Josh Bycer
   Free to Play Design has become a major aspect of game development and mobile games and in my upcoming book I started to talk about defining a code of ethics for making a game that s fair for both consumers and developers
31  mars     06h29
How to respond well to an RFP (request for proposal) - by Pascal Luban
   Many studios develop games on behalf of publishers who entrust them with the task of designing and developing a game for one of their franchises Publishers start by selecting a list of studios likely to develop this project and send them an RFF
Don’t Let Offscreen Objects Ruin Your Unity Performance - by Ruben Torres Bonet
   Learn how to make your expensive Unity scripts cost nothing while they are offscreen
29  mars     07h50
Accessibility at GDC 2022 - by Ian Hamilton
   A handy list of all the accessibility sessions at GDC
How Elden Ring Succeeds by Ignoring 20 Years of Open-World Design - by Josh Bycer
   Elden Ring is the current hot topic and for today s piece I wanted to talk about how From Software made an excellent open world game by ignoring the conventional trends of the genre
04  mars     06h49
Pushing  Push Forward Combat With Gameplay - by Josh Bycer
   FPS design has seen a huge shift in the last few years thanks to Doom Eternal and push forward combat and I wanted to talk about what this methodology does different compared to previous games
03  mars     06h28
Video Game Composers: Thematic Approaches to Game Music (GDC) - by Winifred Phillips
   Video game composer Winifred Phillips previews her upcoming GDC lecture Composing for Lineage M Modular Construction in Game Music Phillips draws connections to several of her previous GDC talks including videos of of her GDC lectures
25  février     09h10
Ghost of Tsushima Design Analysis - by Stanislav Costiuc
   Design analysis excerpt from my video review of Ghost of Tsushima focusing on combat stealth open world design
The "KISS" Command Pattern for Unity - by Ruben Torres Bonet
   Learn about the lovely KISS Command Pattern in Unity I can t live without in my games This pattern will empower you to easily connect your gameplay systems without all the complexity that comes from asynchronous systems Best of al
23  février     06h48
Analysing the AI of Super Mario 64 - by Tommy Thompson
   Over years later what can we learn from digging through the Mario source code