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26  novembre     11h00
Complete your Super Rare Games physical collection with the 2021 Mystery Box
   Ridiculously rare titles stuffed into one container... but which ones?
Roll Your Way Into Their Heart With Date Night Bowling , Out Now
   PC and Switch editions making out passionately with their customers today.
Wake up Ina Aspire: Inaâ s Tale Release Date Announced
   Release date confirmed.
Saint Kotar gets a revamp with darker and more intense voice overs, just in time for the Steam Awards nominations
   Voiceover work wasn’t as intimidating or foreboding as it could have been, so they’ve been redone... vote for it in the Steam awards to reward the developers.
GRIM DAWN Heads To Consoles For The First Time Exclusively To XBOX With Definitive Edition
   Xbox version the only console edition you’ll be needing... and not just because it is exclusive to that system.
Into the Echo - ETLOKâ s Time-Travelling MMO hits Pre-Alpha on December 4th-6th
   We’re just annoyed we can’t travel forward in time to get in on the pre-alpha already.
University of Portsmouth plays the best game in UK
   TIGA recognise excellence with ’Best Educational Institution’ award.
Watch The New Developer Interview for Chaotic 2D Shooter ’Gravity Heroes ’
   Developers share thoughts on how the game was made, challenges and so on.
Black Friday Sales at upjers
   All the casual deals you’ll be all over in titles like ’Wauies’ and ’Kapi Hospital’.
Little Bug is out now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X S
   Out now on the Xboxes and Switch.
Antstream Arcade brings worldâ s largest library of retro games to the Epic Games Store
   Retro game library now offering 1200 titles to Epic Games Store users.
Tooth and claw - Tannenberg Wolf Truce event
   During the ’Wolf Truce’ you can either fight the lupine menace together... or try to enrich yourself during the conflict.
Farm, Build, Fight and ExploreœLen ’s Islandâ out on Steam Early Access for PC & Mac today
   Lands on our Early Access shores today.
One Hand Clapping - Final Release is just around the corner
   Make some noise for the imminent launch date.
œCaptain Tsubasa: Dream Teamâ Debuts New Players Including Shun Nitta Wearing the 2021 Season J.League Official Kits
   Shun Nitta ready to make his debut in the new J.League official strip.
Free League Black Friday Sale Launched Today
   RPG fans eager to see which products have 50 percent off.
Crossoutâ s war with the Ravagers reaches breaking point
   Those Ravagers just won’t let up, will they?
SF2K Class Dismissed launches with a pre-release weekend
   Homework assignment is to complete Season 0 before December 1st launch.
game the German Games Industry Association sees coalition agreement as sound basis for successful games policy
   Governmental coalition agreement a good thing for games industry, says German trade body.
The first indie game incubator program in Japan, iGi, is now open for the second round of applications
   Creative project wants more, more, more (applicants).