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19  mai     11h43
Crypto’s day of reckoning, Goldman holiday perks
   Terra unravelled while bln Tether wobbled In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists discuss why reforming stablecoins which are supposedly linked to the dollar could dent their allure Also the Wall Street firm s vacation offering is unlikely to benefit staff
12  mai     08h40
Chelsea’s generous buyer, U.S. inflation pain
   Roman Abramovich is selling the soccer team to a group led by LA Dodgers co owner Todd Boehly for bln In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists discuss the chunky valuation and the owner s spending plans Also high prices are hitting the rich as well as the poor
05  mai     09h12
HSBC breakup, Big Oil’s surprise restraint
   The bln bank is under pressure from its largest shareholder to spin off its Asian unit In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists discuss why the plan deserves short shrift Also the decision by oil giants to limit production will win few friends
28  avril     10h51
Elon Musk’s Twitter funds, Netflix with ads
   Tesla s boss is close to clinching control of the social network having secured financing from Wall Street Breakingviews columnists discuss why the bet makes sense for banks in this Viewsroom podcast Also the streaming service s subscriber pain may lead to bountiful change
21  avril     13h25
Twitter’s scarce suitors, Didi’s New York exit
   As Elon Musk dangles a billion offer Breakingviews columnists discuss whether anybody will end up buying the social network in this Viewsroom podcast Plus the Chinese ride hailing firm cancels its U S listing less than a year after arriving leaving shareholders stranded
14  avril     03h22
Covid shuts down China, Baltic lessons for Germany
   As Shanghai grapples with a coronavirus outbreak and almost one third of the country s population is under lockdown Breakingviews columnists discuss the impact on China s economy in this Viewsroom podcast Plus tiny Lithuania shows European countries how to give up Russian gas
07  avril     09h12
Culture wars: Musk’s Twitter punt, French election
   Outspoken political and business leaders are making big moves In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists discuss why Twitter may have reaped the benefits from Elon Musk s investment and how French president Emmanuel Macron needs to work hard to win over voters
31  mars     07h36
China jitters, energy decoupling and Russian gold
   The war in Ukraine is spurring investors and governments to act fast In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists discuss foreign cash fleeing Beijing the West s rapid plan to de Russify its energy mix and Vladimir Putin s options for his billion gold chest See acast com privacy for
24  mars     10h02
The Covid effect: Sheds, Hong Kong, Conferences
   The pandemic continues to shape business and policy around the world In this Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists debate a possible bln euro bid for city centre warehouses the relaxing of restrictions in Hong Kong and a recent conflab of M A advisers in New Orleans See acast com
17  mars     11h53
Nickel gets nixed, French firms linger in Russia
   The war in Ukraine is affecting far corners of global finance In the Viewsroom podcast Breakingviews columnists explain how the conflict helped bring nickel trading to a halt in London And why oil giant Total and carmaker Renault are resisting the exodus by Western companies See acast com
03  mars     03h27
Russia financial fallout contained, for the moment
   The imposition of sweeping financial sanctions by the West to punish President Vladimir Putin s invasion of Ukraine didn t result in a Lehman like moment in debt and equity markets But there are still many unknowns to fret about our columnists say in the Viewsroom podcast See acast com privacy
24  février     17h27
Viewsroom: Russia and Ukraine, Credit Suisse woes
   As President Vladimir Putin launches the biggest attack on a European state since World War Two and the West prepares its response Dasha Afanasieva and Gina Chon discuss what comes next And Liam Proud explains how an embarrassing data leak is the Swiss bank s latest headache See acast com
17  février     10h38
Viewsroom: Ukraine, ECB and India’s giant insurer
   Worries about an invasion of Ukraine have rattled markets but Dasha Afanasieva says Russian investors are more sanguine The European Central Bank faces a tougher inflation juggling act argues Swaha Pattanaik And Una Galani discusses the listing of India s Life Insurance Corp See acast com
10  février     13h16
Viewsroom: Spotify, Peloton and failed chip deals
   Neil Young s podcast protests have shone a light on a potential flaw in Spotify s business model says Liam Proud Peloton highlights the danger of giving company founders too much voting power Rob Cyran argues And semiconductor M A gives global antitrust regulators agita See acast com privacy
20  janvier     09h49
Viewsroom: Credit Suisse chair, Unilever’s GSK bid
   As Ant nio Horta Os rio quits the Swiss lender after less than a year Liam Proud explains what happened and offers career advice And Unilever s bln pound offer for the pharma giant s consumer unit puts both CEOs on the spot say Aimee Donnellan and Dasha Afanasieva See acast com privacy for
06  janvier     14h05
Viewsroom: A 3 trln Apple, Theranos boss busted
   The company led by Tim Cook hit another mega milestone thanks to a lightning focus on the iPhone universe and investor willingness to accord it a market beating multiple Richard Beales explains And Elizabeth Holmes draws bright lines between hype and fraud Gina Chon says See acast com privacy
30  décembre     01h03
Viewsroom: More 2022 predictions and prescriptions
   M A bankers will need to think small in size but big when it comes to helping clients meet net zero climate targets Watch for Big Pharma to tool up in the data arms race And the Great Resignation will hit executive suites because running companies remotely is no fun See acast com privacy for
23  décembre     07h58
Viewsroom: Some of our 2022 predictions, Part One
   Look for an end to the cult of revenue and another milestone for Microsoft As net zero efforts falter investors ready a Plan B Riyadh becomes strangely appealing The World Cup pays dividends for the Gulf And chips become Taiwan s green calling card Our columnists explain See acast com
16  décembre     14h11
Viewsroom: China goes global, Harleys go electric
   Gina Chon assesses how China s years of membership of the World Trade Organization have played out compared to expectations in And Jonathan Guilford test drives Harley Davidson s deal to merge its electric motorcycle unit with a blank check company See acast com privacy for privacy and
02  décembre     15h26
Viewsroom: Omicron hits, Dorsey quits
   As the world gets to grips with a new coronavirus variant Swaha Pattanaik looks ahead to how Omicron could frustrate attempts to rein in rising prices Meanwhile Gina Chon watches Twitter say goodbye to founder Jack Dorsey and usher in a new still quirky governance setup See acast com privacy
25  novembre     08h38
Viewsroom: Barbarians invade Rome; Biden’s Fed
   The board of Italy s phone monopoly has a golden opportunity to end to years of creeping control poor governance and dismal performance by considering a sale following the unsolicited bln bid from KKR And Gina Chon explains why Jay Powell has the hardest job in finance See acast com privacy
18  novembre     08h41
Viewsroom: European bank M&A, De-Dutching Shell
   Big lenders in the euro zone are doing deals but not the kind investment bankers dream about BNP Paribas is in U S retreat BBVA bulks up in Turkey and KBC goes Bulgarian Liam Proud explains George Hay explains why the Anglo Dutch oil major is dropping the Dutch bit See acast com privacy for
11  novembre     08h49
Viewsroom: GE goes for breakup; COP not out yet
   Though Larry Culp s move to separate the U S industrial conglomerate into three parts marks the end of an era the decision was inevitable John Foley argues And the UN climate do kicks off its second week with one step backward George Hay and Rob Cox check in from Glasgow See acast com privacy
05  novembre     07h57
Viewsroom: Climate and tech shindig dispatches
   World and business leaders made some headway in pledges to limit planetary frying during the first week of COP in Glasgow say George Hay and Rob Cox Also venture capitalists and startups mingled along the banks of the Tagus in Lisbon with Peter Thal Larsen and Karen Kwok See acast com privacy
28  octobre     14h04
Viewsroom: Soccer, steel and the COP; Andrea Orcel
   As world leaders and corporate chieftains converge on Glasgow for the UN climate powwow Rob Cox and George Hay talk about one European steel town s struggle to transition from hydrocarbons to a green new era And Lisa Jucca discusses the latest on UniCredit s M A options See acast com privacy
21  octobre     09h33
Viewsroom: Oz goes green-ish; Squid Game wins
   Australian climate policy is a work in progress and Antony Currie fears the country s net zero plans may yet prove to be a damp squib On the other hand the South Korean drama is anything but Jennifer Saba explains why the show is a major victory for Netflix and its investors See acast com
14  octobre     10h59
Viewsroom: IMF’s big brouhaha, European retailing
   The multilateral lender s boss Kristalina Georgieva rode out data rigging charges Now she has got a lot to prove Swaha Pattanaik ticks through how she can remake her legacy and reform the institution Aimee Donnellan walks through the aisles of French supermarket finance See acast com privacy
07  octobre     06h03
Viewsroom: Electric-car global roundup; Facebook
   Rivian drops its IPO prospectus Volvo readies its public market return Hertz brings on a car guy and GM gets a thumbs up from Engine No Antony Currie puts it all together And what does Facebook s outage mean for shareholders Gina Chon and Richard Beales weigh in See acast com privacy for
30  septembre     03h59
Viewsroom: Basket-case Britain; Gambling in Macau
   Trucker shortages partly thanks to Brexit have been blamed for all manner of UK economic hardships from toilet paper scarcities to long queues at petrol stations Ed Cropley and Peter Thal Larsen explain And our columnists in Hong Kong discuss casinos and investment banking See acast com
23  septembre     02h28
Viewsroom: Evergrande is a mostly domestic crisis
   Global investors have woken up to the potential financial risks that the heavily indebted Chinese property developer poses Breakingviews Asia columnists explain though that even in a worst case scenario its effects beyond the country s borders should be limited See acast com privacy for privacy
16  septembre     08h52
Viewsroom: Breaking up Ant, smokes and flavors
   Beijing s crackdown on Jack Ma s fintech giant continues but there may be some silver linings to the latest wrinkle Robyn Mak tells Pete Sweeney Meantime Dasha Afanasieva explains what a cigar spinoff at Swedish Match and carveouts at Royal DSM have in common See acast com privacy for privacy
09  septembre     07h37
Viewsroom: Bitcoin, El Salvador and Roger Federer
   As the Central American country adopts the cryptocurrency as a coin of the realm Richard Beales and Gina Chon discuss the merits of stablecoins and the scramble by regulators to catch up with the market Karen Kwok takes a slice at Roger Federer backed running shoe outfit On See acast com
02  septembre     06h48
Viewsroom: Scoring Ronaldo’s return to Man Utd
   Shareholders cheered the prolific Portuguese striker s surprise decision to rejoin his former club in England His three year stint at Juventus though was hardly a clear financial victory Plus An bln IPO valuation for electric truck maker Rivian would be too racy See acast com privacy for
26  août     02h26
Viewsroom: China’s push for common prosperity
   Markets have been hit by a series of crackdowns in private tutoring data security and more Underlying this is Beijing s effort to limit rich excesses and boost middle class wealth which could curb the performance of the country s biggest and best known private companies See acast com privacy
19  août     08h28
Viewsroom: China’s Afghanistan question
   Beijing was able to expand its influence in central Asia while America and its allies held back the Taliban The Islamic fundamentalists return to power presents China with new challenges and opportunities Plus CEO Mike Henry shakes up mining giant BHP See acast com privacy for privacy and
12  août     06h05
Viewsroom: Battling the climate emergency
   A new U N report on global warming gives financiers fresh reasons to take bigger steps to help avert or mitigate the consequences Breakingviews editors argue A plan by the UK s Prudential and the Asian Development Bank to close coal fired power stations offers a model See acast com privacy for
05  août     01h40
Viewsroom: Jack Dorsey takes a trip Down Under
   Square s bln takeover of Aussie fintech darling Afterpay shines a light on the buy now pay later craze which poses a big challenge to many established players in the banking and payments businesses argue Melbourne based editors Jeff Goldfarb and Antony Currie See acast com privacy for
29  juillet     10h20
Viewsroom: Climate transition, Chinese stocks
   Some of the biggest investors including Brookfield and TPG are launching mega funds to invest in the global transition to a net zero economy in what could be the ultimate new asset class Richard Beales and Rob Cox discuss Plus Beijing s crackdown on after school tutoring See acast com
22  juillet     19h06
Viewsroom: Olympic blunders and Robinhood’s IPO
   The Tokyo games are struggling with rising Covid infections corporations pulling out an unenthused Japanese public and now a bad Holocaust joke Pete Sweeney and Rob Cox discuss Meantime John Foley says Robinhood resembles E Trade years ago in good and bad ways See acast com privacy
15  juillet     17h16
Viewsroom: Finance’s first-rate second quarter
   Earnings of Wall Street s largest banks confirmed that animal spirits among corporate chiefs and global investors are running high while pandemic shy consumers are getting their mojo back John Foley walks Rob Cox through JPMorgan Goldman BofA Wells Fargo and Citi results See acast com
08  juillet     13h24
Viewsroom: Grocer buyouts, More China crackdowns
   Why are private equity firms clogging the aisles at Britain s WM Morrison to pull off a near billion purchase of the supermarket chain Aimee Donnellan and Peter Thal Larsen explain And our Asia columnists discuss Beijing s new attitude to U S traded Chinese companies See acast com privacy
01  juillet     07h42
Viewsroom: Communist birthday, Little guys in IPOs
   China s Communist Party turns The institution has never been so popular at home or resented abroad Its leaders are experts at the nuances of control and long on ambition Pete Sweeney says Plus Wall Street enlists individual investors to help price initial stock deals See acast com privacy
24  juin     17h17
Viewsroom: Wall Street is open again and booming
   From Morgan Stanley to BlackRock the world s top investment banks and money managers are back in their offices and super busy with mergers IPOs LBOs and other activities thumping Plus Soho House and Wise go public and green hydrogen megalomania on the Congo river See acast com privacy for
10  juin     14h11
Viewsroom: Private equity gets funky, HK hiring
   Blackstone KKR Carlyle and other firms are flipping the leveraged buyout playbook with deals that while less dependent on debt don t always add up for their backers Meanwhile investment banking is fast becoming the fragrant harbor s monoculture Our columnists discuss See acast com privacy
03  juin     10h08
Viewsroom: Vaccine carrots and sticks, plus donuts
   Governments and companies are dangling incentives for people to get jabbed against Covid But it will take more than free weed lottery tickets and beer to reach herd immunity Jeff Goldfarb explains And Dasha Afanasieva says take the pastries leave the Krispy Kreme shares See acast com
27  mai     14h24
Viewsroom: Big Oil’s global blow
   A small activist fund upended Exxon Mobil s board while Shell was dealt a setback in a Dutch courtroom At the same time Chevron shareholders backed a proposal to cut more emissions The interests of both stakeholders and shareholders are rapidly aligning in fossil fuels See acast com privacy for
20  mai     07h42
Viewsroom: AT&T’s second breakup, Asian super-apps
   The telephone company s deal with Discovery the reversal of a failed strategy to become a media juggernaut opens a window into streaming warfare and the creation of Southeast Asia do everything internet group GoTo is a prelude of more to come Plus no Davos in Singapore See acast com privacy
13  mai     07h41
Viewsroom: China’s baby bust, European SPAC boom
   China s census data showed the population grew just every year in the decade to with fertility rates dropping to Japanese levels That s bad news for growth And European rainmakers like Claudio Costamagna and Ian Osborne offer market friendlier blank check deals See acast com privacy
06  mai     12h32
Viewsroom: Detailing the artistry of the SPAC
   Though special purpose acquisition vehicles are nothing new the recent boom in fundraising and dealmaking has provided fertile hunting grounds for Breakingviews columnists Lauren Silva Laughlin and Richard Beales walk through their new compilation The Art of the SPAC See acast com privacy for
29  avril     08h10
Viewsroom: Life from the latest Indian lockdown
   Images of vast funeral pyres overcrowded hospitals and empty streets have been emanating from India as the country grapples with surging Covid infection rates Una Galani surveys the situation on the ground from Mumbai and discusses the government s response with Rob Cox See acast com privacy