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02  juillet     23h00
Ubisoft to turn off online features for some old games, meaning players lose access to their DLC
   Ubisoft are switching off online services for several older singleplayer games including Anno Far Cry Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands and Splinter Cell Blacklist For several of those games that means that as of September st the installation and access to DLC will be
EA tweeted about single-player games and even their own devs were annoyed
   I can t tell you how much I d prefer to ignore brandter in which corporate Twitter accounts pretend to be people with terrible senses of humour Alas in this instance I cannot Yesterday EA tweeted a terrible meme and related it to single player games and in the process drew the ire of several
Final Fantasy XIV’s next update will add a slice of Stardew
   Final Fantasy s next patch is scheduled to launch in late August Among its many additions will be a new Island Sanctuary a personal island where players can gather materials build facilities and look after creatures It sounds like a slice of Stardew Read more
Blade Runner’s superior ScummVM version is available directly via GOG again
   You can once again buy the fan created ScummVM release of s Blade Runner adventure game via GOG The fan version was removed from the store a little over a week ago when Nightdive Studios released their own Blade Runner Enhanced Edition then swiftly bundled together with that remaster when
What are we all playing this weekend?
   After all my griping about summer torrential rain has arrived and yes I m still glad I cycled home from seeing pals last night in a downpour and that s one of my favourite feelings in this world Still better stay indoors and dry off maybe play some video games What are you playing this
01  juillet     18h52
I’m riding bicycles in loads of games to mark the Tour De France
   The Tour De France the grandest race in professional cycling started today Across three weeks cyclists will ride kilometres miles winding through France Denmark Belgium and Switzerland including the Alps and Pyrenees As a keen cyclist and avid Tour watcher myself I m
Sanabi’s grappling hook revenge plot elevates a classic formula
   There s no rule but I try to cover things here that haven t already been poached by for example Graham last year Sanabi is far too good to overlook though I ve nothing against D platformers but to stand out in such a saturated genre you really need to capture something special Wonder
Best early Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals 2022
   I m contractually obligated to inform you of the best early Prime Day deals on PC gaming hardware even though Prime Day isn t until July th Aaaaand then continues over until June th Jeff lad that s two Prime Days Regardless Amazon s Prime Day landing page is already a gateway into
DLSS arrives in Monster Hunter Rise, but shaves off everyone’s fur
   The arrival of Monster Hunter Rise s Sunbreak expansion has brought a swathe of quality of life improvements to Capcom s beast bashing action game including support for Nvidia s performance boosting DLSS tech Announced earlier this week as part of the game s patch notes enabling DLSS does
The 10 best cats in games
   The house cat Felis destructus Humankind s absolute best mate and undisputed master Some upcoming video games are planning to examine the motives behind these enigmatic creatures whose origins remain unknown Stray will put you in the paws of a street cat finding their way home in a cyberpunk
Everyone needs to witness Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s live action music video
   Back in April Ed advocated that more games should adopt anime style openers I come to you today with another proposal In addition to or perhaps instead of anime openers I put it to you that more games should celebrate their launch days with live action music videos and after watching Capcom
PAX Rising Showcase 2022 Round-up
   PAX East may have taken place all the way back in April but we still have a few bits and pieces left to talk about from our time in Boston Namely the indie games included as part of the event s PAX Rising Showcase a booth that s been a fixture of PAX for over a decade that allows
No Man’s Sky players have created an in-game cryptocurrency that works because it has no value
   Yesterday tech journalist Alex Hern who has been making comparatively gentle fun of the crypto crash pointed out that he didn t Tweet about bitcoin in the boom times because it wasn t funny then So after we posted yesterday about a crypto fan who very shoddily stole Itch and for some reason
Disco Elysium has added dyslexia-friendly fonts for those million words
   Detective RPG Disco Elysium is not short on words and now that text is a little more inviting A free update yesterday added the option to display text in fonts which are intended to be easier to read for some people with dyslexia The popular OpenDyslexic typeface is used for many languages
Get the PowerColor RX 6700 XT Red Devil for 470 after a 50 discount
   GameStop are offering an RX XT graphics card for a price drop that s since been matched by Amazon We ve linked to both retailers below as the price is below the US MSRP and hundreds of dollars cheaper than these cards cost earlier this year This is a PowerColor Red Devil model too
Watch ragdoll skaters eat asphalt in EA’s pre-pre-pre-alpha’ Skate gameplay video
   Get your knee and elbow pads ready EA have finally rolled out some more information about its upcoming open world skateboarding game Skate This is the first bit of news we ve had since last year s incredibly brief announcement and it s in the form of a shin shredding pre pre pre alpha gameplay
WH40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters’ devs are still trying to perfect their powerful Space Marines
   Adapting an established property in any medium has got to be a pretty tricky proposition Satisfying the long term fans while keeping things approachable for newcomers on top of well making a good game Add in the complexities of making a turn based game based on an existing turn based game and
Get a brand new AMD Ryzen 5 5600X for 176 with this Ebay code
   Want an efficient yet powerful processor for gaming Right now you can pick up a Ryzen X for w code JULYSAVINGS over at Antonline s Ebay That s an awesome price for AMD s six core thread Ryzen CPU especially given how affordable compatible AM motherboards and DDR RAM is right
The Sims 4 is going back to school this month with the High School Years expansion pack
   It turns out that school won t be out for summer this year because The Sims s next expansion pack High School Years is set to release on July th The first full expansion since Cottage Living launched a year ago High School Years is set to do exactly what it says on the tin massively
The arrival of Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign preview test means I might finally play it
   Last month Industries announced that Halo Infinite s long awaited co op campaign would begin its public testing phase in July Now we finally have a date The Campaign Network Co op test for Halo Infinite is due to start on the week of July th Industries announced last night and will
30  juin     16h30
A brief history of Sonic The Hedgehog on PC, from musical conspiracies to not-really-3D 3D games
   Let s face facts the old Sonic games have been re released more times than I ve had hot dinners And every single Sonic fan has bought every single one of them such is our sheer madness We re a little spoiled on PC for Sonic content these days with every recent game of note having its own PC
Crypto copycat store duplicates, gets slapped down by founder
   The creator of indie game storefront Itch io has called out a website that appears to have taken the site s code for itself and begun selling creators games without permission Dubbed W itch io the copycat site s creator replied to a tweet from Itch io founder Leaf Corcoran who promptly asked
Dicey Dungeons rolls out its free Reunion update in July
   Charming roguelike deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons will see six new episodes added to its gameshow on July th in the free Reunion update for all players Hailing from designer Terry Cavanagh the DLC gives each of the base game s six contestants an episode with wildly new designs and rules the devs
Untangling minimalist puzzles in Hook 2 is catchy
   A few years back Pip enjoyed Hook a minimalist puzzle game about untangling mish mashes of hooks and pins by removing pieces in the correct order If you try to remove that one the hook will snag on that pin so first this pin needs to go but ah that goes through the middle of this ring so
Occupy White Walls review: create and curate your own personal art gallery
   Back in a group of digital art smugglers lifted the National Gallery s entire art collection nabbing each of the hi res digital artworks straight from the institution s website Since the collection is made up of paintings long past their copyright expiration countless works by Van
Ron Gilbert doesn’t want to talk about Return To Monkey Island anymore
   Monkey Island co creator Ron Gilbert appears to have taken down his long running blog today after posting that he doesn t feel he can share news about the upcoming Return To Monkey Island online anymore While no longer there to view VGC managed to capture Gilbert s post on grumpygamer com before
Our favourite games of 2022 so far
   Against all possible odds we re officially halfway through What a year it s been so far After one of the busiest starts to the gaming calendar in recent memory looking at you Elden Ring my backlog is barely keeping it together right now I ve started so many things on as many different
This parody of The Witness is funny, fun, and free
   Video game parodies are often ropey being neither funny nor fun to play I am delighted that The Looker is both and free too It s a loving send up of The Witness inviting us to a strange island to solve more line drawing puzzles and listen to more audio tapes Some of the puzzles are quite
Much-delayed expansion Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is finally out today
   Classically animated platformer Cuphead will finally get its Delicious Last Course with the release of the expansion on Steam today The DLC adds a new character Ms Chalice the third beverage container bonce you can play as Once you ve unlocked her in the DLC you ll be able to play as her in
Cult Of The Lamb is like The Binding Of Isaac had a cute colony sim, but with more Satan
   It wasn t until I played a hands on preview of Cult Of The Lamb this weekend that I realised how much ovine imagery is knocking around Christianity All them lambs being sacrificed in the Old Testament shepherds flocks the lion and the lamb In Cult Of The Lamb which is sort of a dungeon
Valve halve Steam Deck SSD bandwidth on some models, say games performance is unaffected
   Steam Deck production might be ramping up again but it turns out more recent orders could be something of a lucky dip SSD wise Valve have quietly updated their Steam Deck tech specs page with a note that the NVMe SSDs in some GB and GB models might now use the PCIe Gen x interface
29  juin     20h25
Is 16TB enough hard drive for you? This refurb is down to 200
   Looking to load up on storage Seagate s enterprise grade TB RPM Exos X HDDs are down to when you buy a manufacturer refurbished unit at Amazon USA That s cheaper than a new equivalent and the drives come with a day Amazon renewed guarantee This means that you can check
Get a Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for 110
   The excellent Kingston Fury Renegade PCIe NVMe SSD has dropped in price on Amazon UK from its regular price of all the way down to That s a significant reduction and equals the lowest price we ve ever seen for this drive which is the fastest we ve ever tested as of February
What’s better: boss battles as skill checks, or secrets behind waterfalls?
   Last time you decided that an AI controlled friend just running about helping me fight is better than air control We re blowing up entire genres of video game but at least we won t be alone This week we continue to whittle down all of the things with a question of intrinsic or extrinsic
Street Fighter 6’s modern control scheme is an absolute game-changer
   Aside from the many indies and Sonic Frontiers and this breakfast sandwich I got from Birdies I must say that Street Fighter was a major highlight of my time in LA for Summer Geoff Fest Honestly I went into my hands on slot expecting to plaster a big meh on the game in my notepad But the
Blizzard acquire Spellbreak studio to focus on World Of Warcraft expansions
   Blizzard is buying the development studio responsible for magical battle royale Spellbreak Proletariat and moving their staff over to work on World Of Warcraft The purveyors of all things Azeroth confirmed the buyout in a statement to VentureBeat News of the acquisition comes just a day after
Dead By Daylight devs are plotting to end the game’s grind, permanently
   Survival horror slash em up Dead By Daylight s progression and perks systems are being overhauled to dramatically reduce the amount of grind developers Behaviour Interactive have announced The changes to Dead By Daylight s progression and perks were first touted during the grindhouse game s
Hell Is Us wants to make its action-adventuring even more old school than Elden Ring
   When action adventure game Hell Is Us was first announced a couple of months ago we thought it had Annihilation vibes and appreciated the team s attempts to invoke Annihilation and its vibes Developers Rogue Factor didn t provide many other details besides a few buzz words semi open world
Devs behind Steam wishlist hit The Day Before defend use of unpaid volunteers
   Fntastic the studio developing Steam s most wishlisted game The Day Before have issued a statement to RPS explaining their policy of using paid and unpaid volunteers to make up their dev team Metaphorical alarm bells began ringing earlier this week when it emerged that Fntastic are composed
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review: A delightfully difficult expansion that doesn’t disappoint
   I loved Monster Hunter Rise when I first played it on Switch last year but I ll admit that I sort of sleep walked through its entirety dreamily kicking the tails off a couple of raptors before making them into a fashionable pair of hot pants This wasn t a bad thing mind Far from it I found
The Fallout TV show has cast David Lynch’s muse Kyle MacLachlan as a regular
   Amazon s upcoming TV adaptation of post apocalyptic RPG series Fallout has cast veteran sci fi actor Kyle MacLachlan in an undisclosed role as a series regular You may remember him from such roles as future emperor of the universe Paul Atriedes in David Lynch s Dune cafficionado Special Agent
Pop-punk coming-of-age rhythm game Loud looks cute
   Pop punk is not my musical brand new bag but I can t resist a coming of age story about a teenager who finds their place in the world by picking up a guitar Give me Pugwall give me Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains give me Loud Announced yesterday the rhythm game will tell the tale
Sony return to PC hardware with premium gaming monitors and headsets
   PlayStation masterminds Sony have made an unexpected jump into PC gaming hardware announcing their InZone range of desktop focused gaming monitors and headsets It s Sony s first big attempt at PC kit in any form since mothballing their Vaio laptop and all in one brand way back in Read
28  juin     21h22
The legendary HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset is down to 60 from HP after a 40 discount
   The super comfy HyperX Cloud gaming headset beloved by esports pros and casual gamers alike is going cheap at HP s US store Today you can pick up this legendary headset in a stylish pink white colourway for after a drop Read more
Get a 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for 185 with this discount code
   Adata s Premium SSD for PS might be the most misleadingly titled storage device on the market Okay it is a high spec SSD suitable for the PS but it s also a really good value PCIe SSD for PCs too Today it s down to at Adata s official Ebay store when you use the code FREEDOM an
Disney Dreamlight Valley will launch in early access this September
   I think of Disney as a company that will protect their image by working on something until it s both good and finished which is frankly stupid of me given I just finished watching Obi Wan Kenobi Still I found myself surprised when I learned that Disney Dreamlight Valley will be an early access
Islands & Trains looks like Townscaper but with trains - and that’s perfect
   It s been a good few years for relaxing sandbox building games and Islands Trains looks to fit right in Its name also does most of my job for me this is a game about constructing islands right And then you build trains on them yeah It s coming soon and it looks delightful in GIFs the
Sayonara Wild Hearts devs are making a similarly stylish murder mystery
   Simogo are perhaps best known now for power pop rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts but their next game Lorelei And The Laser Eyes looks like something of a return to their roots It s a mystery game a puzzle game set in a baroque manor and as per everything they make dripping with style
Harvestella looks like Square Enix’s take on Stardew Valley
   Harvestella is Square Enix s spin on the life simulation RPG in which you ll plant crops befriend townspeople and attempt to thrive across the seasons winter spring summer autumn and Bloodborne It was just announced today but it s also launching this November Read more
Take a piratical peek at the first Return To Monkey Island gameplay
   Terrible Toybox have shared more of point n click adventure threequel reboot Return To Monkey Island today It s the first time we ve got a good look at the third Monkey Island captained by Ron Gilbert in motion but it had the weird honour of appearing during a Nintendo Direct Have a watch of the