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28  mai     04h54
BGMI 2.5 brings an action-packed map with new weapons, fun rides, and exclusive suits
   BGMI will be playable once the game servers go online on May for both iOS and Android users This Battlegrounds Mobile India update will bring Nusa map new outfits weapons and vehicles
27  mai     05h26
BGMI playable from May 29 but Android players get a head start: Know how
   Krafton has announced Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available for playing starting May Yes BGMI for iOS will also be playable on the same day However Android users get to preload it early on
26  mai     07h43
Hours before launch, BGMI error code 1 frustrating eager gamers like crazy
   BGMI KRAFTON s version of PUBG Mobile for India is set to release on May and before launch players are getting Error Code
Wait is over: BGMI game update to hit Google Play Store on this day, are you happy?
   The much awaited battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is back in the country and is to officially launch on May
25  mai     11h08
You still can’t download BGMI from Google Play Store: Here’s why
   BGMI not yet available on Play Store for all users
Sony Project Q handheld console will fundamentally change how PS5 users game
   Sony on Wednesday announced Project Q at the PlayStation Showcase where the brand is all set to make gaming on PS easier with PlayStation handheld
GTA 6 will be something gamers have never seen before, teases Take-Two CEO
   GTA VI will be the next installment in the GTA franchise Strauss Zelnick recently opened up about the upcoming game
24  mai     15h47
RIP BGMI: 5 amazing games much better than BGMI you must try
   The much awaited battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is back in the country and is to officially launch on May
New BGMI player? 5 easy tips to instantly play like a pro gamer
   BGMI tips for beginners
BGMI server status: Is Battlegrounds Mobile India available to play?
   The much awaited battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is back in the country and is to officially launch on May
23  mai     14h57
Mortal Kombat 1 reimagines its heroes and villains in a new story
BGMI 2.6 update will bring these 10 exciting features to the game
   The much awaited battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is back in the country
BGMI limits game time for players under 18 years but is it too heavy-handed?
   BGMI is back but with some changes to ensure user safety and security Two such rules in the game are restricted game time and spending limits for minors We discuss the positive and negative consequences of these BGMI rules
22  mai     06h28
BGMI download link is available but it’s not as easy to get as you might think
   Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is back and some users have got the update on Google Play Store In case you haven t we have got the link to download BGMI
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Vitality win the last ever CS:GO Major
   Vitality become the team to win the last CS GO Major as they win the BLAST tv Paris Major
21  mai     06h39
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: GamerLegion and Vitality in the finals of the last CS:GO Major
   After two weeks of play we have the finalists of the BLAST tv Paris Major Vitality and GamerLegion
20  mai     07h59
Will green blood make BGMI game any less violent?
   Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting unbanned soon and will first appear in a month trial phase During this period the Indian authorities will check if the game has fixed some concerns pertaining to the safety and security of the players
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Apeks defeat Liquid to make way into the semis; GamerLegion take down Monte
   On the second day of the Champions stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major we had our last two semifinalists of the tournament Apeks and Gamer Legion
19  mai     11h28
BGMI unban: Indian gaming industry and Twitter cheers return of BGMI game
BGMI unban: How Battlegrounds Mobile India got a 3-month lease on life and should you be excited?
   Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI could return soon after a long exile Both Krafton and the Indian government have confirmed the BGMI return but it isn t as straightforward as you think Here are the GOI s conditions for the BGMI unban
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: FaZe and Into the Breach crash out, Heroic and Vitality move into the semi-finals
   The first day of the Champions stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major saw FaZe and Into the Breach given a ticket to de airport
18  mai     06h08
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Looking back at three plays from CS:GO Majors that were immortalised by Valve
   As we wait for the start of the Champions stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major here s a look at the three plays from past CS GO Majors that were immortalised by Valve
17  mai     13h36
PlayStation and Xbox are delighting gamers in May 2023 with all these games
   Xbox and PlayStation games of May
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: s1mple and his troops miss out on a playoffs berth; fnatic and NiP also fail to make the cut
   NAVI fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas were knocked out of the running for the BLAST tv Paris Major on Day of the Legends stage
16  mai     05h38
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: It’s end of the road for G2, ENCE, 9INE, FURIA, and BNE as Day 3 of the Legends stage comes to a close
   It was an exciting day of Counter Strike in Paris as Day of the Legends stage saw some really interesting results
15  mai     08h24
Women in gaming face frequent online abuse and a lot harder glass ceiling
   You could guess that eSports is a male dominated space but you surely don t know the extent of it The glass ceiling is present in the new gen eSports industry and female players may find it hard to break through
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Na’Vi bounce back as Heroic and Vitality dance on with a three-match win streak
   Day of the Legends stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major saw Heroic and Vitality extend their lead over other teams with a win streak
14  mai     06h10
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: cadianN’s troops marching on with authority; Vitality, Liquid, and Monte also get a strong start
   On the first day of the Legends stage of the BLAST tv paris major we saw the challengers teams
13  mai     04h15
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Legends stage begins today
   After the challengers stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major came to a close we have teams that will battle it out for the title in the Legends stage which starts today
12  mai     05h29
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Monte, Liquid, and GamerLegion pass the test of the Challengers stage
   At the end of day of the challengers stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major we got our final three teams that made it through to the Legends stage
11  mai     05h25
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: FaZe, Apeks, and NiP reserve their berths on the bus to the Legends stage
   Day of the challengers stage of the BLAST tv Paris Major saw three more teams make it to the Legends stage
10  mai     13h18
Nintendo shoots down rumours of a new Switch coming out this year
   It looks like we will not be getting a new Nintendo console this year The company could launch a new console next year
A new Call of Duty game reveal could be coming sometime this August
   Could we see a new Call of Duty game this year Rumours and reports seem to suggest that we could get a new CoD game in November
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: It’s easy for ENCE as they advance to Legends stage along with G2
   It was G and ENCE making their way to the top of the tables of the Challengers stage of the Paris Major
09  mai     05h47
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Apeks lead the charts as Day 1 of the Challengers stage comes to a close
   The second day of Paris Major came to close with Apeks coming out on top of the charts
08  mai     06h11
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Challengers stage begins today
   The Paris Major begins today
CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Will it be the most exciting esports tournament ever?
   CS GO s last major promises to bring tons of action for the fans and the players
05  mai     12h11
Amazon Great Summer Sale 2023: Best deals on PlayStation 5 console and games
   There are a ton of cool discounts for gamers to take advantage of during the Amazon Great Summer Sale
Nintendo partners with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to introduce a Tears of the Kingdom filter
   Dubbed Adventure Awaits the filter layers over the video with a countdown timer a gold tint and the logo of the game
04  mai     05h07
Microsoft reveals PC Game Pass Friend Referral program, not enough to save the disaster that is Redfall
   With the disastrous launch of Redfall Microsoft is trying to soften the blow by offering a PC Game Pass Referral Program
03  mai     07h05
Gran Turismo trailer shows us that video game movies are here to stay
   Unlike the trash that is the Last of Us Gran Turismo looks to save Sony s movie and film division
02  mai     13h43
Nintendo looking at adding more feature films, thrilled with the success of Super Mario Bros
   With the incredible success of the Super Mario Bros feature film Nintendo is looking at bringing more of its characters to the big screen
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leaked just two weeks before the official launch
   The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been leaked in its entirety just two weeks before its official launch
29  avril     08h15
Road to Valor: Empires - Paved with Good Intentions
   Road to Valor Empires is Krafton s latest mobile game Here s its review
Sony PS5 shatters console sales records for a single quarter in 2023, beats out its predecessor
   The PS has sold about million units in just over three months
28  avril     10h49
Activision CEO blasts CMA decision to block Microsoft merger, says it’s inconsequential’
   Activision Blizzard CEO slams CMA ruling deems it inconsequential
27  avril     12h03
NERD job listing could give us a peek into a new Nintendo next-gen console
   A job listing posted by NERD could shed some light on what Nintendo s next console could be
Sony announces its PlayStation Plus free games for the month of May
   PlayStation has announced its May lineup of free games for PS Plus
26  avril     12h37
Mortal Kombat 12 news could be coming soon according to a gaming insider
   We could be getting more news about Mortal Kombat sometime in the middle of May
AMD’s new Ryzen Z1 series of processors could bring about the future of handheld gaming
   The AMD processors in the series namely the Ryzen Z and the Ryzen Z Extreme These are nm processors that have been built from the ground up to cater to handheld devices