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01  juillet     02h23
How do Games Tell a Story?
Gallinule    Stories drive games It gives the player a purpose direction and something to do in the game Every game no matter how simple has a story Even games like
20  juin     04h59
Why Are Games Boring Now?
Gallinule    Picture this you ve finished the game s story mode and done all the sidequests All characters are geared up The endgame activity won t reset for a few more days You ve
Lost Ark How to Leave Guild
Dillan    Being a guild member is common in almost any game with multiplayer functions In Lost Ark being a part of one of these groups allows access to many features
17  juin     04h28
Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands Origin and Class Guide
Michael Nocheseda    Riot Games Teamfight Tactics is League of Legends s spin off auto battler game The game involves purchasing and placing League champions on a board to let them fight for you
14  juin     05h22
Most Tryhard Fortnite Skins
Michael Nocheseda    Fortnite has been one of the most explosive battle royale games since it was released in Over time it has accumulated as these things happen a huge warehouse
13  juin     04h29
Eastern vs. Western Games
Gallinule    Today we ll be comparing the different game philosophies between the two halves of the world All gamers want to have fun but they may have different definitions of fun
10  juin     07h57
Why Does Everyone Play DPS in MMOs?
Gallinule    WoW players have been complaining of long queues Lost Ark players have to wait for support characters to join them This is common across all MMOs and servers so
07  juin     02h06
Most Hated Fortnite Skins
Andrea Tan    Hate is a strong word but it s one that we humans often use even if we don t necessarily hate it Ever since Fortnite was released in it s
02  juin     03h05
PoE Gem Corruption Guide
Dillan    Path of Exile has been one of the premiere ARPGs for years It provides gamers with prime examples of customization freedom and stat building While there are a lot
01  juin     07h50
FFXIV Resists NFTs Despite Pressure from Square Enix
PlayerAuctions    The cryptocurrency and broader NFT market have experienced a precipitous decline recently Cryptocurrency price indexes show not just a fall in overall price levels but market activity as well