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20  mars     08h23
Covid-19 and Alzheimer’s disease : the link finally established
FrenchDailyNews    Alzheimer s disease This is a major discovery Jean Marc Sabatier describes here for the first time the direct link between the dysfunctional renin angiotensin system or RAS as overactivated by the viral and possibly vaccine Spike protein and the potential onset of Alzheimer s
17  mars     12h30
Covid-19 : Potassium responsible for disabling pathologies
FrenchDailyNews    Covid long UnlimPhotos The SARS CoV virus overactivates and disrupts the renin angiotensin system RAS and we now understand better why some patients develop disabling diseases Jean Marc Sabatier explains L article Covid Potassium responsible for disabling pathologies est apparu en
Pensions : 49.3 sets France on fire
Marcel Gay    Anger also in Marseille capture Anonyme Citoyen Groups have formed in Paris and in the provinces to express their anger A new day of mobilization is planned for March and local rallies will be held this weekend L article Pensions sets France on fire est apparu en premier sur
Pensions : 49.3 and motion of censure
Emilien Lacombe    Elisabeth Borne at the Assembly capture BFMTV Elisabeth Borne at the Assembly capture BFMTV Big heckling in the Assembly The Prime Minister who had been booed committed the responsibility of her government If the motion of censure is passed the government will be overthrown The union
12  mars     09h23
The Light of the Shadow, photographs of the Nazi camps
FrenchDailyNews    The light of the shadow photographs of the Nazi camps Michael Kenna The light of the shadow photographs of the Nazi camps Michael Kenna The Departmental Museum of the Resistance and Deportation of the Haute Garonne in Toulouse and the Memorial of the Camp of Rivesaltes present two
09  mars     12h00
Covid-19 : three years later, where are we?
Marcel Gay    Covid can have severe forms DR Three years after the start of the SARS CoV pandemic the virus is circulating at a low level in France and Europe However the side effects linked to vaccination are increasing Explanations with Jean Marc Sabatier PhD in Cellular Biology and Microbiology
07  mars     22h24
Pensions : Historic mobilization throughout France
Marcel Gay    Demonstration in Paris March DR After the strong mobilization of this Tuesday the interunion plans to continue the protest movement against the pension reform this Saturday March And probably beyond L article Pensions Historic mobilization throughout France est apparu en
05  mars     16h32
Strikes, demonstrations, blockades : a dark week in France
Marcel Gay    François GOGLINS CC BY SA via Wikimedia Commons The arm wrestling between the French people opposed to the pension reform and the executive stubborn despite days of strong mobilization will harden from March Who will bend And what is behind this damned reform L article
01  mars     12h56
Covid : collection of Jean-Marc Sabatier’s censored articles in English and Spanish
FrenchDailyNews    The SAS Cicero which publishes the online media https infodujour fr has just put online on Amazon a collection of the main censored articles of Jean Marc Sabatier pages Now available in English and Spanish L article Covid collection of Jean Marc Sabatier s censored articles in English
27  février     22h07
But why is Macron so keen to promote HPV vaccines ?
FrenchDailyNews    Gardasil vaccine Whispyhistory CC BY SA via Wikimedia Commons The Head of State will visit a college in Charente today to raise awareness of human papillomavirus HPV vaccination among young people But in view of the current data one can wonder about the real benefits of this