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French Daily News
03  mars     10h02
World famous Journalist Julian Assange fights for a new appeal and release from prison
FrenchDailyNews    Julian Assange, Wikileaks Homepage Unlimphotos Hearings took place in the High Court in London this week to decide whether Julian Assange should be allowed to make a new appeal against his extradition to the United States. L’article World famous Journalist Julian Assange fights for a new appeal...
28  février     12h16
Macron, Attal : Irresponsible
Marcel Gay    The Russia Ukraine war and its repercussions in the world UnlimPhotos The French president’s appalling comments on the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine have sparked a wave of indignation. The Prime Minister’s attacks on Marine Le Pen in the French Assembly are downright odious. L...
26  février     14h42
Agriculture : Over 1,000 tractors in Brussels
Emilien Lacombe    Brussels: the tractors of anger against Europe capture euronews Farmers are expressing their anger in Brussels on the sidelines of the meeting of the EU agriculture ministers. Hundreds of tractors invaded the streets of the European quarter. Clashes broke out with the police. L’article...
24  février     14h39
Eventful opening of the 60á Salon de l’agriculture
Emilien Lacombe    Emmanuel Macron at the Salon de l’Agriculture tries to calm farmers capture Tweeter The French President was greeted by jeers and whistles at the Parc des expositions at Porte de Versailles. He cut the inaugural ribbon hours late after debating with union representatives. L’article Eventful...
23  février     15h17
The Salon de l’Agriculture 2024 opens amid controversy
Marcel Gay    Tractors in Paris on the eve of the Salon de l’agriculture tweet capture LucAuffret The tractors in the streets of Paris bear witness to the high level of anger among farmers on the eve of the opening of the Salon de l’Agriculture. The FNSEA declines the French president’s invitation to...
Our daily bread : what regulations?
FrenchDailyNews    Daily bread UnlimPhotos A very interesting survey of bread and bakeries by UFC Que Choisir in Nancy and the surrounding area. Curiously, there are no regulations on the weight and price of baguettes. L’article Our daily bread : what regulations est apparu en premier sur FrenchDailyNews.
21  février     10h28
Can Covid-19 be treated with herbs?
Marcel Gay    SARS CoV cellular infection scheme : spike protein adherence to angiotensin converting enzyme ACE membrane receptors; : viral entry; : reverse transcription of viral RNA into cDNA; : cDNA transcription into mRNA coding for proteins; : mRNA translation into PP a, PP ab, and structural...
20  février     07h59
Senate : Complaint of misappropriation of public funds
Marcel Gay    Senate, hemicycle Wikimedia Commons The anti corruption association AC has filed a complaint against X for misappropriation of public funds, illegal taking of interest and breach of trust concerning the salary increases of the medical secretary involved in the famous Senate sex tape. L...
19  février     19h14
Covid-19: The damage of booster shots
Marcel Gay    How many deaths due to Covid WHO admits to calculation errors. UnlimPhotos A new study suggests that frequent Covid booster vaccinations in immunocompromised people may cause more harm than benefit. L’article Covid : The damage of booster shots est apparu en premier sur FrenchDailyNews...
Russia : Navalny’s convenient death
FrenchDailyNews    Alexei Navalny Micha Siergiejevicz, CC BY . via Wikimedia Common The death of the year old, Russian politician Alexis Navalny in prison in Russia is a very curious affair. It was in Vladimir Putin’s interest to keep him alive and it suited the West for him to die just when he did. L...