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26  novembre     04h00
Covid-19 : Vincent Pavan denounces two years of scientific fraud
FrenchDailyNews    covid Pixabay Invited by the association L union fait la force the researcher and mathematician Vincent Pavan gave a conference in Épinal Covid mathematical and epidemiological corruptions A thorough dissection of the scientific frauds of the crisis L article Covid Vincent
25  novembre     04h06
Carried away by The Torrent
Patrick Tardit    L enquête la présence de la police ça permet d avoir une menace forte sur les personnages dit Anne Le Ny qui joue la capitaine de gendarmerie ici entre Capucine Valmary la fille et José Garcia le père Shot in the region of Gérardmer Anne Le Ny directed a film Vosges with José
24  novembre     09h51
Ukraine : the Polish president trapped by Russian comedians
FrenchDailyNews    Macron Duda phone hoax Twitter In a telephone conversation with a Russian impersonator of the French president the Polish president explains that he does not want a war with Russia and that he is very cautious L article Ukraine the Polish president trapped by Russian comedians est apparu en
20  novembre     16h41
Will France be lit by candlelight?
Emilien Lacombe    Candlelight reading UnlimPhotos While the West is imposing heavy economic sanctions on Russia France and Europe are paying the price of submission to America The coming days will be difficult for the French L article Will France be lit by candlelight est apparu en premier sur
19  novembre     12h16
Ways to relieve or treat a long Covid
FrenchDailyNews    Covid Long UnlimPhotos To fight against Covid Long here is an arsenal of molecules potentially of interest Talk to your doctor L article Ways to relieve or treat a long Covid est apparu en premier sur FrenchDailyNews
17  novembre     08h55
Zelensky : a hero or a bastard?
Marcel Gay    Volodymyr Zelensky Flickr By falsely accusing Moscow of having fired a missile at Poland the Ukrainian president has shot himself in the foot He is trapped in an untenable position His word is now discredited L article Zelensky a hero or a bastard est apparu en premier sur
15  novembre     06h36
Ecology on the big screen
Patrick Tardit    Directed by the president of the jury filmmaker Emilie Carpentier L Horizon follows the journey of a young high school student The Festival Cinémaplanète which takes place this week in Metz evokes the planetary upheavals through films that contribute to raising awareness L article
12  novembre     07h53
The CEA in conflict with an SME: French technology in danger
FrenchDailyNews    EMC Technologies large anechoic EMC drive in test chamber in Victoria Australia Binarysequence CC BY SA Wikimedia Commons The heavy condemnation of Euro MC a company specializing in electromagnetic protection raises questions about the loss of influence of French companies in the
10  novembre     12h31
Covid-19: new discoveries already described in 2020
FrenchDailyNews    SARS CoV unlimphotos Recent studies establish a link between Covid and many diseases deregulation of the innate immune system alteration of the intestinal microbiota etc These mechanisms were described as early as March and published in April by Jean Marc Sabatier L article Covid
08  novembre     11h13
What if the RAS explained most of the human pathologies?
FrenchDailyNews    Schematic structure of the SARS CoV coronavirus https www scientificanimations com The Covid virus attacks all organs heart lungs intestine brain genitals etc The common point between all these pathologies is the renin angiotensin system Explanations with Jean Marc Sabatier L