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01  décembre     23h00
Qatar’s high-spend World Cup
Akram Belkaïd    The nd FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar this month in an atmosphere of strong international disapproval Holding this event in the Middle East for the first time has touched a nerve article
30  novembre     12h37
Latin America’s contested borders
Cécile Marin    Map sources Press agencies CIA The World Factbook Christian Grataloup Atlas historique mondial Les Arènes Carto no September October Olivier Dabène and Frédéric Loualt Atlas de l Amérique latine Autrement South America Map Latin America
Gentrifying America’s school system
Richard Keiser    Building new public schools and closing others is the latest tool for American mayors to reverse white flight and bring middle class families back to the cities As a result good city schools are getting whiter article
Hallyu: cool Korea’ and the art of soft power
Maya Jaggi    South Korea s tech driven popular culture became a big earner from the s turning into a global phenomenon that has rebranded the small country Hallyu The Korean Wave at London s Victoria and Albert Museum is the first major exhibition to explore how this was done and what comes next
Big business wants in on methanisation
Claire LecSuvre    Converting manure to a fuel source via methanisation in theory helps address two problems greenhouse gas emitting farm waste and energy sovereignty But is large scale production the way to go article
Karachi: a city at war with itself
Laurent Gayer    The southern city of Karachi which has a population of nearly million people of various ethnicities is Pakistan s economic and financial capital The Sindhis and Balochis claim indigenous status but are now in the minority The Mohajir emigrants who account for just over of the city
Pakistan’s coercive sweatshop capitalism
Laurent Gayer & Fawad Hasan    Pakistan s textile industry is a major supplier for Western discount clothing brands This means nothing is allowed to disrupt productivity workers rights and safety are frequently flouted and police and private security firms use intimidation and violence to ensure the machines keep running
Scramble to be Africa’s window on the world
André-Michel Essoungou    Several nations are boosting their presence in Africa in a quest for trade opportunities status and influence A key way of pursuing this is through the media in what s become a propaganda war article
Latin America has a history of border disputes, but good fences are making for better neighbours
Romain Droog    In the th century newly independent Latin American states inherited borders imposed by colonial powers Disputes over territory ensued often leading to war However there are now signs that conflict resolution has found a better path article Latin America
Hungary does it Orbán’s way
Corentin Léotard    Critics of Hungary s Viktor Orb n call him Putin s puppet The war in Ukraine is revealing a prime minister whose country is dependent on Russian energy article
Italy: why Meloni won
Hugues Le Paige    Italy s new prime minister Giorgia Meloni assured the EU there was no cause for alarm as her far right government came to power Her first actions on migrants and civil liberties tell a different story article
Iranian Kurds come under attack once again
Akram Belkaïd    In mid November the Tehran authorities intensified their repression in the northwest of the country where most of Iran s Kurds live The city of Mahabad was encircled by the army and riot control forces reinforced by tanks According to several accounts relayed by the Kurdish diaspora live shots
Can a divided regime quell Iran’s unrest?
Stéphane A Dudoignon    As Iran s protest movement has grown so too has the severity of the crackdown But the country s establishment both religious and military is far from united behind the Supreme Leader article iran
America’s moral neo-imperialism
Serge Halimi    The coexistence of a Democrat controlled Senate and a Republican controlled House of Representatives will not radically change US foreign policy To those unaware of it it may even reveal a convergence between most Republican politicians neoconservative militarism and the moral neo imperialism of
29  novembre     23h00
China’s frustrated middle class
Jean-Louis Rocca    A burgeoning middle class has been central to China s economic growth since before Xi Jinping came to power in But as he begins his historic third term the Chinese dream has stopped delivering article