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22  mai     16h30
Silicon Power PCIe Gen 4x4 UD90 solid state drive is fast, but the SSD is also kind of slow
Brian Fagioli    Are all PCIe solid state drives fast Absolutely However they aren t all the same speed For instance the Mushkin SSD we covered here can achieve read speeds up to MB s that is really fast A new SSD called UD from Silicon Power however can only do up to MB s Yes folks
The current state of intelligent automation adoption in cybersecurity
Cyrille Badeau    In the past year research indicates that nearly a third of organizations have accelerated their plans to automate key security and IR processes whilst another percent plan on automating them in the next months Despite the positivity of these statistics many organizations struggle to
Employee burnout: The financial impact to businesses and how to tackle it
Richard Holmes    Customers are always at the heart of a business In fact company owners managers and their employees often go out of their way to please and satisfy every client s needs There is no hiding that this can be a tiring and demanding process and it can eventually end up having a detrimental impact
21  mai     15h44
Four reasons you should go digital in your asset management
Dan Teare    Managing assets is an important but laborious task It can be difficult to track the location condition or repair history of individual assets and surveys are highly costly and time consuming It s likely your work is being doubled up and digging out asset data requires you to locate the one CAFM
How Fortune 1000s can get privileged access management right
Raj Dodhiawala    Privileged access management is not a new concept to most IT and security leaders but we ve seen a surge in cyber incidents focused on exploiting privileged access that have renewed its importance From the Windows Print Spooler vulnerability of to the Okta breach that impacted hundreds of
20  mai     23h11
HP chooses Ubuntu-based Pop OS Linux for its upcoming Dev One laptop -- could System76 be an acquisition target?
Brian Fagioli    Rumors have been swirling lately that HP was planning to release a laptop running the Pop OS operating system Today System s CEO Carl Richell shared on Twitter that this is absolutely happening a inch developer focused notebook called Dev One While this is good news for the Linux
MINISFORUM HX90G Windows 11 mini PC is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU and RX 6650M GPU
Brian Fagioli    MINISFORUM is a computer manufacturer that has been cranking out a lot of mini PCs lately Its machines are looked upon favorably by many consumers that prefer diminutive desktops Not only are its computers well made and small but often quite powerful too These machines can be good servers
The challenge of shifting left: Why AIOps is essential
Jean-Philippe Leblanc    Development teams are being forced to shift left under pressure from the business to move more and more work closer to the design and development phase earlier in the process The idea is to catch bugs earlier before they turn into costly production outages and should improve efficiency
The Art of Cyberwarfare [Review]
Ian Barker    In recent years cyberattacks have evolved from being the preserve of individual hackers to something much more serious carried out by organized criminals and even nation states with the aim of espionage and financial gain This makes the process of investigating and defending against attacks more
UK police force becomes first to deploy new digital forensics solution
Ian Barker    Thanks to increased use of computers and mobile phones almost every crime now has some form of digital element This has put a strain on the police s ability to investigate effectively and inevitably led to delays West Midlands Police in the UK has become the first to deploy a new cloud based
Best Windows apps this week
Martin Brinkmann    Four hundred ninety one in a series Welcome to this week s overview of the best apps games and extensions released for Windows and on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days Windows reached broad deployment status this week this means that Microsoft believes that the
What is unified observability and why is it important? [Q&A]
Ian Barker    There has been much discussion around observability in the past few months With the adoption of hybrid work models and cloud systems IT leaders have quickly realized the business and security value of creating transparency within their existing tech infrastructure Digital experience company
Microsoft announces that Windows 11 is now ready for (almost) everyone
Sofia WyciÅ›lik-Wilson    Some seven and a half months after the original release Microsoft has announced that Windows is now designated for broad deployment We use the word announced fairly loosely here the revelation was made in a status change on the release health page for Windows It means that any
Microsoft releases emergency patches for Windows authentication issues
Sofia WyciÅ›lik-Wilson    The updates released for Windows in May have been incredibly problematic The KB update has been causing various issues one of which has forced Microsoft to push out emergency to fix things There are several out of band patches fixes available as the authentication issue they address
GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory has integrated cooling fans
Brian Fagioli    Actively cooled computer memory is nothing new For many years companies have offered add on fans that clip onto your RAM sticks in an effort to reduce heat Some computer makers even sell machines with these fans installed from the factory Today however GeIL takes actively cooled RAM to a
19  mai     16h18
IT staff suffering from burnout? Here’s how a specialized managed service provider can help
Eric Russo    As businesses across industries continue to grapple with staffing shortages due to the ongoing Great Resignation many IT workers feel the stress of additional hours and increasing workloads Put simply IT workers are suffering from burnout and businesses are buckling under the weight of
Hybrid and remote working have become a mega-trend -- what are the security implications for today’s enterprise?
Kevin Peterson    Remote and hybrid working patterns have extended the corporate world into every home and user device and as the global pandemic recedes this is a trend that is here for the long term In fact it is hard to overstate the pace and extent of digital transformation undergone by the enterprise
Want a well-paid a career? Have you considered cybercrime?
Ian Barker    OK so there may not be a pension scheme and a company car but rookie fraudsters are taking home approximately a month with cybercriminal CEOs making up to three times as much as their counterparts in legitimate businesses According to a new report from Arkose Labs The return
New solution aims to address quantum security threats
Ian Barker    We all know that quantum computing is going to offer a major boost in computing power But that power also represents a threat to cryptographic systems potentially putting the world s data at risk To address the issue QuSecure is launching an industry first end to end post quantum cybersecurity
Get ’Connect, Relate, Motivate’ ( 9.99 value) FREE for a limited time
Wayne Williams    Communication has become one of the most puzzling paradoxes of our time We live in a world that is hyper connected more plugged in tuned in and turned on than ever before Yet social science confirms that more and more people feel isolated and disconnected from their communities and families