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10  mai     19h52
Pedro Pascal Cracks the Code in New ’Merge Mansion’ Short
Shrishty    Pedro Pascal and Jesse Williams join more celebrity stars as they try to solve the mysteries of Merge Mansion in a new short
18  janvier     15h00
These 13 Video Games Deserve Their Own TV Show Adaptation
Kelcie Mattson    With The Last of Us out here are more story based video games that deserve their own hit series from Hades to Red Dead Redemption
08  janvier     03h45
The Hard Choices Are What Make The Last of Us Truly Great
Jonathon Norcross    Choosing to save one life over the many is just one of the hard choices that must be made in The Last of Us video game and that s why it works
19  décembre     07h46
The Grinch Movies and TV Shows, Ranked
Dave Trumbore    Who s your favorite version of the Grinch We ve ranked them all here
09  décembre     21h00
Here’s What We Want to See in Hades 2
Marco Vito Oddo    We hope Supergiant Games makes some tweaks to make their almost perfect formula for Hades even better
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer Shows Cal Kestis Is a Wanted Man
Matt Villei    The first trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor out March shows Cal Kestis hunted down by the Empire and other Force users
Game Awards 2022: Best Moments, From Suicide Squad to Hades 2
Marco Vito Oddo    From new Hellboy and Star Wars games and highly anticipated trailers here are the best moments from The Game Awards
Kevin Conroy’s Last Batman Performance Featured in Suicide Squad Game
Marco Vito Oddo    During The Game Awards game developer Rocksteady released a new trailer for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League featuring Kevin Conroy as Batman
05  décembre     17h57
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer to Debut at the Game Awards
Christopher McPherson    A new trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor is set to debut at this year s Game Awards on Thursday
26  novembre     15h14
Callisto Protocol Live-Action TV Spot Shows Josh Duhamel as Video Game Hero
Ryan O'Rourke    A new live action TV spot for the survival horror game The Callisto Protocol shows Josh Duhamel as Jacob Lee fighting for his life on a dead moon
14  novembre     14h00
Clash of Clans’ Invades Comic Books in The Books of Clash: Volume 1’ Cover [Exclusive]
Marco Vito Oddo    Collider can exclusively reveal the cover of The Books of Clash Volume a new graphic novel inspired by the popular mobile game Clash of Clans
03  novembre     16h10
God of War Ragnarok Review: Kratos Finds Compassion in Series’ Best Game
Ross Bonaime    Kratos and Atreyus are back for God of War Ragnarök one of the most emotional and powerful stories in modern gaming
27  octobre     00h00
10 Pokémon With Surprisingly Dark Pokédex Entries
Tyler B. Searle    Pokéman is a property that everyone is familiar with Ostensibly made for kids some Pokémon get pretty dark at least in their Pokédex entries
18  octobre     18h32
Samuel L. Jackson Returns as Nick Fury in Marvel Snap Ad
Adam Luchies    Samuel L Jackson is reprising his role as Nick Fury in a new ad for the mobile video game Marvel Snap
06  octobre     22h15
Splatoon 3 Provides a Welcome Reprieve from Gaming’s Toxic Masculinity
Matt Shore    For anyone sick of toxic gamers cruelty and gore Splatoon provides the perfect way to kick back
24  septembre     22h45
Why Disney’s In-House Video Game Business Failed
Lisa Laman    Disney dominates so many pop culture spheres why did they fail in the world of in house gaming
16  septembre     10h30
Best Video Games About Vikings and Norse Mythology
Matt Shore    Vikings have long been the stuff of legend and in terms of video games these famous seafaring people function as both heroes and villains
13  septembre     19h05
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Gets Title & Release Date
Matt Villei    The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel has officially received a title and a release date
11  septembre     00h23
Assassin’s Creed Mirage Trailer Introduces Shohreh Aghdashloo as Roshan
Matt Villei    The first trailer for Assassin s Creed Mirage introduces award winning actress Shohreh Aghdashloo as Roshan Basim s mentor
10  septembre     14h55
Everything Announced at Disney and Marvel’s Game Showcase at D23 Expo
Aidan Kelley    Disney and Marvel unveiled a number of exciting updates and announcements about upcoming video games at their D panel
Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts to Accompany Marvel Game
Rachel Leishman    Marvel has announced that a set of animated prequel shorts will be released to accompany their Midnight Suns game
Gargoyles Sega Genesis Game Remaster Announced at D23
Ryan O'Rourke    It was announced at D that the classic Sega Genesis platformer based on Disney s hit cartoon Gargoyles is being remastered
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Trailer Brings Heroes Together as Darkness Falls
Rachel Leishman    A new trailer for Marvel s Midnight Suns brings the heroes together as a threat of darkness looms on the horizon
09  septembre     21h58
Avatar: Reckoning Trailer Reveals New Lands and Dangerous Enemies
Kevin McCall    At D s Disney Marvel Games Showcase the trailer for online multiplayer Avatar Reckoning was released
Tron: Identity Announced at D23’s Disney & Marvel Games Showcase
Aidan Kelley    Tron Identity a new game set in the Tron universe was announced at D s Disney Marvel Games Showcase
Captain America & Black Panther Game Trailer: Heroic Team-Up Set in WWII
Tamera Jones    Skydance and Marvel Studios revealed an untitled Captain America and Black Panther video game set during WWII
06  septembre     21h00
Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion Sees Return of Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand
Makuochi Echebiri    Keanu Reeves will return as Johnny Silverhand in the new Phantom Liberty expansion of Cyberpunk
Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Announces the Game’s First Expansion
Matt Villei    A new trailer for the popular video game Cyberpunk has officially announced the game s first expansion
31  août     15h00
The Last of Us Part I Review: A Masterpiece That Is Now Better Than Ever
Ross Bonaime    The Last of Us Part I takes one of the greatest video games ever made and makes it even better than before
23  août     21h32
Killer Klowns from Outer Space Game Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox
Ryan O'Rourke    The cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space is being turned into an asymmetrical multiplayer game from a Friday the th The Game creator
Dune: Awakening Open World Survival Game Announced
Matt Villei    A new game based on Frank Herbert s iconic sci fi novel Dune is coming to PC PlayStation and Xbox
16  août     14h44
Lord of the Rings Game in the Works From Weta Workshop
Ryan O'Rourke    Weta Workshop the studio that created many of the models and set pieces for The Lord of the Rings The Hobbit franchises is developing a new game
09  août     14h42
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Game Delayed Indefinitely
Marco Vito Oddo    Firaxis Games has announced that the highly anticipated strategy game Marvel s Midnight Suns was delayed indefinitely for several platforms
27  juillet     13h24
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Delayed Indefinitely
Ryan O'Rourke    Aspyr Media s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake has been delayed indefinitely after the studio fired its art and design directors
25  juillet     21h00
Why Stray Is The Summer’s Most Sublime Game You Should Play Right Meow
Chase Hutchinson    It may be small in size but Stray is about as purrfect an experience as one could hope to have
19  juillet     16h00
As Dusk Falls Art Style Holds the Game Back From Being Its Best Self
Chase Hutchinson    The under animated style of As Dusk Falls compromises what could be an intriguing experience and video game
13  juillet     07h00
King of Avalon Trailer: Orlando Bloom Picks Up a Bow Once Again
Arezou Amin    FunPlus has released a new trailer for their mobile strategy game King of Avalon featuring a sword and bow wielding Orlando Bloom
12  juillet     17h30
Elden Ring: General Radahn’s Horse Is Actually the Most Important Character
Sebastian Stoddard    Who cares about the intricate story of Elden Ring when General Radahn s horse is on screen All hail Leonard the real Elden Lord
11  juillet     12h00
Arcade1Up Introduces Ms. Pac Man and Street Fighter Gaming Cabinets
Lacy Long    Arcade Up has added two new gaming cabinets to their collection featuring popular games Ms Pac Man and Street Fighter
08  juillet     13h30
RoboCop: Rogue City Gameplay Trailer Showcases a Crime-Riddled Detroit
Matt Villei    The gameplay trailer for RoboCop Rogue City showcases a crime riddle Detroit throwing you right into the middle of the classic action
02  juillet     16h44
Jurassic World Primal Ops Mobile Game Lets You Collect Your Favorite Dinos
Marco Vito Oddo    Collect your favorite dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park franchise with Jurassic World Primal Ops mobile game now available for Android and iOS
30  juin     18h15
Why Kingdom Hearts Shouldn’t Abandon Its Final Fantasy Elements
William Fischer    Tetsuya Nomura says the Kingdom Hearts series isn t a Disney Final Fantasy crossover but it s suffered from losing the latter elements
25  juin     20h18
Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware Says Mystery Game is in Final Stages
Ryan O'Rourke    Hot off of the widespread success of Elden Ring FromSoftware has an unknown new game in the final stages of development
19  juin     15h30
Why Resident Evil Outbreak Needs A Remake
Spencer Whitworth    Resident Evil Outbreak has been ripe for a remake for years and it s time for Capcom to remake one of the franchise s best games
17  juin     15h44
Final Fantasy 7 Remakes Announced at 25th Anniversary Celebration
Matt Villei    Square Enix announced that remakes Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion are in the works
15  juin     18h45
Pokémon: How Satoru Iwata Saved an Endangered Franchise
Spencer Whitworth    Pokémon was in dire straits until Satoru Iwata stepped in and saved the video game franchise giving it its most iconic games
12  juin     20h57
Overwatch 2 Trailer Reveals Release Date and Free-to-Play Live Service
Matt Villei    Overwatch is set to release on Early Access on PlayStation Xbox Series X S PlayStation Xbox One Switch and PC this fall
7 Nintendo Characters Who Deserve A Chance On The Big Screen
Michael Walsh    From Link to Tom Nook these Nintendo characters deserve the big screen just as much as Mario
11  juin     20h15
Why The Quarry Game Is an Homage to Horror Movies for Better and Worse
Chase Hutchinson    Whether you consider it a narrative game or a playable movie this newest choose your own adventure story is Supermassive Games most cinematic
10  juin     23h25
Duke Nukem Movie Adaptation Coming From Cobra Kai Creators & Legendary
Ryan O'Rourke    Duke Nukem is once again set to get a film adaptation with the creators of Cobra Kai and Legendary Entertainment bringing it to life