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Tower of Zenopus
20  mai     18h00
40K Friday - Chaos Marine Updates
   nbsp With word that the Traitor Legions are finally getting their th edition codex I m looking forward to dusting off my Iron Warriors for the first time in a while Alongside this GW announced that the World Eaters are getting their own codex like the Death Guard and the Thousand Sons so
18  mai     17h00
The New Marvel RPG - Part I: Dice Mechanics
   nbsp I was a fan of the TSR Marvel RPG back when it came out I mean it wasn t Champions but we had some fun with it over the next few years I did not play the SAGA Marvel game No experience no reference so no opinion on that one other than I know some people really liked it It
13  mai     17h00
40K Friday - A Bunch of Horus Heresy
   nbsp Well it looks like Horus Heresy is becoming GW s rd big game I mean sure they have the skirmish games like Kill Team and War Cry and side games like Blood Bowl and Necromunda but the effort they are putting into this launch is an order of magnitude higher in my eyes Plastic Beakie
08  avril     20h00
40K Friday - Warhammer Plus ... 8 Months In
   nbsp So I ve talked about the service at launch and a month or so in but I haven t said much since so how is it The short version It s disappointing There is some really cool stuff here but they are so slow to release material that it feels like something is out of balance when it comes to
17  mars     18h00
The Star Trek Adventures Starter Set
   nbsp I got this a while back and I felt like I really should post about it While I have some quibbles with the rules themselves this is a really good starter set It contains the expected basics for something like this intro rules intro adventure pregen characters a ship sheet some map sheets
15  mars     04h47
Ten years ago today ...
   nbsp my kids were mangling the Moathouse garrison on a spring break run I could probably do a lot of posts like this at this point I suppose that s a good thing as I m still at it but I m also feeling the passage of time a bit these days as the last of them wrap up school and prepare to head
03  mars     18h00
Sentinels of Earth Prime and Kickstarter
   nbsp Well look what finally arrived on my front porch over the weekend I say finally because well Yeah that s straight from the Kickstarter page That was set for a year after it funded which seemed entirely reasonable Actual delivery date End of February This really seemed like
18  février     18h00
40K Friday - Other Stuff
   nbsp There hasn t been much K action around here lately Blaster and I are both interested in the big Eldar update coming in their new codex It looks like they re rolling Harlequins back into the main book and adding options for Corsairs too so it will be the Big Book of Everything Eldar once
24  janvier     18h00
X-Wing - Take 2
   nbsp Our first dive into the X Wing miniatures game was uh a few years ago and it stuck around as an every once in a while game for the apprentices and myself but it petered out eventually and the announcement of a nd edition in was a perfect reason to wash my hands of it for the
06  janvier     18h00
Matrix Resurrections
   nbsp Yeah there will be spoilers I mentioned in an earlier post that I liked this one I should probably clarify further to I didn t hate it as much as some people seem to online but I do agree with much of the criticism Then single most applicable word I can apply here is unnecessary as
05  janvier     18h00
Looking ahead for ’22
   nbsp It s a little strange I haven t done one of these new year type posts in a few years and I think my approach has shifted I don t feel any real urgency with the goals this year as far as must do or must have type things I m fairly happy with where a lot of things are
01  janvier     04h03
The New Year’s Eve Post for 2021
   was not a bad year here Personal and family stuff was good and that s about all you can ask for these days Hobby wise I ran a fair amount of th edition D amp D earlier in the year One of these days maybe I will write those sessions up That campaign was paused but I suspect we will come
29  décembre     15h46
40K Wednesday - Tau Headline Does Not Lie
   nbsp From today s Warhammer Community post Ok we ve seen hype like this before Gulp But it s only shot Nice But what if you re fighting a horde army Ah well covers all the bases then doesn t it I mean it hurts big targets ignores invuln saves gets a re roll causes automatic
25  décembre     02h32
The Christmas Eve Post
   nbsp With a little time off it s been a good month I watched The Witcher season I liked it better than the first season I watched the Wheel of Time season and I liked it I watched Matrix Resurrections tonight I liked it too More on that in another post possibly My Sanguinary
09  décembre     22h00
The Wheel of Time TV Series
   nbsp So Amazon has a new fantasy series based on the well known book series which I know about ha but never read It was a big deal in the s but I opted out as my interest in overlong fantasy ilogy s was worn out by then So I m going into this one fresh I have no preconceived
30  novembre     18h00
9th Anniversary of the City of Heroes Shutdown
   nbsp I haven t noted this every year and yes there is a version of the game back online for a good two years now but I still felt like mentioning it this year Homecoming and the others are great and they have added some new stuff to the game but it s not quite the same I m not sure why it
26  novembre     18h00
Not-40K Friday - The Evolution of Warhammer Dragons
   There s a cool post over on Warhammer Community that runs through the designs of dragons for Warhammer over the decades and it s worth a look if you ve been around fantasy miniatures for any length of time There are or of the metal S dragons floating around here so it felt relevant You can
20  novembre     15h00
Something Funny Super Saturday
19  novembre     18h00
40k Friday - Catching up on the Blood Angels
   nbsp I was looking over the shelves last week and realized that while I have a pretty decent set of painted Blood Angel units I somehow have managed to not have a finished painted squad of sanguinary guard nor do I have a fully painted unit of death company It s a weird gap I haven t played
18  novembre     21h00
The Time Traveler’s Codex for Mutants and Masterminds
   nbsp The latest book for M amp M in a system which has quite nicely and rarely these days been growing this same edition since Aside looking back I thought I had covered these books more extensively but I really have not I should probably fix that soon To play an M amp M campaign you
28  octobre     18h00
So Say We All - The History of Battlestar Galactica
   nbsp If you are a fan of either BSG series then you should read this book It s that good The first part focuses on the series the road to getting it put together the background of the people behind it and the peaks and valleys it experienced from conception to the end of Galactica
23  octobre     13h00
Something Funny Saturday
16  octobre     17h00
Something Funny Saturday
15  octobre     21h00
40K Friday - Base Expanders
   nbsp One of the hazards of miniature wargaming is that different games have different standards for basing the miniatures Width length even number of figures per base can all vary from game to game even within the same historical period Some look for individual figure removal from a unit to
13  octobre     20h00
The Lost City - Goodman Games Edition
   nbsp I picked this one up a while back and thought I ought to discuss it a bit I ve run the Goodman Games versions of B B Into the Borderlands and X Isle of Dread and enjoyed them immensely as did my players Returning to those old stomping grounds from the beginning of the s in the