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11  juillet     20h12
Summary Plugin 1.2.0 for Pelican Released
   This release version makes a few fixes to allow the plugin to support Pelican and also supports my autoloader
Image Process Plugin 3.0.2 for Pelican Released
   This post actually covers three releases v adds support for Pillow v No changes were made that would make the plugin incompatible with earlier versions of Pillow other than the test output images are slightly different between Pillow and This version also removed official
30  avril     12h17
Static Comments Plugin 2.1.1 for Pelican Released
   Static Comments is a plugin for Pelican a static site generator written in Python It is meant as a drop in replacement for the Pelican Comment System Static Comments allows you to have a comment section on your Pelican blog while maintaining your blog as a completely static webpage and without
09  avril     09h14
AutoLoader Plugin 1.1.0 for Pelican Released
   AutoLoader is a plugin for Pelican a static site generator written in Python AutoLoader is a meta plugin in that it doesn t directly affect your Pelican site but rather works to make your other plugins better By way of background Pelican added the ability to
04  janvier     16h11
Covid’s Second Christmas
   We are now finished up the second Christmas season overshadowed by Covid and hopefully the last On one hand it provides a nice excuse to stay home and have a quiet holiday But it s also been almost two years since we ve been able to visit some extended family due to border