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01  mars     15h38
Atari Wants To Revive More Of Its Classic Systems
   ; submitted by ; u blaspheminCapn link ; comments
It Would Be Really Cool To Do A Retrospective On Iwata - Atari’s CEO On Acquisitions & Dream Collaborations
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29  février     16h34
Founder of Atari; Nolan Bushnell webinar Mar 8th
   The webinar with the founder of Atari is geared toward games for adult learning corporate HR; but I thought I ;d share w fellow Atari Redditors; See the March th event: https: elearning resources webinars events ; submitted by ; u standuppaddler link ; ...
Anyone else have issues getting their copy of Mr Run And Jump?
   As the title says. Bought a copy in late August and it still hasn’t arrived nor have I gotten a shipping notice. Contacted Atari through their email and heard nothing, contacted a member of the discord and they couldn’t give me anything specific. I bought it the same time as my VCS and that arrived...
27  février     23h05
FINALLY - a retro console I like
   I just came across the mini... I am a huge fan of Atari eight bit gaming, and the fact that this thing is inexpensive, has HDMI output, and allows you to load your own roms makes it a huge home run in my book. I just pre ordered on Amazon. Anybody else picking one up ; submitted by ; ...
26  février     13h40
My Atari exploded but now it works.
   I recently bought an Atari , and I didn ;t do any research beforehand, so I didn ;t see that the power supply costs an arm and a leg. So, because of that I used a generic v A power supply I had laying around and got the wires mixed up and plugged it in and after a min the v cap blew...
24  février     21h05
How do you archive?
   Hello everyone, New to the group so forgive me if some of this is covered or if I do say something out of line... A little background... I have a couple of Atari home computers. I have a XL, an XL, a MegaST . I have a collection of . quot; and . quot; disks that I ;d like to archive...
19  février     00h53
Wolfenstein find
   Found this at an estate sale this past weekend Feeling fairly lucky as I normally don ;t find anything for myself at these. ; submitted by ; u TMilligan link ; comments
20  février     01h35
Atari 7800 power supply help
   So I recently bought a prosystem and it didn’t come with a power supply. Can’t seem to find one that isn’t super expensive for a power supply. I’m looking for one in the range of . Any help ; submitted by ; u TheNintendonerd link ; comments
17  février     22h46
I might own too many 7800 flashcarts.
   ; submitted by ; u jonpertwee link ; comments
Programming asymmetrical playfields, decimals & scoreboards
   ; submitted by ; u Few Satisfaction link ; comments
14  février     23h40
Atari 50 or Flashback Classics?
   Hello, I would like to play Atari games on my Nintendo switch, and cannot decide between the collections Atari or Atari Flashback Classics. Flashback has more games, but which one has better games, and which one has more arcade games Thanks in advance. Edit: Atari seems to be a clear...
I’ve been working on this for the last few weeks. What do you guys think?
   ; submitted by ; u redfoot link ; comments
CFW for Atari Gamestation Pro has dropped
   Google search atari age no spaces and search for v . c. Flashes the same was as the official v . . Must format the SD card as exFAT in order to work properly. Follow the steps on what to do posted by Brad Thanks to Brad from the s for all his hard work and effort and specially for releasing...
12  février     19h45
Nine Inch Nails on my Atari Video Music
   ; submitted by ; u Jfonzy link ; comments
Help Atari RF
   So I have a atari without the quot;Tv box quot; thing , but my tv has a input like the atari cable , Does it needs the tv box , or it ;s gonna work without ; submitted by ; u Queasy Sun link ; comments
11  février     18h56
   There exists a homebrew version of Desert Bus on Atari that I want to add to my collection, but there is no meams to buy it, nor any rom circulating around the internet. It appeared on the Desert Bus episode from the Angry Video Game Nerd, it was sold in limited quantities. Can anybody help me...
I would like to find this game
   You control a bear that walks to the right of the screen, and then you climb a ladder and then jump to grab a rope so you can after that jump on a fly that was shooting you the whole time. link ; comments
Marble Madness 2 release?
   Does Atari own the rights to Marble Madness and could it release it for home consoles or as a Flashback release https: watch v HeM QkAgWS amp;pp ygURbWFyYmxlIG hZG lc MgMiA D ; submitted by ; u furstt link ; comments
10  février     17h45
Should Atari re-release the Atari PC games from 2000s onto the Atari VCS ( Box )?
   Okay we all know that Atari once made pc games like Roller coaster tycoon and little bit of MlP,Matrix and more. but should Atari re release these games on the Atari vcs the mlp and matrix most likely not going to happen but it thought to bring these games back from s into today time....
The messed up history of ATARI (PONG , 2600, Asteroids & Centipede)
   ; submitted by ; u antdude link ; comments
09  février     23h18
Adding a cartridge port to a Flashback 2?
   I picked up a Flashback today on Facebook Marketplace. My plan is to mod it to accept cartridges; however, I understand there ;s a handful of these that cannot be modded to accept a cartridge slot. Something to do with the circuit board solder points not being properly labeled I opened mine...
05  février     02h19
AIR RAID (1982) .. was listed last year at some Estate Sale but a repro? Looks real enough though
   ; submitted by ; u Mamerson link ; comments
04  février     02h13
I can’t help but find it amusing how much of my Nintendo Switch library is Atari.
   ; submitted by ; u TheOtakuX link ; comments
03  février     23h19
Cartridge Haul
   Found a place Complete In Box that was selling these for each and so I got . Actually one was and about others were . but of them were a dollar each. That was much better than another place I went Classic Game Junkies were most were and up. I ;m excited to give these a...