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09  décembre     12h00
Inside the closed-door meeting where Tuberville caved
Joe Gould and Anthony Adragna    Colleagues spent months getting the Alabama senator to drop his abortion protest.
08  décembre     21h01
Stefanik wants consequences’ for colleges over antisemitism after her questions go viral
Nick Reisman    This week’s congressional hearing illustrated the increasingly perilous road higher education institutions have been on and a willingness by members of Congress to step in.
09  décembre     12h00
Her Online Sex Life Was Exposed. She Lost Her Election. Now She’s Speaking Out.
Alexander Burns    Susanna Gibson’s campaign was rocked when an opponent exposed her private digital life to the public. She won’t be the last.
Why Nikki Haley polls better against Joe Biden than Donald Trump does
Steven Shepard    A POLITICO analysis shows the former South Carolina governor is winning swaths of moderate voters who’d pick Joe Biden if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.
Biden’s battleground states footprint (or lack thereof) leaves Dems concerned
Elena Schneider and Holly Otterbein    The campaign is comfortable with its approach, which leans on the DNC and looks at online organizing as a major component too.
08  décembre     23h23
How Eva met Francesco: The golden couple at the heart of Europe’s Qatargate scandal
Nicholas Vinocur, Elisa Braun, Eddy Wax and Gian Volpicelli    The love story behind the biggest scandal to ever hit the European Parliament and the cozy, transactional world in which it took place.
Dems want to focus on abortion rights. A Trump ally may have just helped.
Alice Miranda Ollstein and Adam Cancryn    A Texas case underscores the legal and ethical gray areas physicians have faced since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.
John Kerry warns against carbon capture’s great facade’
Karl Mathiesen    At the COP climate talks, Saudi Arabia is among the countries arguing carbon scrubbing technology can replace the need to eliminate fossil fuel use.
09  décembre     14h20
After helluva ride,’ McHenry talks 2024 agenda
Zachary Warmbrodt    The Financial Services chair outlined a series of major legislative and oversight targets that he’ll be driving as he faces a critical window to cement his legacy.
RNC officially bows out of hosting primary debates
Alex Isenstadt    The organization steps aside as television networks plan more early state debates.
If Eric Adams resigned, Andrew Cuomo would lead pack of potential successors, poll says
Joe Anuta    Eric Adams has not been charged in an FBI probe, but a majority of voters think he should step down if that changes.
Voters to choose between Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and state Sen. John Whitmire for Houston mayor
Associated Press    The new mayor will have to deal with new laws from the GOP led state government over control of local elections and the ability to impose local regulations.
Elon Musk’s new enemy: Nordic workers
Varg Folkman    Union bosses tackling Tesla want EU to get tough on the world’s richest man.
Federal judge prohibits separating migrant families at US border for 8 years
Associated Press    The government and volunteers have yet to locate children who were separated under the Trump era policy.
08  décembre     22h01
Macron faces backlash after Jewish ceremony at presidential palace
Nicolas Camut    Macron had been invited to receive an award for fighting antisemitism and safeguarding religious freedoms.
Fox News pushes back against reporter’s suit claiming he was fired for challenging Jan. 6 coverage
Associated Press    The network argued that Jason Donner had not shown he faced illegal discrimination.
McCarthy says he will support Donald Trump in his 2024 election bid
Andrew Zhang    The California Republican also said he would consider serving in a Trump cabinet.
Former Rep. Jerry McNerney jumps into fast-shifting California state Senate race
Jeremy B. White    McNerney’s last minute entry could block a husband and wife duo from winning both area legislative seats.
US vetoes Israel ceasefire resolution at the UN
Eric Bazail-Eimil    The resolution was a top priority for U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who urged members to demand an immediate cease fire in Gaza.
07  décembre     10h00
Appeals court largely upholds Trump’s federal gag order
Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney    Trump’s attacks on witnesses in his criminal case pose imminent threats, a three judge panel of the D.C. Circuit ruled.
06  décembre     18h00
There’s No Stopping the Newspaper Death Spiral
Jack Shafer    A successful walkout at the Washington Post can’t mask the industry’s dark future.
Where Are All the Anti-Trump Republicans?
Jonathan Martin    A vast array of GOP power brokers detest and disdain the former president. So why are they keeping so quiet
05  décembre     10h00
What America’s Most Famous Politicians Really Need This Christmas
Catherine Kim and Calder McHugh    Stocking stuffers for ’s most high profile political figures.
The Pain and the Trauma Lasts Longer Than a News Cycle’
Myah Ward    Biden has a new war room to tackle gun violence. Can it stop the bloodshed
02  décembre     12h00
The Too-Weird-to-Be-Fiction Story of Cuba’s Spying Ambassador
Eric Bazail-Eimil    For four decades, Victor Manuel Rocha, a one time U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, allegedly spied for Cuba. His case demonstrates that Cuba remains a power player in the world of espionage.
Why Vivek Ramaswamy Is a Bully on the Debate Stage
Kierra Frazier    A psychologist who studies bullying explains his primitive debate strategy.
03  décembre     12h00
Opinion Will Trump’s Supreme Court Justices Stick to Their Word?
Bruce Ackerman and Rep. Ro Khanna    Conservatives’ commitment to originalism is about to be tested.
01  décembre     22h08
The Free Speech Fallout from the Israel-Hamas War Could Be Dire
Bianca Quilantan    A First Amendment scholar is very worried about the future of speech on college campuses.
08  décembre     10h00
John Walsh: The Operative Who Paved the Way for Obama’s 2008 Win
Frank Phillips    His belief that older modes of campaigning could be combined with st century tools changed American politics.
Henry Kissinger’s (Maybe) Last Interview: Drop the 2-State Solution
Rolf Dobelli    In one of the final interviews before he died, the famous statesman said the two state solution was no longer viable and that the U.S. must reconcile with China.
Russia Is Fighting More Than One War. I Went to Check on the Other’ One.
Tim Mak    The conflict in Syria continues unabated, a sign of Moscow’s determination to outlast its enemies.
What Sandra Day O’Connor Could Teach Today’s Supreme Court
Aziz Huq    Her embrace of the rule of law and empathetic jurisprudence are sorely missed.
07  décembre     13h20
Who’s in for the next GOP debate and who might be watching from home
Steven Shepard and Zach Montellaro    Consider us your guide to the biggest event of the primary so far, with the power to make or break a GOP hopeful.
08  décembre     13h03
The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics
POLITICO Staff    Every week political cartoonists throughout the country and across the political spectrum apply their ink stained skills to capture the foibles, memes, hypocrisies and other head slapping events in the world of politics. The fruits of these labors are hundreds of cartoons that entertain and enrage...
07  décembre     10h00
Lawmakers press Harvard, MIT, Penn boards to remove leaders
Bianca Quilantan    They also want the boards to provide a plan to ensure the safety of Jewish and Israeli students on campus.
GOP lawmaker: Ousted aides targeted my daughter for OnlyFans account
Olivia Beavers    Rep. Brandon Williams, who represents a battleground seat, says his altercation stemmed from a threat to expose his daughter.
Republicans make new push for Trump-era border restrictions
Myah Ward, Burgess Everett and Jennifer Haberkorn    Among other ideas, the plan would revive a form of Title .
08  décembre     18h39
Top lawmakers drop abortion limits from defense bill, setting up fight with the right
Connor O’Brien and Joe Gould    Dropping abortion limits and extending surveillance authorities will make the bill a tough sell among conservatives.
04  décembre     22h24
Trump’s shadow looms over California at climate talks
Blanca Begert    International partners are concerned about attacks on California’s nation leading vehicle emissions rules.
06  décembre     17h56
Rick Santorum is back the patron saint’ of every 2024 long-shot campaign
Adam Wren    The Republican presidential candidate is back in the conversation in Iowa.
05  décembre     17h16
And the grand total of times candidates attacked Trump on the debate stage is...
Jessica Piper    The volume of attacks directed at other GOP rivals underscores how the debates have largely been a fight for second place.
07  décembre     18h49
Who won, who lost and who went unscathed at the fourth GOP debate
POLITICO Staff    Chris Christie prodded his rivals once again to take a shot at Donald Trump. They passed.
06  décembre     10h00
Former Mideast commander calls on Biden to respond to Houthi attacks
Lara Seligman    Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie said Iran has taken the lack of a strong U.S. military response as an invitation to continue its aggressive behavior.
05  décembre     20h20
How the Biden team is planning for a postwar Gaza Strip
Nahal Toosi    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may not like the ideas, but he also may not get a say.
US quietly pushing Israel to open a second Gaza crossing
Alexander Ward and Erin Banco    Humanitarian groups, which also push for Kerem Shalom to open, say that still won’t be enough to ease Palestinian suffering in Gaza.
Ukrainian leaders head to the US as Kyiv prepares for winter fighting
Paul McLeary    Uncertainty over aid is looming as the country seeks to rebuild its defense industry.
Trump seeks halt to D.C. criminal case
Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney    The former president’s lawyers said all proceedings should be paused while Trump appeals a ruling on his immunity claims.
Test case’ for America: Colorado’s top court poised to weigh Trump’s eligibility to run again
Erica Orden, Kyle Cheney and Zach Montellaro    A Wednesday argument brings the question of Trump’s eligibility under the th Amendment one step closer to the Supreme Court.
Supreme Court unlikely to launch preemptive strike on wealth tax proposals
Brian Faler and Josh Gerstein    Justices on both sides of the ideological spectrum pressed a lawyer representing taxpayers who are seeking to throw out a repatriation tax on certain overseas earnings.
Jack Smith wants to tell jury about Trump’s earlier attempts to sow doubt about elections
Kyle Cheney    The special counsel is seeking a judge’s permission to introduce evidence that may help jurors assess Trump’s intent in the weeks leading to Jan. .