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04  mai     12h20
3 Best-Selling Games in Europe
John Boatright    The gaming publication Games Industry has compiled a list of the best selling games and devices in Europe in March Topping this list were the Nintendo Switch and Elden Ring which have maintained a strong sales pace since their release The struggle for the first place in the rating is always
20  avril     08h07
Is World of Warcraft Still The Most Played MMORPG In India?
John Boatright    World of Warcraft is one of those games that wakes up nostalgia in all of us when we think about it This game is popular literally for decades From the moment the game is released back in the game only experienced immersive growth in terms of popularity Therefore if you are wondering
08  avril     11h25
Best Weapon Skins in CSGO
John Boatright    CS GO is an engaging multiplayer shooter game with an intuitive interface Its entertaining gameplay thrills many players making most of them return for more action Apart from fun many people are making money by buying and selling skins on the CSGO trading sites Skins are just virtual cosmetic
06  mars     06h12
5 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your CS:GO Weapon Skin Collection
Bob Paterson    One of the most popular games on the planet CS GO offers many interesting aspects for its players and the weapon skins are a great way to add a personal touch to your play Here we are going to give you some tips and tricks for improving your weapon skin collection in this particular play
14  février     13h20
What to Do as a Fresh 70 level in World of Warcraft TBC
Bob Paterson    Opening Word Playing a video game that involves leveling and reaching endgame content always truly begins only when you get to it Although the process of leveling is full of fun times excitement and amazing gameplay experiences it only serves the purpose of preparing you for the actual content
23  janvier     05h55
How to Get Better Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected as a Beginner 2022 Guide
Bob Paterson    Diablo Resurrected is a game that is getting more popular by the day There is not a gamer in the world that hasn t heard about it and every person who s ever given it a chance says they are amazed by the lore the graphics and the attention to detail this game has It is The post How to
14  janvier     08h42
Which Shadowlands Dungeon Is Hardest For Beginner Players
Bob Paterson    Wow shadowlands also called a world of warcraft shadowlands has been a trendsetter for the past few years and now the game is one of the favorite ones among gaming lovers and ordinary people It was first made available for preorders by allowing people to read the description in which there
30  décembre     13h23
Chargebacks for Streaming Services Like Twitch
Bob Paterson    The introduction of live streaming platforms changed how we interact and consume content Some percent of individuals between and years consume live stream content regularly through YouTube Facebook Twitch and other platforms In billion hours of content was consumed on
09  décembre     09h50
Benefits Of Using Play With Pros Services For Call Of Duty Warzone
Bob Paterson    Call of Duty s Warzone has a storming fan base that is rapidly increasing The series envisions a new powerful battleground of the future era in which technology integrates with jaw dropping tactics During the initial stage it might not be that enjoyable and you might be feeling like an amateur
04  décembre     05h00
Is It Possible to Do a Raid by Yourself Destiny 2?
Bob Paterson    In a multiplayer game you don t have the chance to always play with someone Sometimes you just want to play on your own while still getting progress There are many missions that you can do by yourself and be entertained However the awards that fall when you get the raid done are the best way
01  décembre     13h32
Which Class is Best for Beginners in Diablo 2: Resurrected
Bob Paterson    Choosing the class is the most daunting task for any beginner trying to play the Diablo resurrected It is necessary to pick the class wisely to compete with other players in the gaming ground Diablo is one of the legendary games that everyone has been eagerly waiting for many years There are
29  novembre     14h03
How do You Level up Your Skills Faster in Elder Scrolls Online?
Miya Knott    If you re like me you probably like playing MMORPGs and if you re thinking about trying Elder Scrolls Online the first thing that you should know is that the leveling process will be quite different then other games in the genre mostly because it makes the world within the game level up as the