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20  mai     18h11
WordPress High Availability on AWS Cloud: A Detailed Guide
Raj Verma    So you ve built your website on WordPress and you are all set to reveal your content to the world But how do you go about building a resilient and fault tolerant hosting infrastructure for your website Well this is where the concept of WordPress High Availability comes in WordPress is an open
Conceptual Database Modeling 101: A Complete Guide, Simplified
Yash Arora    Simply put Data Modeling is the act of developing brainstorming visual representations of data to be kept in databases You can maintain consistency while labeling data sets their attributes and semantics by utilizing data models implying that data modeling can guarantee a certain level of data
Batch Processing in Spring Boot Simplified 101
Manisha Jena    As data collection grows organizations rely on bulk processing to effectively handle large amounts of data It includes both automated and complex processing of large datasets without the need for user interaction As a result organizations use batch processing frameworks to streamline their
Splunk Data Ingestion Methods: Made Easy 101
Manisha Jena    Splunk is a software platform widely used for monitoring searching analyzing and visualizing machine generated data in real time It performs capturing indexing and correlating the real time data in a searchable container and produces graphs alerts dashboards and visualizations Splunk
JMS Queue: Configuration and Setup Simplified
Divyansh Sharma    Java Messaging Service JMS is a popular API standard for application to application messaging It offers a rich set of message delivery semantics and a simple yet flexible API for incorporating messaging into applications What is more JMS API is easy to learn and implement once you have a
The Ultimate Guide on Using Pulsar Message Queue With Easy Steps 101
Syeda Famita Amber    Apache Pulsar is emerging as the new go to platform for enterprises who need to efficiently transport their data in these days of increasing data It includes data pipelines microservices instant messaging data integration and more all of which are integrated into a single platform to satisfy
Data Streams in Data Mining Simplified 101
Nidhi B.    We generate and transmit vast amounts of digital data every second in the real world It is not wrong to say that massive data surround us The continuously generating and transmitting data is called a Data Stream However extracting valuable knowledge from this big data is a big task It takes
Using AWS Lambda MySQL: Accessing Data Simplified 101
Manjiri Gaikwad    Organizations today are focusing on cost effective and auto scale execution of applications or programs to increase productivity and performance One such cost effective and auto scaling service provided by AWS is the AWS Lambda where users can run their code applications or any backend service
What is Micro Batching: A Comprehensive Guide 101
Yash Sanghvi    You may have heard of batch processing where data to be processed is typically collected over a large duration maybe several minutes to several hours and then processed in one go RTGS or NEFT payments are an example where the payment requests are registered over time and the payments are
Working with RabbitMQ List Queues: 2 Useful Commands
Harsh Varshney    With tens of thousands of users RabbitMQ is one of the most popular open source message brokers RabbitMQ is a simple messaging system that may be installed on premises or in the cloud It can also be implemented in distributed and federated configurations to meet high scale and high availability