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24  février     17h14
Greek Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Rallis Rallis
   Rallis Rallis is a Super Heavyweight bodybuilder from the city of Kavala, Macedonia, Greece. He was born in , and since his childhood, he has been involved in weightlifting and gymnastics. Rallis has been a competitive bodybuilder since , his competition weight is kg lb and...
16  février     18h33
Bodybuilders with their clothes on (11)
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11  février     18h11
Canadian mass monster - IFBB Pro bodybuilder Justin Savoie
   Justin Savoie is a muscle giant from the city of Saint Hubert, Quebec, Canada. Born in , he started out as a skinny guy at the age of weighing just kg lb. But with dedication and hard work in the gym, he transformed his body into a massive powerhouse in years, reaching nearly kg...
07  février     20h18
R.I.P. big man - Thom Austin (1961-2024)
   Very sad and heartbreaking news for the muscle community. Today, the popular, sweet, massive Thom Austin, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of . Thom was a smiling muscle man, and his presence on Instagram was a joy for muscle fans everywhere.Rest in peace, big man. Your memory will...
03  février     22h09
Italian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Roberto Buonomo (2)
   See also the first part dedicated to Roberto Buonomo here. Photo credits: nbsp; roberto buonomo ifbbpro
31  janvier     22h38
February muscle mix 2024
   Hossein Rajaei Iran Haouas Laroussi Belgium Morocco Eugenio Paniccia Italy Illia Yefimchyk Belarus Stanimir Etov Bulgaria Kirill Khudaev Ukraine Jonas Giatras USA Tim Budesheim Germany Saman Olfati Iran Dimitris Tripolitsiotis Greece Wassem Hassan Syria Vlastimil Kuzel Czech...
Romanian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Daniel Vasilica
   Daniel Vasilica was born in , and his off season weight is about kg lb. He won the IFBB Pro Card in , and he competes in the Category.Check out some other Romanian bodybuilders featured on Muscle Lover: Roberto Alexandru Marius Eduard Antohe Constantin Lazar ...
25  janvier     13h11
Iranian bodybuilder Reza Ahmadi (3)
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20  janvier     22h11
Italian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Roberto Buonomo
   Roberto Buonomo is a professional bodybuilder, trainer, and nutrition educator. He was born in in Naples, Italy. Since he was a child, he has always had a great passion for sports, practicing various ones and combining them with weight training. Later on, he abandoned them to dedicate himself...
14  janvier     12h42
Brazilian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Marcelo Cruz (2)
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10  janvier     20h31
Brazilian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Marcelo Cruz
   Marcelo Pedro da Cruz is a massive IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Sà o Bento do Sul, Brazil.Date of Birth: Height: cm ’ ’’ Weight: kg lb kg lb Off season
06  janvier     15h02
Russian IFBB Pro Classic Physique bodybuilder Mikhail Maslov (2)
   See also the first part dedicated to Mikhail Maslov here. nbsp;If you liked Mikhail, check out another Russian bodybuilder Artyom Puchkov who shares a similar Classic Physique.Don’t miss his posing video at the bottom of the post
02  janvier     18h25
January muscle mix 2024
   HAPPY NEW MUSCLE YEAR GUYS Julien Bréhaut France Douglas Fruchey USA Alexandros Belegris Greece Justin Savoie Canada Behrooz Tabani Iran Türker Firat Turkey John Jewett USA Igor Illes Slovakia Dragos Syko Romania Elnur Allahyarli Azerbaijan Anton Bippus Germany Russia ...
30  décembre     16h31
Aussie bodybuilder John Harsudas
   John Harsudas is a bodybuilder from Sydney, Australia. His competition weight is kg lb and during his off season around kg lb.Don’t miss his posing video at the bottom of the post
20  décembre     18h24
Magnificent backs (11)
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15  décembre     15h18
Bosnian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mirnes Husanovic (2)
   See also the first part dedicated to Mirnes Husanovic here. nbsp;Don’t miss the chance to check out a previous post featuring the huge Tomislav Damjanovic from Bosnia amp; Herzegovina.
12  décembre     16h11
Bosnian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mirnes Husanovic
   Mirnes Husanovic was born in in Sarajevo, Bosnia amp; Herzegovina, where he currently resides. As a boy, he dreamed of pursuing bodybuilding and avidly read specialized magazines on the subject. He was fascinated by Lee Priest, and one of the reasons was because Priest had a similar build and...
06  décembre     14h31
Lithuanian IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder Tomas Svernenka
   Tomas Svernenka was born in and has been living in Ireland for over years, yet he frequently returns to his homeland to reconnect with family and friends. With a very lean physique, he decided to join a gym and began exercising at a sports club. Encouraged by friends in , he prepared...
02  décembre     17h25
December muscle mix 2023
   Chris Stout Hazard USA Christos Kyriazis Greece Keyvan Gomanian Iran Bruno Santos Brazil Steffen Gerhard Germany Ismail Radwan UAE Andrea Presti Italy Stavros Prokopiou Cyprus Amjed Omar Libya Antonio Perez Garcia Spain Erdi Kurtuldu Turkey Rafal Filipczuk Poland Ahmed Al...
30  novembre     18h35
Iranian IFBB Pro Classic Physique bodybuilder Keyvan Alichi
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23  novembre     21h07
Argentinian muscle hunk Jorge Denzel
   Jorge Denzel was born in . He is a physical education teacher and a Heavyweight bodybuilder from Tartagal, Argentina. His competition weight is kg lb, and he reaches kg lb in the off season condition.Also, check out the Argentinian bodybuilders Adrian Abreu and Franco Dominguez. ...
17  novembre     19h41
Turkish bodybuilder & musclebear Türker Firat
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13  novembre     18h55
Biceps & Biceps (9)
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10  novembre     17h59
Greek Classic Physique bodybuilder Ioannis Papadopoulos
   Ioannis Papadopoulos is a handsome and tall cm ’ ’’ Classic Physique bodybuilding champion from the island of Rhodes, Greece. Born in , he has been a competitive bodybuilder since . His competition weight is about kg lb.If you liked Ioannis, check out Greek bodybuilder...
05  novembre     12h14
Massive musclebear Mike Sugar
   Mike Sugar is a massive musclebear. His height is cm ’ ’’, and his weight is approximately kg lb and can reach over kg lb. You can follow him on Instagram.