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22  février     03h24
Convert Markdown to HTML
   We are seeking nominations for the White Camel Awards, which honor remarkable non technical contributions in the Perl community. The Board will consider all nominations and will seek input both from the Advisory Board and the Perl Steering Council. To nominate an individual, kindly complete...
add OPpCONST TOKEN flags to aid deparsing
   Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during November December covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. I mainly continued my work on making the perl stack reference counted. As well as unwrapping a few more ops, I also took the opportunity to introduce some basic...
21  février     16h20
What makes YAPC::Japan unique
   TPRC is being held in Las Vegas, NV from June . You can submit your talk Ideas for TPRC at https: talks Talk submission deadline is April th, Midnight UTC. Talks must be given live and in person. If you are looking for any talk ideas, try out the conference wiki. New...
perldelta f2d6099: no bareword filehandles and class barewords
   Tony Cook has submitted a report of his activity maintaining Core Perl
20  février     20h24
How to use zlib (a C library) from Perl with SPVM
   PEVANS Core Developement It is difficult to narrow down the depth of PEVANS activity in the Perl Core. Continuing to modernise the Core is vital for the longevity of Perl and introduction of modern paradigms. To do this without breaking Perl is an extra challenge. FOSDEM provided such an opportunty...
no bareword filehandes: don’t look up class barewords as handles
Nominate heroes for the 2024 White Camel Awards
19  février     06h25
perldelta 4fc2379: make a new stub to clone into when pushing a new pad
Perl Weekly Challenge 257: Smaller than Current
perlsec: remove stray signs
18  février     19h04
Perl in 2024
17  février     16h39
What’s new on CPAN - January 2024
18  février     11h04
Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): November - December 2023
Perl Weekly #656 - Perl Conference
    07h45 email deliverability issues
Unscientific Perl Object-Oriented-Programming benchmarks, comparing Moose, Moo, Corinna, et al.
What is Perl ? : A Comprehensive Exploration
17  février     21h29
Matching and zipping
cdlxxxiii) 7 great CPAN modules released last week
cdlxxxiii) 7 great CPAN modules released last week
16  février     08h09
dlxxxi) metacpan weekly report - Type::Tiny
15  février     14h34
dciv) stackoverflow perl report
14  février     19h19 email deliverability issues
15  février     03h41
PSC #136 2024-02-15
14  février     20h14
What’s new on CPAN - January 2024
13  février     14h55
repost) TPRC 2024 Call For Papers is now open
12  février     06h16
TPRF 2024 Call For Papers is now open
11  février     19h22
Raku for Beginners Part 2 - Bruce Gray - TPRC 2023
Perl Weekly Challenge 256: Merge Strings
10  février     23h13
Comparing Kotlin, Go (Golang), Rust, Scala, and Perl Programming Languages
TONYC Grant Report November 2023
07  février     05h08
Perl Weekly #655 - What’s new in Perl and on CPAN? What’s new in Italy?
05  février     17h21
Feature release 1.36 of the Date::Holidays Perl distribution
03  février     23h10
PEVANS Core Perl 5: Grant Report for January 2024
01  février     23h01
cdlxxxii) 9 great CPAN modules released last week
How to develop simple DevOps project using Perl, Bash,Make and Docker
28  janvier     20h00
Install Latex on Linux (Mint)
27  janvier     08h50
cdlxxxi) 14 great CPAN modules released last week
24  janvier     08h50
ã ã œç ã ã ã YAPC::Hiroshima 2024ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã
List of new CPAN distributions - Jan 2024