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23  juin     02h46
Perl Weekly Challenge 274: Goat Latin
   Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during April and May covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. I mostly spent my time working on tickets, smoke reports etc related to getting perl ready for a new release. SUMMARY: : : Null pointer dereference in S SvREFCNT dec...
Creating Script to Login to website powered by javascript
   Grant Applications reviewed last month and results of voting are presented
22  juin     16h54
perlapi: Fix av push pod.
   While researching a very weird bug in Koha I had to figure out a way chop a string to a specific maximum length. In bytes and not in characters, because in that case the horrible format USMARC is ...
21  juin     00h08
builtin: document when each function was first available and stabilized
22  juin     12h00
perlapi: Show prototypes for all elements
   Tony writes: Monday . review and approve . review and approve . review, testing and comments . review changes, testing against App::Ack and Module::Info . debugging . debugging . Tuesday . review...
17  juin     13h04
perlapi: List in order STMT START, then END
28  mai     09h24
perlapi: Combine av push(), av push simple() entries
21  juin     00h28
PSA: it seems you can replace some of Smart::Match using Data::Compare
19  juin     18h18
In perl, will a system call that runs in the background persist after the perl script ends
20  juin     15h05
How to use Perl to replace an entire line where a match is found?
19  juin     19h25
How do you dump an object instance with Perl’s new class feature?
PWC 274 Waiting at the Bus Stop
18  juin     04h45
Can’t locate Spreadsheet WriteExcel in INC
17  juin     16h30
Code ambiguity when -X file handle for file size
What are the options for moving HUGE subs out of a module (sub modules)?
Why is considered bad form in Perl? [updated for 2024]
Using Perl to learn assembly
Neuigkeiten: OTOBO 11 Veröffentlicht
Perl Weekly #673 - One week till the Perl and Raku conference
The Weekly Challenge - Perl & Raku
15  juin     22h26
16  juin     10h38
15  juin     12h00
13  juin     20h41
Making time to waste.
Finding things
12  juin     06h10
d) 11 great CPAN modules released last week
This week in PSC (151) 2024-06-13
11  juin     04h54
Thanks Fastly
10  juin     05h59
Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): April - May 2024
09  juin     12h00
Perl Weekly Challenge 273: B After A
Perl v5.40.0 is released
Perl Weekly #672 - It’s time ...
08  juin     12h00
cdxcix) 11 great CPAN modules released last week
dcxii) stackoverflow perl report
05  juin     23h01
Defanged and Scored
04  juin     14h08
What is causing asynchronous changes of permissions after usage of chmod in backticks in perl
02  juin     11h00
Grant Applications Results of Voting May 24
Chopping UTF-8
Revisiting old code (and more)
01  juin     19h26
cdxcviii) 7 great CPAN modules released last week
Time is dwindling to book your trip to TPRC
30  mai     06h35
List of new CPAN distributions - May 2024
25  mai     20h05
Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) March 2024
24  mai     19h32
cdxcvii) 8 great CPAN modules released last week
From Huh to Hero: Demystifying Perl in Two Easy Lessons (Part 2)
Deploying Dancer Apps