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Planet Perl
02  octobre     18h52
Download Perl in A Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (2nd Edition) by Ellen Siever,Stephen...
   A grant application from Paul Evans has just managed to be squeezed in into this round. Paul needs no introduction; he is one of the few people who speaks XS like a native, and has long been a valuable contributor to the Perl Core, as well as a lot of other interesting ancilliary projects. Also...
Why are the form params not getting passed on to the end point through the apache handler?
   Tony writes: Tuesday . look at new coverity hits, briefly discuss with khw . github notifications . review and briefly comment . check latest CI results, apply to blead . test blead with the fix, close this PR . coverity look at older hits,...
01  octobre     11h31
replacing open fh, ’ -’, ... with pipe
   A new grant application from John Napiorkowski and Robert Grimes, this time targeting the development of a large language model trained specifically to develop Perl Code. These veteran coders suggest that using natural language to generate Perl code may potentially allow one to rapidly generate new...
02  octobre     12h44
Read Advanced Perl Programming: From Advanced to Expert by William Bo Rothwell
   The first ever Perl and Koha conference was held in Helsinki, Finland this year. It featured three main days of Perl and Koha presentations and two days of workshops. Workshops included a Perl training session, a masterclass for new Koha developers, Koha improvement initiatives, discussions on the...
Update perlop.pod
   Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during June August covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. I fixed a performance regression bug related to my ’multiconcat’ optimisation work from about years ago. Other than that, I restarted my work on my make stack reference...
perl51200delta: fix typo (missing ’.’)
21  septembre     17h22
Juicy loops
01  octobre     21h54
Perl Weekly #636 - Happy Birthday Larry
Single Color Methods of GTC
Exact Array Loops
Scripting Language Trends
List of new CPAN distributions - Sep 2023
30  septembre     21h16
List of new CPAN distributions - Sep 2023
PWC236 - Array Loops
cdlxiii) 8 great CPAN modules released last week
cdlxiii) 8 great CPAN modules released last week
Perl Weekly Challenge #236 - Lemonade Stand
28  septembre     10h52
Perl Weekly Challenge #236 - Lemonade Stand
29  septembre     04h13
Perl 5.38 finally brewed and ready for MacOS to drink
Add new contributor data to .mailmap
How to rename XML element names, decided at run-time?
Extracting value in XML file
Download pdf Joseph Perl’s Revealer Of Secrets: The First Hebrew Novel (Modern Hebrew Classics) by...
28  septembre     21h09
PDF] Read Perl in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (In a Nutshell (O’Reilly)) by Nathan...
Amazon SES SMTP issue: Authentication protocol LOGIN is not accepted by the server
PWC236 - Exact Change
This Week in PSC (118)
say that ord returns code points
27  septembre     13h53
Gianni Ceccarelli is now a Perl author
Custom TCP test harness in Perl
25  septembre     11h34
This Week in PSC (118) Perl Steering Council []
23  septembre     20h21
Grant Application (P Evans) Perl Core Development
Perl Weekly Challenge 236: Exact Change
22  septembre     10h13
PWC 236 Task 1 A Change Would Do You Good
20  septembre     07h53
Introduction to Venus
cdlxii) 12 great CPAN modules released last week
17  septembre     06h47
dlxvii) metacpan weekly report - Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess
14  septembre     16h16
dxcv) stackoverflow perl report
Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) August 2023
12  septembre     04h00
PerlGPT Large Language Model, Phase 1
07  septembre     21h08
SQLite import with AutoCommit turned off
cdlxi) 11 great CPAN modules released last week
The Perl and Koha Conference
Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): June - August 2023
Skull with the Decktet
What’s the Similar Frequency, Kenneth?
MIME Header X-Unsent