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22  mai     22h18
The 5.18 kernel has been released
corbet    Linus has released the kernel No unexpected nasty surprises this last week so here we go with the release right on schedule Some of the headline changes in this release include the DAMOS memory management interface a number of random number generator improvements the Intel
20  mai     16h56
LWN is now on Mastodon
corbet    For readers who want to follow our article stream on Mastodon LWN now finally has a presence in the Fosstodon community you can find us at LWN fosstodon org
Preserving guest memory across kexec
corbet    The final session in the memory management track at the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF Summit LSFMM was run remotely by James Gowans and David Woodhouse It was titled user space control of memory mappings with a subtitle of letting guest memory and state survive
Fixing a race in hugetlbfs
corbet    As the memory management track at the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF Summit LSFMM neared its conclusion Mike Kravetz ran a session remotely to talk about page sharing with hugetlbfs which is a special filesystem that provides access to huge pages See this article
get user pages() and COW, 2022 edition
corbet    The numerous correctness problems with the kernel s get user pages functionality have been a fixture at the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF Summit LSFMM for some years The event did not break that tradition The first day discussion on page pinning was covered
Security updates for Friday
jake    Security updates have been issued by CentOS kernel Debian ark openldap and thunderbird Fedora freetype and vim Oracle NET NET NET Core container tools glibc kernel rsync and subversion Scientific Linux kernel SUSE dcraw firefox glib ImageMagick
19  mai     22h59
Rust 1.61.0 released
corbet    Version of the Rust language has been released Changes this time around include more flexibility in main program exit codes a number of new features for const functions a number of newly stabilized APIs and more
Cleaning up dying control groups, 2022 edition
corbet    Control groups are a useful system management feature but they can also consume a lot of resources especially if they hang around on the system after they have been deleted Roman Gushchin described the problems that can result at the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF
CXL 2: Pooling, sharing, and I O-memory resources
corbet    During the final day of the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF Summit LSFMM attention in the memory management track turned once again to the challenges posed by the upcoming Compute Express Link CXL technology Two sessions looked at different problems posed by CXL
Huang: Rust: A Critical Retrospective
corbet    Andrew bunnie Huang has posted an extensive review of the Rust language derived from the experience of writing over k lines of code Rust is a difficult language for authoring code because it makes these cheats hard as long as you have the discipline of not using unsafe
Security updates for Thursday
jake    Security updates have been issued by Fedora microcode ctl rubygem nokogiri and vim Mageia htmldoc python django and python oslo utils Red Hat container tools kernel kernel rt kpatch patch and pcs SUSE ardana barbican grafana openstack barbican openstack cinder openstack
    01h01 Weekly Edition for May 19, 2022
corbet    The LWN net Weekly Edition for May is available
18  mai     20h48
LWN is hiring
corbet    LWN does its best to provide comprehensive coverage of the free software development community but there is far more going on than our small staff can handle When expressed that way this problem suggests an obvious solution make the staff bigger Thus LWN is looking to hire a writer editor
Unique identifiers for NFS
jake    In a combined filesystem and storage session at the Linux Storage Filesystem Memory management and BPF Summit LSFMM Chuck Lever wanted to discuss the need for a permanent globally unique ID for network filesystems He was joined by Hannes Reinecke who has worked on the problem for
openSUSE Leap Micro 5.2 released
corbet    OpenSUSE Leap Micro is a new distribution described as an ultra reliable lightweight operating system built for containerized and virtualized workloads The initial release is now available More information can be found in the release notes