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Will McGugan
03  avril     15h11
Exporting SVGs of terminal output with Rich
   Rich recently added two interesting new features The first feature is SVG support Anything printed to the terminal with Rich can be captured and exported to an SVG file The output is somewhat like a screenshot but generated within Rich itself it doesn t peek at your desktop Will
07  mars     11h27
Textualize is Hiring
   Reposting this from blog textualize io My name is Will McGugan I am the creator of Rich and Textual and the founder and CEO of Textualize At the end of last year I took a year off to work on my Open source projects and develop an idea that I believe will allow the terminal to eat some of the
20  février     16h04
Promoting your open source project - or how to get your first 1K GitHub stars
   I ve published a number of Open Source Python libraries but none have seen as much buzz as Rich Released in the Rich repo has stars on Github Since then I ve released Textual a work in progress and Rich CLI both of which are on a similar trajectory as far as GitHub stars go In
31  janvier     11h55
Textual for Windows
   Textual adds Windows support I ve just released v of Textual with Windows support The Windows support is somewhat experimental but so far seems solid You will get best results on the new Windows Terminal On the classic command prompt you might find a reduced color palette This works on
14  janvier     11h20
   I m trialing the idea of Weeknotes a weekly summary of what I ve done learned in the prior week Inspired by Simon Willison who has an uncanny ability to respond to a tweet with a link to a weeknote of his containing just the information you needed These will be a little rougher a little less
27  décembre     16h33
CSS in the Terminal with Python and Textual
   Before my recent career change I described myself as a full stack web developer hey I built this blog When I started building web sites professionally the work that a front end developer did was considered a lesser form of software development requiring a less academic set of skills than the
24  décembre     11h24
From Open Source maintainer to Founder CEO
   I recently posted about my plans to take a year off to work full time on open source The TL and DR of it was that I would live on savings while working on Rich and Textual both of which where generating a bit of buzz in the Python community Additionally I would work on a cloud service using
29  septembre     09h59
Why I’m working on Open Source full time
   I recently came to a decision which will have a big impact on my open source work In particular Rich and Textual but also pyfilesystem and lomond For the foreseeable future possibly up to a year I ll be working on them essentially full time Rich is a very popular project now with over K
31  août     17h43
Pretty printing JSON with Rich
   If you work with JSON regularly of Python developers I suspect you might appreciate the print json function just landed in Rich v If you call this function with a string Rich will decode the string reformat it and print it to the console with nice syntax highlighting Here s an
16  juin     09h16
Introducing Textual
   I ve started work on a new project called Textual Textual is or will be a TUI framework using Rich as a renderer It s still very early days but ultimately the goal is to have something which you can uses to build a Text User Interface with little to no boiler plate It is async powered Each
15  février     21h28
Building Rich terminal dashboards
   Rich has become a popular K stars on GH way of beautifying CLIs and I m pleased to see a number of projects using it Since Rich is mature and battle tested now I had considered winding down development Until I saw this tweet The Tweet Do you want to see something really cool you can do
10  janvier     16h53
Rendering a tree view in the terminal with Python and Rich
   The latest version of Rich adds a tree view Here s an example of one The labels of each branch in the tree can be text or anything else that rich can render The guide lines can have a color per branch and one of three styles normal thick and double line The API to generate these trees
09  août     15h08
A prettier Python REPL with Rich
   Rich adds the ability to integrate highlighted pretty printing with the Python REPL Here s how you would use it in a session gt gt gt from rich import pretty gt gt gt pretty install Assuming you have installed Rich of course Now any data will be formatted and highlighted Here s
15  juin     18h13
Richer Django logging
   I recently tested Rich logging with a Django project and the results were good Here s what it looks like Will McGugan A Django app with Rich logging Note the file and line at the right hand of the terminal which shows were the log function was called If your terminal supports
25  mai     14h03
Rich gets Richer
   Since my last post on Rich there have been a number of improvements Here are the major highlights Indeterminate progress bars Progress bars now have an indeterminate state which displays a pulsing animation This a fairly common thing from graphical UIs here s what it looks like in the terminal
10  mai     14h38
Real working hyperlinks in the terminal with Rich
   Since releasing Rich I ve discovered that terminals support hyperlinks And I don t mean the helpful highlighting of URLs that most terminals do I mean actual HTML like hyperlinks that launch a browser This was news to me as I ve never seen this feature in the wild I just had to add it to
03  mai     10h41
How to get Rich with Python (a terminal rendering library)
   I m happy to announce the release of version of Rich my Python library for fancy terminal rendering Rich is a project I started back in October when I was staying in Wuhan a few weeks before it was locked down Back then it was a toy project designed to pass the time while traveling
30  mars     12h46
Rich adds support for Jupyter Notebooks
   I recently added experimental support for Jupyter Notebooks to Rich Here s an example of the kind of output it can generate Will McGugan This is the Rich test card you can generate in the terminal with python m rich Will McGugan Part of the Rich test card
12  mars     20h32
Progress bars with Rich
   I ve added progress bar support to Rich If you haven t seen my earlier posts on the subject Rich is a terminal rendering framework for Python It lets you render styled text and a whole bunch of other things markdown syntax tables tracebacks etc to the terminal This latest addition to the
23  février     21h22
Better Python tracebacks with Rich
   One of my goals in writing Rich was to render really nice Python tracebacks And now that feature has landed I ve never found Python tracebacks to be a great debugging aid beyond telling me what the exception was and where it occurred In a recent update to Rich I ve tried to refresh the humble
26  janvier     15h29
Prettier logging with Rich
   Will McGugan Pretty log output If you are a Python developer you may spend a large part of your day reading log output that looks like this Will McGugan Ugly log output Front end tools like the Chrome developer console have far superior rendering for logs but in
03  novembre     11h49
Wuhan, from above
   Normally wildlife is my subject of choice but I was recently in China and I had the opportunity to take this city scape
08  juin     15h55
Return to Isle of May
   I revisited the Isle of May recently This time at the beginning of the Puffin season Will McGugan My favorite shot of the day I like the way the bokeh background is still recognizable enough to be a feature Will McGugan There is something quite comical about
15  janvier     22h51
PyFilesystem is greater than or equal to Pathlib
   I was reading a post by Trey Hunner on why pathlib is great where he makes the case that pathlib is a better choice than the standard library alternatives that preceded it I wouldn t actually disagree with a word of it He s entirely correct You should probably be using pathlib were it fits
13  janvier     16h42
Filesystem Magic with Python
   I recently added a number of examples on working with files and directories with Python and PyFilesystem Counting Bytes of Python The first example is count py py which recursively sums up the number of bytes stored in a directory and renders it in a friendly format import sys from fs import