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20  mai     01h20
Hidden Disabilities: How Digimind raises awareness amongst employees
   Hidden Disabilities How Digimind raises awareness amongst employees The purpose of this interview is to start a conversation within Digimind to raise awareness As they are not obvious invisible disabilities can be misunderstood and overlooked and unfortunately can lead to discrimination
13  mai     14h28
Allianz Chooses Digimind
   nbsp About Allianz The Allianz Group is one of the world s leading insurers and asset managers with million private and corporate customers in more than countries Allianz customers benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services ranging from property
06  mai     16h24
7 Ways you can Optimize your Monitoring on LinkedIn
   How to utilize LinkedIn company and conversational data for monitoring your competitors reputation or even track trends
27  avril     09h39
An Interview with Insights Expert - Social Listening a Must-Have for Insights Gathering
   A number of brands had engaged Digimind to produce reports to study the impact Covid had on consumers as well as the industry as a whole have a better understanding and appreciation of the situation thus informing their business strategy to overcome these challenges
25  avril     15h31
7 Tips to Engage Your Audience and Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
   If you want your social media marketing efforts to succeed go beyond gaining thousands of followers
21  avril     04h14
5 Insights-led Practices to Drive Brand Reputation & Innovation
   In a world crowded with noise and chatter how do you leverage data to derive meaningful insights and optimize your brand strategy When put to use opportunely insights are an excellent way for brands to form a deep understanding of their customers competitors and industry With social
20  avril     14h03
Why is Social Listening Important
   Since traditional marketing has now transitioned into digital marketing marketing is no longer restricted to the offline space Brands take to the online space to promote products and services and provide a good experience for consumers while customers share their experiences interacting with
19  avril     14h40
What Are The Types of Social Media?
   Social media isn t the one size fits all type of service There are different types of social media services that cater to different needs and accommodate various types of content While some have overlap features others are more specific in their use and the kind of services offered As a brand
Digimind Spring ’22 Release: Make Strategic Decisions with Digimind New AI-powered Analysis Graphs: Radar Chart, Metric Graphs, Sentiment Analysis, and More
   Spring is finally in the air The flowers are blooming the sun is shining and everyone seems to be a little bit more cheerful Of course with the arrival of spring comes a new crop of features for Digimind Social We ve been working hard on putting together some great new additions to
Digimind and Facelift join forces to provide the most essential tools for successful social media growth
   Digimind a global leader in Social Listening and Market Intelligence software and Facelift one of the leading social media management tools announced today a strategic partnership
3 eco-friendly good practices easy to adopt in order to preserve our planet
   nbsp nbsp This article will be simple and aims at sharing some eco friendly good practices that we put in place at Digimind thanks to our CSR advocates team
12  avril     06h47
Digimind Constantly Invests in Youth Training
   nbsp nbsp Based on the principle Today s youth tomorrow s leaders Digimind as a committed company has made youth training one of its priorities and remains attentive to its trainees throughout the year
04  avril     15h28
Siemens AG Chooses Digimind
   nbsp About Siemens AG Siemens AG Berlin and Munich is a technology company focused on industry infrastructure transport and healthcare From more resource efficient factories resilient supply chains and smarter buildings and grids to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as
31  mars     14h55
Johnsonville Sausage: Managing Crisis, Mapping Consumer Trends, & Informing Content Strategy Using Social Listening
   Johnsonville is the no sausage brand in America and the largest sausage producer in the country With COVID changing the course of consumer conversations and behaviors Johnsonville wanted to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on the company its competitors consumers
21  mars     10h11
Meet Digimind CSR Advocates
   Today a socially responsible company is interested in its internal environment as well as its external environment ecology employment sustainable world fair trade etc And nowadays no one can ignore the importance of Company Social and environmental Responsibility CSR that is to say
16  mars     10h29
4 Ways to Boost Your Business Authority on LinkedIn
   Does higher brand visibility on LinkedIn equate to higher business conversion rates Here s why it pays to build authority on LinkedIn business
10  mars     08h52
Heineken Chooses Digimind
   nbsp About Heineken HEINEKEN is the world s most international brewer It is the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands Led by the Heineken brand the Group has a portfolio of more than international regional local and specialty beers and ciders HEINEKEN
How to Target the Right Customers for Your Business
   To effectively promote sell and raise awareness for your product and services it is of paramount importance to reach out to the right consumers individuals who require your product or service nbsp
25  février     00h06
What is The Purpose of Competitive Intelligence?
   The marketplace is replete with people offering similar if not identical products and services No wonder knowing the right direction your business is going in can be quite the task You will need to keep up with market trends consumer needs brand representation and most importantly your
21  février     08h39
EcoVadis recognises Digimind for sustainability initiatives
   nbsp We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Silver rating for our corporate sustainability performance by ecovadis This is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability by creating solutions for a sustainable world About EcoVadis EcoVadis provides holistic
11  février     16h23
What are the 3 Types of Social Listening?
   Digital marketing has improved over time and getting to engage with your audience has gotten even better Gone are the days of simply posting content and expecting users to be ecstatic about your post or engage frantically Now brands have to pay more attention to their audience what their needs
10  février     07h09
How to Effectively Increase Social Media Engagement in 2022
   Social media engagement is more than just giveaways paid ads and regular postings It is about understanding your audience and engaging them in ways that have your brand stand out amongst your competitors
18  janvier     03h37
APAC 2021 in Review: Consumer Brand Footprint Ranking
   In the face of the current pandemic what did look like for different brands and enterprises and what have they done to keep up with an ever changing business climate was a year faced with a myriad of obstacles for many businesses as the Covid pandemic continues to persist However
13  janvier     02h28
Key Consumer Voices Online for APAC Telcos to Dial In On
   The telecommunications landscape in the Philippines has diversified from what used to be a duopoly led by two telco brands into a diverse field of new players where mobile virtual network operators MVNOs make up the majority of the market Since they first rolled out G services in the
16  décembre     18h22
Top Agency Divisions in the US in 2021 on Social Networks - Ranked based on social media performance
   More than ever agencies must reinvent themselves to meet the growing and adaptive needs of their clients and prospects Lauren Hanrahan CEO of Publicis Groupe owned media agency Zenith USA said things have changed forever in the space She said The consumer behavior has permanently
18  novembre     07h36
Mediacorp: Improving Data Reporting Through Multi-Faceted Dashboards
   Mediacorp nbsp is Singapore s national media network and largest content creator In an increasingly digital landscape Mediacorp is more equipped than ever to bring relevance to its audience and invest strongly in multiple portfolios of media technology
12  novembre     15h45
The Online Consumer Perception of COVID-19 Vaccines in the US Brands and Conversations That Went...Viral
   The U S has administered million COVID vaccine doses so far and roughly half of the population is fully vaccinated The current vaccination rate in the US is at an average of doses per day If continued at the same pace it will take another months to fully vaccinate of the
11  novembre     11h37
3 Reasons to Integrate Social Networks into your Market Intelligence Strategy
   Digital marketing and communication departments actively monitor and analyze their online reputation and impact of their actions on social media Market intelligence teams on the other hand do not
01  novembre     14h19
7 Benefits of Social Listening for Your Marketing Agency
   The emergence of COVID has affected the marketing landscape greatly Today most companies and consumers are using the Internet to take a more meaningful part in shaping the world Brands and marketers who understand how to listen to these digital voices have a significant competitive advantage
20  octobre     19h48
The US Food & Beverage Consumer Trends Online in 2021
   The Food and beverage industry is all about consumers more specifically it s about consumption by consumers Every beer you drink every chicken you roast every cookie you crumble the F amp B market is a massive economy all on itself and within the United States alone its e commerce revenue
08  octobre     14h26
Deriving Deeper Pharma & Healthcare Insights With Social Intelligence
   The consumer is really underutilized in healthcare Anne Wojcicki CEO at andmePharma and Healthcare companies are feeling a lot of things right now due to the fast changing consumer landscape which is still catching up from These brands will need to adapt and evolve with changing
06  octobre     09h41
50 Consumer Brands in APAC Winning Online Buzz in Q3 2021
   Winning on social media is not a one step process It requires meticulous attention to audience needs to cement lasting loyalty which some brands do exceedingly well to remain top of mind
24  septembre     11h06
Key Consumer Voices Online for Philippines’ Telcos to Dial In On
   The telecommunications landscape in the Philippines has diversified from what used to be a duopoly led by two telco brands into a diverse field of new players where mobile virtual network operators MVNOs make up the majority of the market Since they first rolled out G services in the
22  septembre     11h14
30 Media Agencies in APAC Ranked for Their Online Community
   While they are the go to solution for any branding campaign and a hub for some of the world s most creative minds media agencies do not always put their priorities back into their own online communities
23  août     10h00
5 Ways to Appeal to the Gen Z Market in Asia Pacific
   Gen Z consumers are transitioning into adulthood in a time of a global pandemic forming a unique set of needs and challenges
17  août     17h08
TBWA Chooses Digimind to Fuel Disruptive Ideation
   nbsp About TBWA TBWA is The Disruption Company the cultural engine for st century business Named one of the World s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and to the AdAge A List we create disruptive ideas that locate and involve brands in culture giving them a larger share of
13  août     09h00
Consumer Trends in 2021 Driving Growth in Asia
   The Asian market is one of the most promising players in the growth of retail sales with an expected acceleration of nearly of the total growth
22  juillet     19h15
Reinventing Healthcare Research With Social Intelligence: A Conversation with Michael Durwin From ICON
   On June th Digimind amp ICON teamed up to bring a much needed discussion on Reinventing Healthcare Research With Social Intelligence to attendees during an Expert Webinar session The event was hosted by Michael Durwin Director of Social Intelligence amp Communities The following is a
06  juillet     11h18
Asia Pacific’s Top 50 Most-Discussed Consumer Brands in Q2 2021
   With influencer driven marketing campaigns at the helm of consumer strategies the hype around brands like McDonald s who collaborated with K pop band BTS is justified by how it achieved stellar online traffic organically which brought the brand to prominence within a short period of time nbsp
23  juin     13h45
The 4 Social Listening Methods For Building Your Leads Strategy
   Summertime is upon us and I don t know about you fine folks but I m getting my suntan lotion and inflatable pool banana ready for the sunshine the beach and the tropical drinks So so many tropical drinks But before you and I set up our vacation email responses and close our laptops we should
07  juin     15h15
The Top 5 Most-Discussed F&B Brands in Q4 2020 & Q1 2021
   It s that time of year again Digimind digs deep into the data from last year s fourth quarter and this year s first quarter to bring you a breakdown of some of the most illuminating highlights that we found surrounding the Food amp Beverage industry within the North American market
28  mai     18h00
5 Free Social Listening Tools To Help You Save Your Marketing & Your Wallet
   Here are my Spring plans now that the pandemic in the United States is slowly winding down NOTICE BE RESPONSIBLE AND WEAR A MASK AND SOCIALLY DISTANCED WHERE ADVISED nbsp
19  mai     07h00
Top 50 Most Discussed Consumer Brands in Q1 2021 Amid APAC’s New Normal
   Consumer brands like Shopee Tiktok and WhatsApp steamrolled their way to the top of the Asia Pacific ladder at the turn of this decade while the stay at home lifestyle epitomized the importance of creating a unique digital experience for consumers
14  mai     15h30
The Most-Discussed Food & Beverage Brands From 2020 Q4 to 2021 Q1
   Marketing and insights professionals in the food and beverage industry are always hungry for key data supported consumer insights that are impactful for their overarching digital strategies To help feed that appetite and provide you and your team with the numerical nourishment you need here s
26  avril     18h00
Painting The Full Competitive Intelligence Picture Using Social Media Insights
   In my neighborhood before the pandemic there used to be a Wine amp Paint studio an experiential business where paying patrons would exchange their hard earned pennies for a paintbrush and a steady stream of wine to drink I was lucky enough or unlucky enough depending on who you ask to try
13  avril     09h56
Non-endemic Brands Are Revolutionizing Their Strategies by Pivoting to Health and Wellness
   Health and wellness branding is one of if not the most strategic way for non endemic brands to dip their toes into this trillion wellness industry
25  mars     14h00
Feed Your Marketing Brain With These 10 Food & Beverage Trends of 2021
   Dinner that night was another attempt by me to eat cheaply but healthily and so my chicken caesar salad and pesto pasta was going to involve the usual garden variety fare bottle of olive oil anchovies pine nuts basil romaine lettuce raw chicken breast parmesan cheese and so on However
05  mars     08h34
3 Health and Wellness Trends Shaping Consumer Decisions in 2021
   has seen people migrating into uncharted territory for the first time in their lives No it s not playing Pokemon Go at the nearest park but it s closer than you think It s moving visiting the great outdoors taking a brisk walk or even doing HIIT exercises Yes not to break your bubble
11  décembre     22h29
The Science Of Social Listening: Mixing Market Research With Competitive Analysis
   ï Better Together Synergizing Your Marketing Tools
09  décembre     20h42
Find The Influencer Of Your Dreams With The Power Of Social Listening
   A short guide on the best ways to use social listening in order to improve influencer identification efforts of marketing and insights professionals