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01  juillet     16h00
The Curse of Illmoore Bay Mega Drive Review 8 10 16-bit Halloween Magic alteredimension #Retrogaming #RetroGames
   Purchase link https www second dimension com catalog the curse of illmoore bayDeveloper Second Dimension R amp T LLCNew Mega Drive games always feel special whether they push the little black box to the edge of its capabilities or perhaps capture an earlier period of its shelf life The
30  juin     16h00
’ Postal 4 PC Ten Minute Taster Welcome To EdenSin ’ RWSbleeter #IndieGame #GameDev
   nbsp POSTAL No Regerts is a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter and the long awaited true sequel to what s been fondly dubbed as The Worst Game Everâ POSTAL
29  juin     09h24
WONDER BOY ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION Nintendo Switch Review 7 10 Get Good At Skateboarding & Axe Throwing ININ Games #Retrogaming
   My Wonderboy is Wonder Boy In Monster Land on the SEGA Master System Wonder Boy has always been an intrinsic part of my video games origin story I remember the first time that I played a Wonder Boy game was in a Video Rental Shop back in the s There was an original Wonder Boy arcade machine
28  juin     16h00
We Were Here Forever An Honest Opinion WeWereHereGame #IndieGame #GameDev
   It s with a heavy heart that I put pen to paper for this review I don t think it s right to review a game without having at least seen the credits After all there are too many titles that start with a bang and end up sputtering out in a haze of dull repetition But I didn t get to the end
27  juin     11h15
ï The Dark Eye: Memoria Nintendo Switch Review 7 10 A gorgeous but at times frustrating experience ï daedalic #GameDev #IndieGames
   The Dark Eye is a German fantasy tabletop role playing game created in it is so popular in Germany that it actually outsells Dungeons and Dragons Unsurprisingly in being so popular The Dark Eye series has spawned numerous video games including two point and click adventure titles from
24  juin     16h00
ï ï Deadcraft Nintendo Switch Review 7 10 Dead and Kinda Loving it ï ï marvelous games #IndieGame #GameDev
   Beginning with your character Reid having his arse handed to him and getting kicked out of a city and quite literally down into the dumps Deadcraft is a game that really gets you working from the ground up A half human half zombie hybrid with powers from both sides Reid must balance the
23  juin     16h00
ï Golfie PC Gameplay Ten Minute Taster Golf With A Smile (& a set of cards) ï TriheartStudio FagerliSandra #IndieGame #GameDev
   nbsp Golfie is a run based roguelike minigolf deck builder Play through procedurally generated levels build a deck of crazy card abilities and try to beat all holes Pick your route carefully because no two runs or shots are the same
22  juin     16h00
ï Arcade Paradise Preview Developer - Nosebleed Interactive Publisher - Wired Productions ï WiredP #GameDev #IndieGame
   It s not often I have to pop a disclaimer into my articles but today is very much one of those days The music from my band Recluse is being used in Arcade Paradise and so I don t feel comfortable in reviewing the completed product because I m clearly incredibly emotionally involved and so one of
21  juin     16h00
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Xbox Review 8.5 10 A Massage For My Mind YonderChronicle #GameDev #IndieGames
   Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a single player game bereft of enemies or indeed any sort of combat the gameplay is essentially a series of fetch crafting quests as you quietly explore the island of Gemea What sets Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles apart from similar titles is the tone
20  juin     16h00
’ Floppy Knights PC Gameplay Ten Minute Taster (No Commentary) ’ FloppyKnights #GameDev #IndieGames
   nbsp Meet the Floppy Knights tangible projections summoned from floppy disks Tactics fuse with card game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton a brilliant young inventor amp her robot arm bestie square off in turn based battles Select your Knights hone your deck and execute your strategy for
18  juin     16h00
’ Final Vendetta PS4 Gameplay Ten Minute Taster An Ode To final Fight ’ NumskullGames BitmapBureau #GameDev #IndieGames
   nbsp Final Vendetta is a hard hitting action packed beat em up for or players in the vein of classic arcade titles Featuring stunning pixel art and a thumping soundtrack with exclusive tracks from Utah Saints Brawl with bad dudes and tough girls as you fight through dangerous environments
17  juin     16h00
... Why I Love Sonic The Hedgehog ... pixeladdict mag #Retrogaming
   Exciting News From GF Deep Freeze HQ Rich has been published in PIXEL Addict Magazine Issue and we re all really excited to see Rich s words in print Therefore here are some pics from the magazine and also here s the full transcript from the magazine article Head here to get yourself a copy or
16  juin     16h00
âs ï Samurai Riot Nintendo Switch Review 7 10 The Pause Menu Is Your Friend âs ï wakofactory #GameDev #IndieGame
   Samurai Riot is a side scrolling D Beat em up where you control one of two chosen warriors in a single player mode or you can team up with a buddy in local co op Once you begin playing this game you will immediately feel like a badass warrior with an array of attacks at your disposal The music is
15  juin     16h00
POSTAL Dreamcast Review 8 10 An impressive port with a wealth of features WaveGameStudios #IndieGame #GameDev
   Developer Dan Redfield Chinchilla Retro Purchase Link HereWave Game Studios continue their impressive run of Dreamcast releases I believe it s one a month with this the physical version of Running With Scissors title POSTAL The result of a post from Running With Scissors back in
14  juin     16h00
The Serpent Rogue Ten Minute Taster TheSerpentRogue
   The Serpent Rogue is a botanical action adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world Master the art of alchemy explore forgotten lands tame wild beasts and protect the realm from impending disaster You will craft brew boil amp concoct potions all in your stead to defeat an ominous danger
✠ï 5 years, 600 articles and over 400,000 words ’ï BrittRecluseuk
   It dawned on me a few weeks ago that as of March I d been writing for Games Freezer for over half a decade I thought it would seem crazy but to be honest writing and editing for The Mighty GF has been such a key part of my daily routine for so long that it feels like I ve been doing it
13  juin     10h34
s Lock-On A Gaming Journal Volume 003 Q1 2022 s Smell The Pages lostincult #LockOn
   Lock On the beautiful gaming journal is back for its rd instalment with its wonderful looking and smelling pages seriously make sure to smell the pages immediately The artwork throughout is once again amazing and the writing in this rd issue has clearly hit its stride with articles that are
12  juin     16h00
Biomotor Unitron Nintendo Switch (originally Neo Geo Pocket Color) Review 6 10 Climbs into the arena for one more round #RetroGaming #NeoGeo
   Originally released in for the Neo Geo Pocket Color Biomotor Unitron was an early RPG for the system As I d never heard of it before my first impression was one of perhaps a mecha Pokémon hybrid due to the style used in some screenshots however Biomotor Unitron is far more focused on
11  juin     16h00
’ Sable Original Soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast Vinyl Review ’ Jbrekkie #Vinyl #VideoGameVinyl
   Sony Music Masterworks Dead OceansNominated at the Golden Joystick Awards for best audio Japanese Breakfast Michelle Zauner has created a soundtrack that captures the stark expansive atmosphere of the game on which it was based Shedworks hit Sable The soundtrack is in turn
10  juin     16h00
’ Dread X Collection 5 PC Gameplay Get Ya Flowers In The Well & Run Like HELL ’ DreadXP #GameDev #IndieGames
   Dread X Collection is a horror anthology in the Dread X Collection series Featuring new games from up and comers along with veterans all wrapped up in an old run down party venue that may be hiding more than it s letting on
09  juin     16h00
Source of Madness Xbox Series X Review 6 10 A ’Nearly’ Game CarryCastle #IndieGames #GameDev
   It s happened again Anything with Lovecraft in the description is summarily thrown my way by the GamesFreezer gods so this landed in my inbox before I d even heard of it Source of Madness is a roguelike action platformer wherein the best traditions of the genre each run is
08  juin     16h00
Pinball Freedom Switch Review 5 10 Pinball freedom, but not a dream CGAStudioGames #IndieGame #GameDev
   Currently priced at under a fiver on the UK Nintendo eShop Pinball Freedom by developer CGA Studio Games offers five separate pinball tables as well as an air hockey table but some foundational issues with the in game ball physics and flat gameplay detract from the inherent draw of pinball Though
06  juin     16h00
’ Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Video Game Vinyl Soundtrack Review ’ stumpyfrogrecs GhostTimeGames #VideoGameVinyl #Vinyl
   Jettomero Hero of the Universe Vinyl SoundtrackStumpy Frog RecordsComposed by Gabriel KoenigPurchase Link https www stumpyfrog com A warning that this article contains spoilers for the game Jettomero Hero of the Universe if you don t want to read them but wish to know the outcome of the
In the Dark Game Boy Review 8 10 A surprisingly fiendish and simple puzzle title that feels right at home on the Game Boy system BitmapSoft #IndieGame #Retrogaming
   Developed by Binary Sonata Studio Published By Bitmap SoftThe minds behind a plethora of new releases on classic systems Bitmap Soft have games across a multitude of platforms from Amstrad CPC through to the Mega Drive The first handheld release I have covered in quite some time In the Dark
03  juin     16h00
ï Rifftrax: The Game XSX Review 9 10 widerightgames The creators of What the Dub once again strike comedy gold ï #IndieGame #GameDev
   Having been a big fan of Wide Right s previous game What the Dub I was intrigued as to how Rifftrax The Game would differ and what it would bring to the table especially as it appears to be based on a more American centric show not familiar to me at all although I was vaguely aware of the