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20  mai     22h34
Goodbye, American soft power: McDonald’s exiting Russia after 32 years is the end of an era
   For a generation of Russians McDonald s represented their first exposure to capitalism and American culture
22  mai     22h09
Stock futures rise after Dow falls for 8th-straight week in relentless sell-off
   Stock futures rose in overnight trading Sunday after the Dow fell for its th straight week amid a broader market sell off
20  mai     11h38
Vaccinated and tested, the rich and powerful descend on the snowless hills of Davos
   Leave the snow boots at home and pack your sunscreen
22  mai     13h39
Any potential recession will be ’light,’ Qatar Investment Authority CEO says
   The QIA which manages billion in assets is ranked as the world s ninth largest sovereign wealth fund
21  mai     22h41
World Health Organization confirms 92 cases of monkeypox with outbreaks in 12 countries
   The WHO said the recent monkeypox outbreaks are unusual because they are occurring in countries where the virus is not endemic
20  mai     20h33
Recession is likely,’ former SEC chief economist says. Here’s his advice for how to prepare
   While the impact of a possible recession may be felt broadly households will experience it to varying degrees Still there is advice that is universal
19  mai     20h44
A 1955 Mercedes just nabbed 143 million at auction, making it the most expensive car ever sold
   The Mercedes Benz SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe smashed the previous record for the most expensive car sold at auction by more than million
20  mai     21h40
Stocks close flat in wild session Friday that saw the S&P 500 briefly fall into a bear market
   Stocks were under pressure for most of Friday s session as investors worried the economy could fall into a recession
21  mai     15h00
6 things this immunologist does every night to sleep better and boost her immune system: ’Exercising isn’t enough’
   Getting enough sleep is actually of the most effective ways to fight infection says immunologist and functional medicine doctor Heather Moday She shares why quality sleep is essential for boosting your immune system and how to get more of it
Monkeypox is spreading around the world. What is the disease and how dangerous is it?
   Health authorities in Europe the U S and Australia are investigating a recent outbreak of monkeypox cases a rare viral disease typically confined to Africa
20  mai     22h54
Renault reveals electric-hydrogen hybrid concept car, says it will have range of up to 497 miles
   Renault s idea of developing a passenger vehicle that uses hydrogen technology is not unique
Investing Club: Here’s how much each company in our portfolio is exposed to China
   We are providing a breakdown of the revenue exposure to China and the potential supply chain ramifications of every name we own
European Central Bank member says to expect first rate hikes this summer
   We are on the right path Joachim Nagel one of the ECB s more hawkish members told CNBC s Annette Weisbach
Russia will shut off gas to Finland from Saturday, Finnish energy provider says
   Gasum Finland s state owned gas wholesaler said in a statement that imports from Russia will be halted on Saturday
Traders are lining up to short the British pound with a possible recession on the horizon
   Traders are increasingly taking short positions against the British pound as the U K s cost of living crisis begins to bite
The Ukraine war has upended the energy transition and it’s not good news for the planet
   U N Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said the Kremlin s assault on Ukraine will likely have major implications for global heating targets
Dr. Scott Gottlieb says rising monkeypox cases suggest its spread ’pretty wide’
   Gottlieb s remarks come two days after U S health officials confirmed a case of the virus in a man from Massachusetts who recently traveled to Canada
Europe admits it’ll have to burn more coal as it tries to wean itself off Russian energy
   The European Union has said it wants to be carbon neutral by
Australia’s election will be a tight race. Whoever wins will struggle to manage rising costs
   Opinion polls show that the race is too close to call but whoever wins will have to grapple with hot button issues like inflation and the rising costs of living
Report says SpaceX paid woman over Musk sex misconduct claim - he denies ’wild accusations’
   SpaceX founder Elon Musk said in a tweet late Thursday that wild accusations against him are not true
Bill Gates explains what you can do now to fight climate change
   In a Reddit ask me anything session on Thursday Bill Gates shared how individuals can help solve climate change with their consumption decisions
19  mai     06h29
Two maps show NATO’s growth and Russia’s isolation since 1990
   Russia has become increasingly isolated from the rest of Europe over years and maps of the continent illustrate just how drastic the change has been
20  mai     09h52
Asia markets gain as Hong Kong’s Hang Seng jumps nearly 3%
   Shares in the Asia Pacific markets rose on Friday with Hong Kong s Hang Seng index leading gains
Chinese electric car start-up Nio says supply chain disruption, not demand, is its biggest problem
   Chinese electric car company Nio s biggest challenge right now is ensuring supply chain stability CEO William Li said
Consumers are hurting as ’global energy shock’ gets underway, says World Energy Council
   As of Friday morning in Asia Brent crude futures are up more than since the start of the year
19  mai     14h38
Tesla whale calls for 15 billion stock buyback after share price craters
   Leo Koguan who claims to be the third largest individual shareholder of Tesla stock is calling on the carmaker to announce a billion stock buyback
20  mai     01h39
Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is still in its ’opening act,’ says venture capital firm
   Southeast Asia s e commerce market is still at a very very nascent stage said the founding partner of Jungle Ventures
19  mai     22h56
Jim Cramer says investors should have these four defense stocks on their shopping lists
   If the defense contractors can hold up this well during the worst tape in years I bet they can soar when the market gets a little less hostile Cramer said
20  mai     00h40
Apple reportedly showed off its mixed-reality headset to board of directors
   The company s last major new product category was the Apple Watch which was previewed in the fall of and released in
For the first time since the pandemic, leisure and business flights surpass 2019 levels
   Global leisure and business flights topped pre pandemic levels for the first time this spring despite rising costs and geopolitical uncertainty