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09  décembre     15h49
Tory Veterans Minister took time out on Armistice Day to appear on reality TV show
   Johny Mercer, who Rishi Sunak appointed to his Cabinet, filmed episodes of prison documentary Banged Up in November . The programme saw him smoke a roll up cigarette that had been smuggled into his cell in another inmate’s anus
US senator claims Chinese garlic is a ’national security risk’ and orders probe
   Republican Senator Rick Scott is calling for an investigation into Chinese garlic imports, alleging they grow the cooking essential with sewage fertiliser and that an ’existential emergency’ is brewing
Tories’ ’draconian’ anti-strike laws will lead to more walkouts, mayors warn
   Mayors from across the country including Andy Burnham call on the Government to abandon their attack on the right to strike as TUC holds first special conference in years
08  décembre     21h20
We’re all paying for Tory incompetence as they waste billions on the Rwanda plan’
   Instead of funding flights of fantasy to Africa the money would have been better spent tackling the gangs behind the Channel crossings and clearing the backlog of asylum cases
Boris Johnson’s sorry was just part of the tired old lines we’ve heard many times’
   His Ken Dodd hair had been given an extra ruffling to convince us that, as he spluttered times ’I don’t remember’ and failed to account for the loss of, WhatsApp messages, it was down to him being a befuddled Private Godfrey figure’
Rishi Sunak argued let virus ’rip a bit’ new Covid Inquiry diary extract claims
   The diary extract from ex Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance comes as the PM Rishi Sunak prepares to take the stand at the Covid Inquiry next week
Tory boss accused of giving up as he makes staggering admission on call with party workers
   Conservative Party CEO Stephen Massey told an all staff call that he was getting advice from sister parties around the world on how to bounce back after a crushing defeat
Brit plans to leave UK after ’disgusting’ migration plan would split up her relationship
   Home Secretary James Cleverly has outlined a plan to tackle rising net migration, which would see thousands of couples broken apart as they will not reach the salary threshold
Rishi Sunak gets locked out of No10 in humiliating clip as nightmare week gets worse
   The embattled Tory leader suffered the embarrassing moment as he attempted to welcome the Dutch PM Mark Rutte to Downing Street after a day of chaos over his Rwanda plan
Partygate: Met Police makes final ruling on allegations of Covid rule breaches
   In a statement Scotland Yard said it had concluded a probe into a December event in Parliament with no fines being issued to Tory MPs alleged to be involved
Scotland loses trans court battle against Tories in ’devastating day for equality’
   A court has said it was lawful for the UK Government to block Scotland from passing legislation that makes it easier for transgender people to change their legally recognised sex
These Tory turkeys are about to vote for a Christmas bloodbath’
   They say turkeys don’t vote for Christmas but the Tories are actually stuffing themselves at this point, says Fleet Street Fox. Rishi Sunak is starting to smell as sulphurous as an overcooked sprout
Keir Starmer confronted on train to Glasgow by pro-Palestine protester
   Keir Starmer was confronted by the pro Palestine protester who demanded that the Labour leader call for a ceasefire while he was on a train to a charity event in Glasgow
Tories turn on social media team over ’embarrassing’ BBC News middle finger Labour attack
   The official Conservatives Twitter account posted a screenshot of a BBC journalist putting up her middle finger to the camera, with a caption attacking Labour’s plans on migration
Astronomical’ cost of Rwanda scheme revealed - despite nobody being sent yet
   Labour accused Rishi Sunak of wasting an ’incredible’ amount of money after the Home Office last night admitted the costs of the Rwanda deal had more than doubled
07  décembre     22h29
Ambulance worker who couldn’t get to emergency for three hours says they must strike
   Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the right to strike has to be balanced with the right of the British public to be able to go about their lives without suffering completely undue disruption
7 explosive WhatsApps back to haunt Boris Johnson as No10 Covid messages published
   Pandemic Prime Minister Boris Johnson was repeatedly confronted by shocking and often sweary WhatsApps between aides and ministers in a gruelling appearance at the Covid Inquiry
True figure of wasted taxpayers’ cash on PPE revealed in case linked to Michelle Mone
   Government lawyers revealed the figures at the High Court, where the claim against a PPE company linked to Tory peer Michelle Mone was having its preliminary hearing
Tories plot to oust Rishi Sunak as he struggles to contain party’s civil war
   Conservative MPs have begun submitting letters of no confidence that could trigger a vote in Rishi Sunak’s leadership as he suffers biggest crisis since becoming Prime Minister
We need a President who could call an election to oust this Tory government of fools’
   Robert Jenrick’s resignation as Immigration Minister is merely the latest manifestation of this relentless decline
Boris Johnson claims the public’s view of Partygate is ’million miles’ from truth
   As he appeared at the Covid Inquiry, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson complained that the characterisation of lockdown busting gatherings in No had been ’absolutely absurd’
All we learnt from Boris Johnson at Covid Inquiry - from Partygate boast to sweary WhatsApps
   Boris Johnson fell silent during the second day of his Covid Inquiry grilling as he was forced to listen to evidence of him wanting to let the virus ’rip’ in autumn
Devastating notes from Ruth Perry tell of ’intolerable pain’ after Ofsted visit before death
   Caversham Primary School headteacher Ruth Perry was found dead in January this year and handwritten notes lay bare her despair following a critical Ofsted report that an inquest ruled contributed to her death
Boris Johnson blamed high Covid cases in Wales on ’singing and obesity’, diary claims
   An extract from Sir Patrick Vallance’s diary from September appears to show Boris Johnson callously joking about soaring cases of the virus in Wales
Inside the Tory civil war as rebels claim 18 MPs have sent letters to oust Rishi Sunak
   Rishi Sunak is facing the biggest crisis of premiership as Tory MPs threaten to oust him from No as he struggles to contain the civil war ripping apart his party