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18  juin     16h21
Flipboard Brings More News to the Fediverse
Carl Sullivan    Today, we’re federating the profiles of nine U.S. media sites, bringing their content to millions of people in the fediverse, a rapidly growing open social network that Flipboard joined in December . We’re on a mission to bring more high quality journalism to this new ecosystem. This is...
06  juin     23h09
Sports Content Trends: The Caitlin Clark Effect on Women’s Sports
Claudia Chau    The WNBA superstar generated widespread interest on Flipboard in women’s sports. The post Sports Content Trends: The Caitlin Clark Effect on Women’s Sports appeared first on Flipboard.
A Guide to Flipboard Federation for Publishers
Jessica Jordan    Flipboard is opening to the fediverse. Here’s what it means for publishers. The post A Guide to Flipboard Federation for Publishers appeared first on Flipboard.
03  juin     23h11
How to Plan for a Summer of Fun
Aileen Lalor    Our coats, boots and brollies are still hanging in the hallway you just never know , but the Memorial Day long weekend has been and gone, and that means summer is here. It’s quite ridiculous, but we feel like every season, we forget how to do the things the season requires How do we garden How ...
30  mai     23h56
Flipboard’s Federation Journey So Far
Mia Quagliarello    A timeline of the rollout to bring curated news for all your interests to the fediverse. The post Flipboard’s Federation Journey So Far appeared first on Flipboard.
16  mai     20h40
Entering a New Phase of the Web, with Citation Needed’s Molly White
Mia Quagliarello    Molly White is a leading cryptocurrency critic, but get to know her and you’ll see she’s anything but cynical. In fact, this researcher, writer and software engineer cares so deeply about free and open access to high quality information that she’s been a Wikipedia editor since she was a teenager. ...
06  mai     18h40
Over 100,000 Social Interactions From the Fediverse to Flipboard
Marci McCue    Flipboard curators have seen over , boosts, likes, replies and follows from people across the fediverse since in app notifications went live on April . Over the past few weeks people on federated services like Mastodon have been able to interact with posts by any of the previously...
01  mai     14h00
Meet Louisa Moje, Our Newest Food Writer in Residence
Jessica Jordan    Louisa Moje, the creator behind Food Plus Words and La Passion Voûtée, is Flipboard’s Food Writer in Residence for spring . Her passion for cooking is influenced by her Nigerian roots and travels around the world, and you can see this in the flavorful dishes she serves up. Her fashion blog...
30  avril     16h42
Building Bridges to the Fediverse, with Bridgy Fed’s Ryan Barrett
Mia Quagliarello    The beauty of an open system is that anyone can build on top of it and try to make it a better place. In the fediverse, software engineer Ryan Barrett is one such developer. Ryan’s been building social network bridges and related tools for over years, including Bridgy, which connects personal...
22  avril     17h44
Threads Has Entered the Building (and the Dot Social Podcast)
Mia Quagliarello    On March , Meta’s Threads entered the fediverse. This means that people on other ActivityPub powered platforms, like Mastodon, can follow federated Threads profiles and see, like, reply to, and repost posts from the fediverse. Eventually, you’ll be able to follow other fediverse accounts from...
19  avril     16h27
Dot Social Podcast Launches New Episodes
Mia Quagliarello    As the fediverse continues to expand and evolve, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue satisfies our curiosity about its impact on the future of social media through interviews with fediverse builders, designers and thinkers on his podcast, Dot Social. The recent episode with Johannes Ernst, co founder of...
22  mars     17h27
5 Creators You Should Know, Covering Ukrainian Food, U.S. Travel and Men’s Style
Mia Quagliarello    Sending a big welcome to the following new members of the Flipboard Creator Collective, who have unlocked exclusive tools, opportunities and community access. If you’re interested in applying to be a creator on Flipboard, keep reading All the details are after this list of people you should know...